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Charter One Bank Complaints & Reviews

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Charter One Bank / claims department

Lucretia Colston Bolden on Jul 28, 2017
I made a deposit at the money machine. The machine malfunctioned and gave me a notice that the the machine malfunctioned and would not return funds. I contacted the Bank on Monday, I was referred to the claims department. A case was opened for the lost deposit in the machine. I called a week later, I was told by the representative that my claim had not been reviewed yet because there are claims in front of mine. She said give us 5 more days to have your claim reviewed. I asked if they were going to give me a temporary credit to my account for my money and she said no, not until the claim wa...

Charter One Bank - Ohio, Cleveland / Manipulation of employess

Definitely Di on May 17, 2012
As a former employee with Charter One Bank, I can say they are very rigid about the policies governing their employees. Look out if you violate any of them. They talk about their "Credo" and how it is so important to them as a company. work life balance and all the other stuff about integrity and taking care of their employees. I have not been in their employ for over five years, however my daughter and daughter in law are still there. Recently my daughter tried to seek employment elsewhere because she felt she was treated unfairly at Charter Onederful, she was offered a position at another...

Charter One Bank / Taking rtewards points away

ks2 on Apr 25, 2012
Hello Charter One Bank has taken roughly 122, 000 points that I had accumulated over the last few years with an estimated cash value of $976 if I opted to get the debit gift cards. CharterOne Bank had decided that it was not in their best interest to continue to offer the Mega Rewards program and in Oct 2011 sent letters to customers stating that they had till the end of january to utilize the points or lose them. Unfortunately I was in Afghanistan till Dec 2011 and had never recived the mail. When I discovered the situation the company refused to cash out my points and offered my 25$, very...

Charter One Bank - Ohio / mortgage loan

Nolivap on Mar 7, 2012
after roughly ten years of PERFECT payment history with my mortgage, and after the worst Banking experience in my life over the processing of an Insurance Claim on the building...Farmer's Ins. was great, the Contractor very patient and excellent work but Charter One Bank had NO COMMON SENSE...and, they continue to be very, very rigid, unthoughtful and unappreciateive to a very good customer with a perfect payment history. In fact, they outright refused my request to change Loan Officers because of poor relations, poor common sense and they continue to keep my mortgage in Pittsburg in the...

Charter One Bank / Refusal to provide customer service

Eldoke on Feb 10, 2012
I went to my Charter One Bank on April 18, 2011 to check on my bank account information. I arrived at the bank at 3:15 pm and spoke with Tonya J. and asked her to run three day tansaction history on my account. She refused to run the transaction history and stated they were not allowed to run transaction histories. I asked why and she rudely stated that she wasn't allowed to give that information out.

Charter One Bank - Ohio, Bowling Green / rude employees, overdraft

TwistedAliceMcGee on Aug 10, 2011
I had used my card, as they said I should. I made three transactions two days prior to going to the bank and pulling out forty dollars, which I was told I had. They said my balance was over five dollars after pulling out the forty. They then charged me for the transactions I had made two days prior. They claim that it was not under the pending transactions, which I know that they were, as I call my card frequently. They continue to tell me that I must be mistaken and that it must have been four days prior because otherwise it would have shown up. I told them that I am not mistaken and they...

Charter One Bank / NSF Fee

Trish Gre on Jun 23, 2011
I made a check deposit on 6/20 in the amount of $200 @ the local branch. I was told by the teller because the check is from a local bank the funds will post today 6/20. I checked my account on 6/22 and a $259 NSF fee was charged to me for several items. I called customer and the rep was very rude she thought it was funny. I requested a supervisor call back. I was informed by the rep I would get a call within 24 hrs. Needless to say I did not get that call. I was informed by another rep today that the case was closed out. The case was closed and I never received a call, poor customer. I asked...

Charter One Bank - Ohio, Toledo / Fraud

JohnVC on May 20, 2011
This bank started charging for my account with out notifying me and over drew my account. I closed the account 3 times and after the 3rd time I got it in writing that it was closed. Now I'm getting threatening mail from them saying my account is over drawn again. They keep charging me and sending me a bill on a closed account. For some reason they don't understand what a closed account is. Where the hell is the Government. They gave our tax money to those jerks to bail them out and don't pay any attention how they run there business. No wonder they went broke. They can't even keep track of what accounts are open and what ones are closed. Anyone that does business with them is crazy.

Charter One Bank - Ohio / overdraft fees

Jose R. on Mar 17, 2011
I closed my CharterOne Bank account 8 months ago because they have overdraft fees that I don't agree with. Even with the new laws they still overdraft my closed account my life insurance summit it's yearly withdraw and the bank accepted without asking or nothing it paid and of course get his money of the overdraft and the daily fee of $6, 99 per day of account overdraft How they can do that and not be put in jail

Charter One Bank / Dark Ages Bank

Tuabrrs on Mar 12, 2011
This bank built on trapping Customers into fees instead of Customer Service. Tremendous staff of lawyers specializing in fine print. IT department that can't figure out how to move money between banks in less than a week without a wire transfer ($20) enabling ... more fees. While all the time (30+ years) managing to use my money without paying a dime of interest. Sad little company, following the business ethics traditionaly expected from con men

Charter One Bank - Ohio / Charter One does not care about customers

I've been with Charter One in Canton, OH for 10 years. The only reason I didn't leave sooner is the inconvenience of changing my direct deposit. I've been nickled and dimed to death, with NO EMPATHY from their so-called "customer-service". The final draw was when I was charged a $37 overdraft fee on a online auto w/d-payment set up for the 1st; it was posted one day early, leaving my account $21 short (my pay-day fell the next day). This particular auto payment was set up for years and never had problems. When I contacted customer service, the rude little comment from some...

