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Dazzle White teeth Whitening Complaints & Reviews

Dazzle White teeth Whitening - New York, Syracuse / Charges on Debit and or Credit Card


Dazzle White and, possibly, 50 other "companies" that are nothing more than UPS postal boxes are the creation of a major young internet scam artist named Jesse Wilms. The name may also be a scam, since I find that this is also a young african american singer. In any case, never give one cent or any personal information to any company operated by Mr. Wilms. The list is long. Dazzle White got me for nearly $90 in unauthorized charges to my debit card. The deal, too good to be, true. Yes, I did bite. If you check any BBB website you will find a listing of Mr. Wilms "companies." He has now become...

Dazzle White teeth Whitening - Iowa / SCAM-YOU&LL BE CHARGED BIG TIME-LIARS


They are so tricky..They advertise that it only costs you the shipping and if you use a code the shipping is only $1.95. That's the only true part. I got the trial tube of whitening and decided to cancel as I just couldn't afford it right now. I was never told that if I didn't return the tube within 60 days I would be charged $58.76. I called the number to cancel (toll free) and told them to cancel any futher orders. First I was told that the shipment was already sent and I owe the $58.76. They couldn't change that but wouldn't send anymore. I asked when the shipment...

Dazzle White teeth Whitening / FRAUD...Dazzle White Products


CUSTOMERS BEWARE!!! DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER for the so called FREE trial. They claim that you eill be charged only $ 2.95, etc for shipping. And GUESS what? You suddenly get FRAUDULANT CHARGES og $ 58.71 per month. It is next to impossible to stop this charge and continouous charges. These SCAMMERS are working out of a foreign Country. Cypress, Nigeria ans similar countries.

Dazzle White teeth Whitening - Michigan / Fraud


I also fell into the well laid trap that dazzle white sets for unsuspecting people. I receive three in one package before i saw my credit card bill and the charges on it from them 14 days apart. They charged my card 2 times but sent the product in one package. When i checked my card i see they also signed me up for two other weight loss products unknown to me. I immediately contacted my credit card company and contested the charges, they immediately canceled that card and issued me a new one. I contacted all three of the dazzle white fraudulent companies, 3 different numbers and canceled...