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DaiBo Complaints & Reviews

DaiBo / cover-up

Jul 26, 2019

This item arrived and was not at all as expected. The fabric is very cheesy and looks like something I would buy in a five and dime store. of course, this company does not supply a receipt or any information for returning an item. They are now on my list of Fake businesses to avoid. Buyer Beware! I am out $12, which seems to be insignificant compared to what several other complainers have lost in dealing with this company. I hope my complaint will help to get these fakers out of business.

DaiBo / cooler pure air

Jul 12, 2019

On June 17, 2019 I ordered on line 2 Pure Air Coolers & paid with my Visa $ 223.98 for 2 with a 3 year warranty. The order number is WV [protected] & the tracking number is LL [protected] CN. Today July 12, 2019 I received only 1 from Canada Post at 12:36 pm, Guarantee code CPA 3. Would you have a telephone number so I can speak to someone live? Thank you,

DaiBo / paid for shoes. wrong/fake shoes received.

Jul 02, 2019

Hi there, I purchased a pair of Doc Martens for the website I received an invoice and tracker. When the shoes arrived they were incorrect. When I tried to contact the supplier the website no longer exists. The address provided on the package is. Daibo SGJ-ExpEcs Technology No.3 YUNXIAO Road GuangZhouShi GUANGDONG GuangZhouShi GUANDONG 510410 CHINA PHONE: [protected]

DaiBo / wig I ordered

Jun 24, 2019

Ordered a wig and got a track. Tracking number for my order was LT758968980CN.. number on track is WIGC247. Ordered a short bob wig in mixed gray and received a black track. Please let me know how to return for a refund. I am very disappointed and just want my money back and will never order again from this company as this is the second time I have not received what I ordered

DaiBo / 2 lots of nike boots

May 31, 2019

Daibo {Sgj-Yd} No. 3 Yunxiao Road Guangzhoushi Guangdong Baiyunqu Guangzhoushi Guangdong - I got the wrong product and I can't reach them or complain. I want my money back, They have many established authentic looking sites. They need to be shut down and we need refunds. Ordered black and gold Nike fur lined boots for sick friend. First time I received nothing. Next time I got these black old man shoes wrong size fake.

DaiBo / eyewear video recorder

Aug 06, 2018

I receive the items, without 32 GB TF card, i want returned them and i want refund, ASAP, stopped posting fake item can do, cause they can not do, and they always missing item's in it, why did i order from their companies, and now it says no returned and refund, what a rep-off company, from now on i wouldn't order anything else from DaiBo's Yunxiao again

DaiBo / unethical behaviour

Apr 23, 2018

On the 11th of April 2018, I purchased a pair of Merrell Azura Strap sandals from (what I thought was) an Australian website. I used my VISA debit card to pay. I received no sale confirmation email and there was no way of knowing that I was actually dealing with a Chinese company. Today, 23 April 2018 a pair of black Hush Puppies sandals arrived from: daibo bttl sgj-yd no.3 yunxiao rd, guangzhoushi guangdong shenzhen guangdong 510000 china There was no invoice of the sale in the package. With no sale confirmation email, I couldn't prove I had purchased the sandals and knew I hadn't...

DaiBo / I ordered 2 dresses for 80 euros and I received one shirt for a man

Jan 25, 2018

I orderer 2 dresses for 80 euros and I received one shirt very for a man I never received any email But I gave all my informations and m'y number of CB I am so affraid with this problème I can't do nothing, please help me The shirt came from : from daibo sgj-yd n° 3y yunxiao road guang zhoushi guangong bai yun qu quang zhou shi guangong 510410 china phone [protected] please help me

DaiBo / shoes

Jan 22, 2018

I ordered Windsor Smith sandals on the 28th of December from a website called and got something that didn't even resemble the shoes I ordered. I have attached images of what I ordered vs what I received. It is a crime to falsely advertise a product. I have also contacted them via the website but have had no response. As you can see i'm very upset about this. The shoes were shipped from China, not the uk like the website suggested. Details on the packaging state the phone number as [protected] and address as No.3 YUNXIAO Road GuangZhouShi GUANGDONG BaiYunQu...

