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Debt to Wealth Complaints & Reviews

Debt to Wealth - Pennsylvania, Phildelphia / Unauthorized Withdrawal

Jan 25, 2012

I have no idea what these people/company are doing but I noticed a deposit of $.06 on 1/19/12 to my bank account. Then a withdrawal on the same day of .01, .02, .03. Then exactly 6 days later a withdrawal of $30 from my bank account. I immediately called 8776708736. The person on the phone said that I signed up for a payday loan and that I was approved.I immediately said I did not authorize a withdrawal nor did I want a payday loan. I immediately requested a refund and they responded that I would be refunded within 3 to 7 days. When I spoke to the person the phone I said what they did was illegal and I will report them and hope their business closes down.

Debt to Wealth - Texas, Corinth / Unauthorized Charges

Jan 21, 2012

I was doing my bills yesterday Jan 19th and there were these charges for .01, .02, and .03 total of .06 cents. I did not authorize those charges at all and I contacted my bank and was credited back the money from my bank and filed theft charges as well as stop payments for any charges submitted from DEBT TO WEALTH. I have never heard of them and did not authorize anything to do with this company. Grant it the money was not alot but what if I didn't catch this. It cost me money to put a stop payment on any charges coming from this company. I never went to there website, and never heard of...

Debt to Wealth / SCAM


SCAM*******I was looking at my bank account and noticed a $30 debit to and knew that I had not signed up or bought anything and had NO idea what it was. There was not a phone number and the website was not valid. Also, a month later I saw another debit of $30 from a which come to find out it is all one and the same company. That debit did have a phone number and which I called to have this credited back to my account and cancel whatever this is. This is ridiculous and I have no idea how they got my information! SCAM****************************

Debt to Wealth - Texas, Spring / Credit for unused/unwanted product


This company promotes itself on the radio as a saving grace for those of us in debt (thats everyone, right?). They state that you can call in for a free trial of their program, but what they mean is a free cassette. However, while you are on the phone and thinking that you are talking to them about a wealth building program free trial, they gather your CC info for shipping only and then very vaguely tell you that you can check out the system for 30 days, and then if it's not for you, feel free to return it. They never say that if you wait until day 31, that not only do you own it and they...

Debt to Wealth - Connecticut / advertising fraud


I asked for my money back because I lost my job and they said that it is over the 30 days, but I have seen on TV and the internet tehm advertising that I could take up to year to be satisfied and if not they would give me my money back plus another $39.99 back. I saw that I was billed $89.99 and they said I couldn't give it back, I haven't even opened it yet, and that they would charge me four more times that amount. They were so rude on the phone to boot. It was the most unpleasant experience I've had ever dealing with a company. I would appreciate anybody who has had thi...