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I opened a business checking back in the beginning of June 2023 that came with a $500 bonus as long as I had a qualifying deposit of $4k for he next 90 days. I opened my account with the banking mgr Megan at the Independence Mo branch. I asked her what is qualifying and she said that does not apply to me because I am a travel agent and will not have direct deposit in that account. A month later, I applied for a personal loan so I thought over the phone and was sent a letter of approval for a secured CD loan, in which I did not authorize him to pull my credit for that. So once I reached out to Megan once again she said that she would pull the call and listen to what happened. August and September went by, several messages left for Megan, several hand written messages and several voice mail for Megan who just seem to be so busy that she could not answer or return my calls so I resorted to calling my favorite branch in Briarcliff spoke with Logan and young lady who also sent Megan a email regarding these two matters and nothing.

Late October, I finally speak with Megan and she tells me that I did not qualify for the $500 bonus and if it did not say it on my paperwork then that's it. I told her our conversations and she said to look at my paperwork. I have decide that I am going to move to legal regarding the bonus and the application that I did not approve to run my credit for a secured loan and refused to listen to the call and follow up which cause a ding to my credit and then for me to have to find other financing options. I will not put anymore money in my business account until this is rectified. I am owed $500.00 bonus for opening the account and it is not right.

My name is Linda Scott, 14200 E 49th St Kansas City Mo--my phone number is [protected] and my email address is [protected]

Claimed loss: $500 Bonus and a line of credit/loan

Desired outcome: The desired outcome is for my business account to be credited the $500 as I was expecting when I opened the account and was promised.

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