DaiBo / dr martens mens boots

Jan 13, 2018

I ordered a pair of mens boots, my account has been debited 3 times for 1 pair of boots, two of the debits were more than the cost of the boots. After repeated emails to this company, I have not received a response. The boots sent were also the wrong style. Very very upset with this company, and still waiting for a response, a very expensive pair of incorrect boots. Regards, Karen

DaiBo / product received is different than the one ordered

Dec 23, 2017

I received on december 21th a very different bag than the one ordered. Please see photos attached (1=ordered bag, full leather and 2=received bag, plastic). Ref. ordered : order no : 7HY-qq3512bb-hpy16 Bag Ref. : Ref. HP1712101711178968 Total Amount : 94.20€ I would like to get either an exchange for the right bag, or my money back (and a return process for the bag received) jacques.[protected]

DaiBo / wrong item received no contact number

Dec 23, 2017

I ordered and paid for Humphrey's eyeglasses. I received fake and very inferior Raybans instead from whose company is DaiBo {SGJ-YD} No. 3 Yunxiao Road Guangzhoushi Guangdong 510410! They have no contact phone number only an email which they don't answer so I am unable to get a refund. I searched online reviews for this company and found that many other people have had the exact same problem with this DaiBo company in China and were also unable to obtain a refund because no contact could be made since they have no phone and they don't answer their emails.

DaiBo / marc fisher ltd boots

Dec 20, 2017

I ordered Marc Fisher Ltd. boots from a website that said it was in the UK. Lots of shoes were on the website. It looked legitimate. Prices were reduced, but not beyond normal on sale prices. I paid $98. Soon after I received a plastic, cheap pair of black boots. I didn't know where they came from, as they were nothing like the ones I ordered, and came from this address, no. 3 Yunxiao rd GuangZhouShi Guangdong 510410 China, not UK. When I didn't receive my nice boots, and my credit card bill showed a charge to Daibo, I finally put the two together, and realized I'd been ripped off. My credit...

DaiBo / wrong item sent

Dec 18, 2017

I ordered a pair of timberland splitrock boots and they have sent me sports shoes cheap and nasty nothing like the boots I ordered. I would like to return them and get my money back .I have read other complaints about this company and I am worried my complaint will not be resolved I bought these boots in good faith for my husband for a Christmas present and I am very upset they are not the boots I ordered my husband will not wear these boots as he does not like them I know they were not very expensive but that is not the point they were not the boots that were advertised on there web site

DaiBo - Iowa, Le Claire / wrong boots

Dec 09, 2017

I ordered a pair of ugg Bailey bow tall boots size 9 in gray, on November 11, 2017. When I received the boots they were the short bailey bow ugg boots which I don't want. They came with no invoice or phone number to call company, my only choice is to write this letter of complaint and try to find another pair of boots before Christmas. I am extremely unhappy because I did order the correct boots, I that I have to go thru all of this to get in touch with the company.

DaiBo / overcharging; incorrect items supplied, no refund or exchange offered

Nov 28, 2017

This company: DaiBo {SGJ-YD} No 3. YUNXIAO Road GuangZhouShi GUANGDONG China Is operating a website purporting to sell new balance shoes. I placed an order in Nov 2017 and was overcharged and sent the wrong pair of shoes. They will not accept a return, process a refund or provide an exchange. It is recommended that consumers avoid this site.

DaiBo / dansko clogs

Nov 20, 2017

They have associated 2 different web- sides one in UK (see below) and one in Australia. Send entire different product. The company name on the package was DaiBo, the website is There are no e-mail replys ever (send about 10!). With the help of the phone nr. on the package I came to understand there are many other web-sides associated. Unfortunally the complains are not so easy found through the web side.

DaiBo / I ordered top brand shoes and got rubbish

Oct 19, 2017

On 3rd October 2017 I ordered good quality shoes from a webiste called I ordered four pairs of good quality shoes 3 pairs of TopEnd leather wedges and one pair of Supersoft by Diana Ferrari totalling 209.39 English pounds. Today I received 3 pairs of absolute rubbish, cheap plastic shoes nothing like I ordered. The company who sent the shoes was:- DaiBo ( SGJ-YD) No. 3 YUNXIAO road GuangShouShi GUANGDONG 510410 China The parcel came via China Post Bar Code No. LX522589049CN I want a full refund

DaiBo / pair of snickers

Oct 07, 2017

I bought an elegant pair of snickers and received something horrible. I'm sending them back, and asking for a refund. My name: claudio picon Date I received product: sept 25th At: 5445 collins av, miami beach, fl, usa, 33140 Amount: u$s 169.03 Tracking #: lw830482762cn Paid with my visa cc ending 0264 to: wingans trade shandongsheng chn s307252113505971

DaiBo / wrong make of shoe and very poor quality very upset and dissatisfied

Sep 26, 2017

I picked the exact pair of shoes I wanted ( I already had a pair from elseware so I knew what I was surpost to get), a pair arrived black, poor quality and nothing like the pair I picked ( mine should have been beaded with golden chains, even the name inside the sandal was different) I paid a lot of money ( nearly £100 with shipping) and received a pair not worth £5.00 ( in my opinion) :( Thank you Jeanette