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Doubleday Book Club Complaints & Reviews

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Doubleday Book Club / Cancelled Membership a long time ago

Thesapphyr on Jul 12, 2013
I have been fighting for my membership to stop since March of 2013 and you people continue to use my credit card on UNAUTHORIZED amounts of money since I haven't ordered anything since February of 2013 and these books keep on piling up and continue to get these so called featured books, which I don't even like, CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP, OR I WILL SUE YOU PEOPLE FOR UNAUTHORIZED ON MY CREDIT CARD! Which by the way is a FELONY. Your membership states Keep you safe from identity theft, what do you call charging on my credit card that is unauthorized? I have NOT ordered any books and yet you...

Doubleday Book Club / Theft

dragonflyblue7 on Feb 26, 2013
I joined the club and fulfilled my membership long ago. They won't let me cancel, so I keep responding "no" to the featured selections. I did so in mid February. Today, I discovered that they had helped themselves to over $40 from my checking account. All I get from customer service is "we've canceled your order." There was no order placed, no books are shipping, and I'm out over $40. That qualifies as theft, if you ask me. They are refusing to refund the money. Looks like I'm going to have to contact authorities in their area and file a police report for theft and fraud. Stay away from them!

Doubleday Book Club / No Response to emails

DonnaH. on Mar 27, 2012
I have emailed them several times regarding one issue or another. My original shipment arrived with two books having seriously torn book jackets. They have never responded to any email whatso ever. Just recently, I contacted them to alert them to having not heard back from them on that. again, no reply. also recently, i contacted them becasue they billed me for 2 automatic shipminets - on the same day. I still have not heard back from them.

Doubleday Book Club - Michigan / Mail Fraud Never ordered Never signed up

ConsumersLose on Oct 13, 2011
Total mail fraud and deceptive marketing. Doubleday Book Club sent out UNSOLICITED two books with an invoice and paperwork that are blatantly fraudulent: 1) Front of package says "Get $10 cash back! Open for details". 2) Welcome to Doubleday Book Club We hope you enjoy your membership" is clearly fake: Credit card number listed that does not exist. 3) They make someone sign for the package from the USPS so that later they can force you into collections even though the product was never ordered. If they got a valid person name and address plus a signature, they can sell the account to...

Doubleday Book Club / Scam

wanderingaround1123 on Sep 2, 2011
I first got stuck with this company through PCH. The agreement was that you buy 4 books at regular club prices and your membership is up. I have purchased 4 books at regular club prices and also several books which were per them considered booksearch items and did not count. I have contacted customer service 5 times and have yet to get a decent reply. It clearly states on my account that I have bought 4 books at regular book prices, plus more. They refuse to communicate with me and will only say I have to purchase one more. I will purchase the one more book simply to protect my name. But I...

Doubleday Book Club / Double charged and never was sent books

jpca on Aug 4, 2011
My deadline to meet my book club commitment is in 2 months and I decided to order a couple books now and a couple more after I get paid. I carefully chose books I could afford including future sales tax and shipping. I placed the order, my account was debited and the books were supposedly shipped. I went online to see if there was a tracking number so I could estimate when they would arrive. To my surprise it said the books were returned and I never even received them. I have been home during the day, as I am a stay at home mom and babysit. I am not someone who is so busy that I would've...

Doubleday Book Club / Stay away

handsome on Jul 6, 2011
This online book club has very limited selection of books. They used a discounted rate to allure me to purchase the membership. But the purchase commitmment policy is not very clear until I learned that hard way. To fullfil the commitment, you have to order books of their own selections, have to be over $9.99 after discounts, etc. So there is very limited selection. The website is very confusing to get the information you need. If you need to call to find an answer, good luck somebody will pick up the phone. I think I won't use this bookclub after I fulfil the purchase commitment.

Doubleday Book Club - Illinois, Rantoul / called saying I did not fill my contract and charged me 58.14

Kat Livingstone on Jun 23, 2011
I was called by a company NCOFF and informed I had not full filled my contract and if I did not pay them $58.14, I would be turned into a collection agency. I paid the money on the phone and to this day have not received a credit to order my books as I was informed by Chloe. This was Feb. 26, 2011 and processed March 2, 2011 thru my bank. I have not been able to talk to anyone. I only get the run around.