Charter One Bank - Illinois, Chicago / Bank Fees

This is the worst bank for fees. They have a holding area that they just hold stuff and wait days and sometimes weeks to see if they can collect an overdraft fees. They have gotten so bad that they have a sign on the counter now that if you deposit after 2pm, it will be credited to your account the next day. But if you do a withdrawal or debit transaction it can be taken out of your account immediately or up to a week later.

Charter One Bank / Horrible with fees

I had been with charter one bank for a very long time however the customer service is horrible and recently my experience with this bank is just beyond words. I had been banking had a checking and savings and I forgot to transfer money from my savings to checking and i was charged so many fees. I was unable to login thru the online system because it was down and having to work till late getting home and beyond tired, so it took me a while to get online to check out what was going on, so i get online and every transaction every day i was given a few of 39dollars!! I called charter one bank once...

Charter One Bank / Unfair business practices

I had a checking account with Charter One Bank. I accidentally overdrew my account $16.85. Charter One proceeded to charge me $214.83 for NSF and late fees. I tried repeatedly to talk to two different branch managers, three phone reps, two supervisor phone reps, and one supervisors supervisor phone rep. I also tried to call Charter Ones collections department, and I talked to three phone reps, and one supervisor. None of these people were willing to rebate any of my fees or work with me at all. At one time, a $39 fee was rebated by them, only to be replaced with a $35 fee. It is egregious that...

Charter One Bank - Ohio, Canton / Excessive Fees

I wish I would have read this page before doing business with Charter One. I deposited my paycheck on Saturday @ 11:00 a.m. and they didn't record my deposit unitl Tuesday. But, I had payments setup in their on-line "convenient" banking to be paid on Monday. I was told that by depositing my check on Sat. the funds would be available on Monday. WRONG! They were on Tuesday as well as $200.00 in fees! When I talked to Nikita at the Branch she didn't even understand the details of my acct. When I asked to talk to a branch manager, I was informed that Gail was busy. So, I closed the acct and I am hoping the next bank doesn't steal from their customers like Charter One. DO NOT BANK @ CHARTER ONE.

Charter One Bank - Illinois, Chicago / fees

Charter one bank officer failed to tell me that its over draft protection for checking acount cost 29.99 a year with a high interest rate, and the interest rate was charged at a daily high rate. Also the bank charged me service charges totaling at least $40.00( in a period of 3 days) for its rewards debit card which I used infrequently. The bank charged me these fees after I complained to the comptroller of the currency about it non disclosure of fees when I applied for a checking account. The bank officer is the one that pushed these products on me, all I wanted was a checking account, as I...

Charter One Bank - Michigan / Abusive Overdraft Fees

Normally I am not a formal complaint type of person, but this issue has burned me multiple times with my bank and they have never seen it as a “bank error.” So today, I will stand on my soapbox to spread the word. For the disparagement I have received due to my bank’s negligence cannot go without notice. This goes above and beyond my standard pontification to a real life entanglement with my bank and their utter lack of coherent business practices and policies. The issue has gone as far as to force me to be late on my mortgage payment due to no longer having sufficient fund...

Charter One Bank - Illinois, Elmwood Park / NSF Fees

This bank has done the last wrong by me. I have put up with their crap for far too long. I'[ve read all the other complaints on this board about them, and the way they charge their fees. It's all true. It stinks! It is beyond comprehension that a place can get away with this. THEY ARE ROBBING US BLIND PEOPLE! HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET OUT! It's not only this "bank". It's all of them. Put your money in a fire proof safe in your house, under your mattress, inside your wall...tape it inside your toilet, or to your freezer door...hell, put it in a shoebox and bury it in the...

Charter One Bank / Rip off

Charter one is constantly applying overdraft fees to our account when we haven't gone overdrawn. In the last two days we've encountered $312 worth of fees. I'm so outraged that they keep taking our money like this. Their online statements are never clear about what is available. We have put cash into this account and tried to make a purchase two days later and the money has been "held" until we make some purchases and for each purchase they charge is $37. I'm not adverse to overdraft fees if I know exactly what they apply to and are clear. But these people are charging u...

Charter One Bank - Illinois, Evanston / Outrageous unjustified fees

Charter one is constantly applying overdraft fees to our account when we haven't gone overdrawn. In the last two days we've encountered $312 worth of fees. I'm so outraged that they keep taking our money like this. Their online statements are never clear about what is available. We have put cash into this account and tried to make a purchase two days later and the money has been "held" until we make some purchases and for each purchase they charge $37. I'm not adverse to overdraft fees if I know exactly what they apply to and are clear. But these people are charging u...
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