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Cash 4 Gold Complaints & Reviews

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Cash 4 Gold - Florida / scam

Laura A Jones on Jan 19, 2011
IT'S A SCAM!!! I gathered all my old gold jewlery, 13 pieces. Mailed them in a envelope that i was told was insured. Two days later i found all this negative information on the internet about cash 4 gold. Four weeks later i was living the nightmare stories i read on the internet. The package i was told was insured, it was but only for $100, i had over $2000 worth of jewlery in that package. Like many of the stories on the net my package came up missing and the company wanted to instantly send me my $100 insurance claim. They told me they would intiate an investigation with the United...

Cash 4 Gold - Texas, Karnes City / They have not sent my money for my gold I sent to them

I sent my old gold rings, white gold rings, and earrings to cash 4 gold and it has not been 5 weeks since I have sent them. They say once they get my package with in 24 hours I will get my check for them. That is not true. I have not gotten any money from them. They said one time that it was my post office fauth for me to check there. I did and it was not there. They say that they insure my gold if it gets lost but not true. I put in this package my mothers gold band that was her husband and that is gone too. I hope that someone can do something about this. Thank you for your help, Mary Nixon

Cash 4 Gold / Stole my gold

I was scammed too! They claim they've never received my gold and its been 30 days. I wrote down their tracking number like instructed but they say its never made it to them...funny how that works you are at their mercy. I wish I would have read this website before sending, as there are alot of us out here whose packages were "never received" yet they make it sound so easy and simple and a no worry process. Unfortunatley if it hadnt been for this financial crisis I am in (like most people) I wouldnt have ever thought twice about selling my jewelery. Do not trust this company!

Cash 4 Gold - Florida, Pompano Beach / Scammers

This company has been taliing me that they have not received my gold. I have been patient but they are getting to me. They want me to make a clain for $100. I said no I want my gold back. What should I do?

Cash 4 Gold - Texas, Fort Worth / rip offs

I hate cash 4 gold they are rippppp offss. i sent 2, 000 dollars worth of jewelry and they said they never recieved my package. frst they said it would take 7-10 weeks to recieve it and than they told me after 2 months that i called back that it was only 7-10 buisness day. now they said there insurance only pay 100.00 dollars yeah right i know they probably took my gold and melted it. i am never doing this again i learned my lesson to all them cash gold places. Poelpe please dont lsiten to this places they are rip offs bad!!!

Cash 4 Gold - California, clear lake oaks / cash for gold stole my gold

dont send anything to cash 4 gold!they will steal from you.their comercials are misleading and they are nothing but theives preying on people who need money.I asked cash 4 gold to send me a pak to mail my gold to them it took ten days!finally i sent the materials to them and boy do i wish i hadnt.that was over two months ago and i am still trying to get my stuff back. you get the run around and then they say the gold is not real gold.and they always have an excuse why things dont happen.or they are sending it in 10-12 days and when the time passes it never comes.do not be as stupid as i was and...

Cash 4 Gold - Florida / deceptive practices

Sent this company a package of unwanted gold, offered me $58, knowing it was worth more than this, sent to goldfellow.com, offered me $289 for the same articles... Keep Clear !!!

Cash 4 Gold - New York / steal

who hasent gotten sucked in ??? my father was a jeweler-we sent in a certian amount, all by weight, going prices, we were scammed beyond belief.1/2 carot diomond. many pieces of gold weighing a medium amount by weight-we recieved a check for about 25.00- this company is the biggest scam we had ever delt with. i"m so glad we only sent what we did !!! watch out !!!

Cash 4 Gold - West Virginia / ripped me off!

What a JOKE!!! I sent several gold earrings and my wedding band which was purchased from a very well-known jewelry chain, and they sent me a check for $10!!! TEN DOLLARS!!!

Cash 4 Gold - Oregon / Stolen Jewelry

I mailed in approximately $1500 worth of jewelry and they are claiming they never received it, not has it been returned back to me. I have sent them four e-mails and they won't respond. Basically, they have stolen my jewelry. They are a scam - don't fall for their phony ads. I am also lodging a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Cash 4 Gold - California, Oakland / underpay

I sent Cash 4 Gold 2 14k bracelets, 3 12k necklace charms, 1 18k chain, and 3 12k hoop earrings and the sent me a check for $10.31 sent.but the people at the check cashing place took the .31 for fee.So all i got was $10.00.LMAO!!!