Doubleday Book Club / Unauthorized Payment

CarynMarie on Jun 17, 2011
I joined Doubleday a couple of years ago. I received an email reminding me to fulfill my obligation by July 9, 2011. They charged my card $72.00 on JUNE 15, 2011. I managed to finally get someone at Customer Service (717-697-0311) and was told I was sent the wrong date on the email and that it was too bad for me and they would not refund my money or the overdraft fee. They also said they were getting calls like that all day. I told them I would dispute the charge with my bank and they said to go ahead. Really? These people are horrible. If you know a mistake was made, make it right!

Doubleday Book Club / Unauthorized Charges, Deceitful E-mails

Lid83 on Apr 27, 2011
I joined this book club a little over a month ago. It seemed like a good deal and I wanted some books for my children for Christmas. On Dec. 8, I received an e-mail to respond to my featured selections and I immediately declined the two books they had listed: Patricia Cornwell "Port Mortuary" and Dean Koontz "What the Night Knows." On Dec. 9, I received a confirmation e-mail that I had declined my selections, so I believed all was fine. On Dec. 25, they debited my account 42.16 for the books I had declined. I went back and looked at my "confirmation" e-mail, only to discover in the body of the...

Doubleday Book Club - Wisconsin, Green Bay / chg.for books not ordered

Mary Wacek on Mar 19, 2011
I belong to this club and now I see on my credit card, a chg. from them for$41.46. I did not order any books now before this chg took place. I am not going to accept it when pkg comes, and I want the $$ refunded on the credit card. can you HELP me?? They are in their office today, but I will call them on Mon. Mary Wacek marywacek@ymail.com

Doubleday Book Club / removed money from my account...never received books

i ordered books from this company on 11/3/2010. The money was removed from my account. When i sent them an email...they informed me i had no account...yet my bank statement shows that they received payment from my credit card. I cant get anything done...it has ruin xmas for my two grandchildren because they expected to receive the books as part of their xmas gift...

Doubleday Book Club - Washington / Featured Books / Misleading Processes

DO NOT join Doubleday book club. 1) DD did not recognize the extra book I purchased when I first joined as applying to my overall commitment, even though DD itself pushed the purchase specifically to help appply towards the final commitment. 2) The Featured Selections process is VERY misleading and seems set up to take your money without you knowing. You are supposed to get a Featured Selections Email which gives you the option to deline the 2 books offered. However, the Featured Selection actually offers 4 books but only lets you decline 2 of them. You have to visit the website to decline the...

Doubleday Book Club / shady practices

I found out in April 2010 that there was a $125 outstanding balance at Doubleday Book Club on my credit from 2004. The same day I saw this on my credit report I called the number and even though I believed that I wasn't the one who opened the account (I had moved from Oklahoma that year), I paid it immediately. That was 7 months ago. Right after I paid it, I began getting phone calls from a collection agency about the $125. I had PAID Doubleday and then they sent it to a collection agency AFTER it had been paid. In 7 months and more than a dozen phone calls later, I could not get either...

Doubleday Book Club / False advertising

Doubleday does not count "BookSearch PLUS" books towards fulfilling your 4-book commitment or towards any specials like "Order 2 get $5 off" or "order 2 get one free." This fact is not at all obvious. I can not find anything on there website about this. I can't even find their membership agreement to see if it is hidden in the fine print. Worse, they do not disclose when you are ordering that the "BookSearch PLUS" books won't count. They do include a little note on the order page that tells you it is a "BookSearch PLUS" book, but no clue what that means. As a result, members order...

Doubleday Book Club / No customer service number

I feel like many who have had the UNFORTUNATE pleasure of getting involved with this book club --------am still dealing with there claims that I have not fullfilled my obligation even though I did nearly seven years ago. I actually over paid them and was asking for my money back (13.74), but they never responded. No CUSTOMER SERVICE number...and then seven years later( 9-27-04) I finally got a refund. I almost had a heart attack... I was going to frame it...I already filed a complaint with the BBB...Then about two weeks ago (12-7-04) I got a letter stating I had not full filled my obligation...

Doubleday Book Club - Ontario, Toronto / Customer Service

I came out of the hospital a month later to find books delivered to me that I did not order and a letter from a collection company claiming I owe money for Books that I did not order from Doubleday Book Club I phoned Doubleday Book Club and a receptionist name saundra on the phone was so rude, abrupt and unconsiderate to be frank I explained my situation of being in the hospital and not being able to respond to return the books in a timely manner and to reply back to receive the five books I should receive for joining the book club (As I am a first time new member) because I was ill and in the...

Doubleday Book Club - Virginia / fraud

Fraudulent charge on my credit card, I reported as fraud yet they keep trying to bill me, now they have turned me over to a collection agency located in India
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