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BMO Harris Complaints & Reviews

BMO Harris / refusal to accept direct express transactions

Aug 04, 2019

The first time I tried to use the directexpress card, they said their machine wasn't working, I had to go to another bank to withdraw cash, then come back to make my deposit. This last time, they refused, saying they didn't do withdrawals inside. I could either go outside to the atm, then come back inside to get the denominations I needed, or go to another bank, then I would have to return to make my deposit.

BMO Harris - Wisconsin, Middleton / signed me up for a credit card terminal... and it is costing me!

Feb 17, 2018

BMO Harris is from Canada. They recommended Moneris Credit Card services and they said no problem and no fees. I was to save about $250-300 per year. Now we are getting no help and Moneris is trying to charge me $2650 to stop using their services after 2.5 years. We sold our dental office (Zietz dental) We are harassed weekly. Moneris threatens us and BMO Harris bank in Middleton said we can not help.

BMO Harris - Illinois, Naperville / Ira savings account

Feb 17, 2017

We have been trying since prior to 01/11/17 to close an account with BMO Harris. Was told documents couldn't be emailed and had to be mailed. Sent another msg requesting docs be mailed. Sent another msg via their website on 1/25/17 that we needed the documents as we hadn't received them. Their response was we needed to verify the address (which they have already). Verified address. Received msg 2/6/17 that the docs could be emailed. Received msg on 2/10/17 that docs would be emailed within 1 - 2 business days. Sent another msg 2/15/17 that we had not received the documents. Received msg...