Cash 4 Gold - California, Glendale / Ridiculous Amount offered for my goods

Cash 4 Gold received my packet...full of gold rings, and sterling silver items (which they stated they take) and they offered me $0.56 cents for my items! They've got to be joking. I just asked them to return my stuff and to keep their lousy money. I didn't know they were a scam until after I sent my items and read some articles on the company and their business practices, now I understand what is going on.

Cash 4 Gold - California, Ridgecrest / false advertising

Sent in package of Jewelry on 04/06/09 called on 04/16/09 they had not received it yet called again on 04/25/09 and was told it was lost in the mail file a complaint with USPS but package is on guarenteed for 40.00 dollars not the full amount that they state in the commerical or in their pamphlet. This company does nothing but lie!!!

Cash 4 Gold - California, Ridgecrest / jewelry

Sent in jewelry on 04/06/09 with the envelope provided by cash 4 gold <br /> they state it should only take 10 days to receive on 04/25/09 I emailed<br /> them to find out wear my package was they stated it got lost in the mail<br /> after reading several complaints getting lost in the mail was one they used alot. Do not use this company it has a d- rating by the BBB.

Cash 4 Gold - Texas / Ripped Off

What a rip-off. Please do your homework before sending anything to Cash 4 Gold. They gave me so much less than the jewelry was worth. I tried to get my stuff back, but no luck. I wish I had looked into them before sending my gold in. My loss was their gain...never again!

Cash 4 Gold - Florida / Cash received

I sent my Jewlery into Cash4Gold including a 14 Karat Gold ring with a quarter diamond, a 14 Karat Gold Chain and Cross, a 14 Karat Bracelet. I weighed my jelewry up before I sent it in and it came to 1.8 ozs. I received $98.00 dollars from them. By the time I received the check it was too late to get my jelewry back. It's really a shame in these economic times that a company would blaintly rip people off. I wish I would have seen the CBS 2 Chicago News special report before I had sent my gold in to these people. How can celebrities promote these people. Please put a stop to them. Kathy McGovern 121B West Park Ave Sugar Grove Il 60554 kmc130s@sbcglobal.net 630-639-6593

Cash 4 Gold - Florida / attempted rip off

I sent dental gold and jewelry to Cash4gold. Included was a 14k bracelet that a local jeweler had offered to buy from me for $300. There was a tie clip clearly labeled 14K plus a few other items. I received a check for $78.00 and immediately called and asked that my items be returned. They had advertised that this was an option.<br /> I then had three calls from them, was told my items were only gold filled, and then I was finally told that they had accidently melted my items instead of holding until I accepted their payment offer.<br /> <br /> I eventually received $425.00...

Cash 4 Gold - Texas, Houston / Rip-Off

RIP-OFF!!! I sent Cash4Gold a 14k diamond tennis braclet, a 14k cluster diamond ring, a 14k rope braclet, several single 14k loop earrings, and a couple of small 10k gold rings. It's been a month and I've received NOTHING. The people in the customer service department is absolutely clueless and was no help. Cash4Gold is a scam. I'm so mad at myself for falling for their ploy. I should have known better. I was in a bind and needed some extra money and didn't stop and think. Please don't let this happen to you! However, I can rest knowing that there is a higher power and...

Cash 4 Gold - Michigan, Traverse City / Payment for gold

I saw an ad on TV about Cash 4 Gold buying old gold jewlery. The people in the commercial indicated they got good money for sending in their old gold jewlery. I logged in to the website and sked for a refiners return kit. I got the kit quickly and sent in my old gold jewlery. After a couple of weeks I got a check from them for $37.12, a fraction of the value of what I sent in. I called in and was told my jewlery had not been melted down yet and if I returned the check within 10 days I would get my original jewlery returned. I did return the check, it has been 10 days and no return of my jewlery yet. If anyone files a suit or needs a legal complaint, I am willing to join in. I was scammed by this company!

Cash 4 Gold - Florida / Mail Fraud

I applied for a Cash4Gold secured envelope to be sent to me to put my jelewy (all gold with some diamond rings) in it and send it back to them to get money for it. I mailed it driectly from the post office-handed directly to the clerk. This was January 2, 2009. I contacted Cash 4 Gold about my check and they gave me some song and dance that the package never arrived (yet they could tell me what my number was they assigned to me just by my name-seems a little fishy) and told me to go on some bogus inspector general website to file a complaint (the post office clerk told me the other day that i...
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