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Brickhouse Security Complaints & Reviews

Brickhouse Security / eon 3

Jan 24, 2019

I am extremely disappointed in this company. I have spent the last year (yes I said year), attempting to fix issues with a device and have thus far gotten absolutely no resolution. My eon 3 battery drains within 10 days at best. When I first purchased the eon 2, at least that would last 6-8 weeks (which is still less than the 3 months it claims to last for), but at least that was acceptable based on the amount of activity. But for the last year I have spent endless hours on the phone with them, troubleshooting, monitoring, adjusting etc, and no change. I have demanded over a dozen replacement...

Brickhouse Security / gps and charges to use it even after it didn't work..

Jul 20, 2017

I have never used this service and the gps and I was taken advantage of my age and disability check your records as to if it was ever used because I did a search and I am at fault for not reading my emails and the small print the fact that I have been charged $600.00 to date for a service for a device that did not work and you were told that case #658625 and all the while you have been charging me for something you put on automatic to take advantage of people like me, I am sure the ftc will listen to my story. The gps device never worked and I never used the service you kept on automatic and...

Brickhouse Security - New York, New York / return policy and product quality

Apr 11, 2011

The hidden camera speakers w/recording (dvr) did not work. I placed a call to customer service. They could not help me and told me to contact the manufacturer. I did. The manufacturer wanted me to go through more than I thought necessary. Installation should not be this difficult. I received an rma for this product and another that I though was cheaply made and returned them immediately. They were in the same box when I returned them. I received a credit for the second product but not the speakers. They said the speakers were in a damaged box. The box was in excellent condition when I mailed...

Brickhouse Security / fraudulent advertising


I purchase what was advertised as a security camera system with a built in lithium battery back up. The system does not have the ability to take any batteries and cannot operate as advertised. They won't issue a refund and still have the fraudulent advertising on their website. Stay away from these thieves. S. Feldman

Brickhouse Security / made me very upset


I recently bought the child locator from Brickhouse security. It is advertised to help you find your child if they get lost. It doesn't. I tested it out on my husband at the mall. We split up and I tried to find him using the locator. It didn't work. It is advertised to work within a 600 ft radius. It doesn't work out of a 2 ft radius. It was a big hassel to return it, and then they charged me $50 to return it. I am so upset.

Brickhouse Security / un-happy


I purchased a product that didn't work as advertised and tried to return it. Could not talk to a person, only was able to email them. Customer servcie was absolutely no help. Finally got it returned but they charged me!!! I was going to purchase something more expensive... Not any more! You shouldn't either, they're horrible to deal with.

Brickhouse Security / rip-off products


Brickhouse security is in the business of coming up with unique products, producing them way below par and over-charging. Either the products do not work or they are junk. For instance: the child locater device, usb media pens, cameras, etc. Their return policy requires an rma number to be obtained within 5 days. This means you probably wont know if it needs to be returned until it is too late. They know they make junk, so they will not stand behind it. Beware of brickhouse products!!!