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BMO Harris Bank review: Fraud department

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My son and I have been on the phone with at least 6 different representatives and still have ZERO resolution. My sons debit card was compromised on Friday, September 22nd at which point they said they were cancelling the card and putting a hold on his account. At this point they said he would get the new debit card in 3-5 business days which for a kid in college with no other way to obtain funds is pretty unreasonable. This could cause a fortitude of problems for a kid in college with no other means. Be better BMO Harris! You must have a lot of highly paid employees that can come up with something better than that?! Nonetheless, the customer service person on the phone assured him everything was taken care of. HOWEVER, much to our dismay, his entire checking account was wiped out on Monday, September 25th. What happened to the account being frozen BMO Harris? NOW he literally has NOTHING until MAYBE 10 days after the complaint is filed which hasn't even happened yet because while my son was on the call with the representative the call was dropped, and the representative never called back? WHAT? After this ENTIRE debacle and your representative are not trained to call someone back when a call is dropped? You're telling me they're expected to wait in the HORRIBLE telephone loophole that wastes at least 15 minutes of your life when you get in it. AGAIN HORRIBLE BMO Harris. Who manages the Fraud department. You might want to consider someone different. Or someone that makes YOUR customers feel like you actually care. AND needless to say we still have ZERO resolution or outcome at this point and I made 4 attempts to get this mess rectified since he is under my on account, but the representatives claimed they needed to talk to him?! If that is the case then call him back when a damn call is dropped. After this is rectified I will most likely be moving my family away from BMO Harris is this is how you treat your customers. I could go on with this debacle, but my blood pressure has been high all day due to the inability for BMO Harris to answer the phone and get to a resolution in a timely manner. AGAIN, just horrible!

Desired outcome: BMO Harris Fraud Department gets their <span class="replace-code" title="This information is only accessible to verified representatives of company">[censored]</span> together and my sons account is refunded the money BMO Harris did not protect even after they claimed his account was frozen. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN????

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