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American Family Insurance Complaints & Reviews

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American Family Insurance / Manipulating the Value of Vehicles via AudaExplore

JUSTICE MAYSONG on Apr 18, 2015
American Family Insurance's client crossed an entire lane and hit my 1996 Grand Marquis with 61, 000 miles. Before this accident this vehicle had no previous damage to the body and ran mechanically sound. First American Family Insurance tried claiming that my family was 10% at fault and we could have avoided their client from hitting us after their client crossed an entire lane on a two way street with parking on both sides and hit our front left bumper directly perpendicular. I couldn't believe how arrogant the agent was on the phone at first but then after i argued this for an...

American Family Insurance - Minnesota, Duluth / Denial of Hail Insurance Claim

Deborah K on Sep 17, 2013
Date of Loss: 5/28/2012 Policy - American Family Insurance Type of Loss: Wind and/or Hail Date Contacted: 6/01/2012 Date Est. Completed 6/11/2012 Extension Requested 9/14/2012 It is my opinion that throughout this entire process American Family Insurance has vigorously tried though out this entire process to deny this claim. The first battle was with Scott Narrell - a contractor hired by American Family Insurance in response to the overwhelming number of claims filed in this area after the May 28th 2012 hailstorm. He showed up without a ladder and without so much as a business card but...

American Family Insurance / We strongly recommend others look elsewhere as well

Sahide on Apr 4, 2012
We had a huge ice storm in our small town, Carter Lake, Iowa several months ago. All the other homes have been repaired for weeks and months. Our Home Owners Association - the Shoal Pointe HOA- had contracted with American Family Insurance for insurance coverage. We are still fighting to get our claims fairly resolved. No one else in the entire community has experienced the reluctance and the delays, slow response and general difficulty we have had with American Family. Other companies have long since settled with home owners. Other homes are long since repaired. Months after the ice storm...

American Family Insurance - Colorado / They do not pay for roof damage ever

WOW, not again on Apr 27, 2011
I am a Contractor, I have been roofing for 20+ years, and in that time I have replaced thousands of roofs... That said, I want all to know that when it comes to getting your roof bought by storm damage, do not count on American Family!!! In the last year I have contacted or been contacted by over 300 clients with AFI (American Family Insurance) out of these 300, 2 roofs have been replaced!!! While we do roofs every where in Colorado, the same roofs next door are bought by all the competitors... State Farm, Hartford, Allstate, USAA, etc... AFI hires the hardest Adjusters to do business with...

American Family Insurance - Indiana, Indianapolis / unwarranted rate increase

LHW on Apr 15, 2011
After beng a loyal customer to Am.Fam for nearly 20 years we (my wife and I) recieved a letter informing us our rate was increasing. Now mind you our history with this company in almost 20 years we have had 2 auto claims and 1 home claim. Another claim supposedly but I can't figure out how they even considered it a claim. We called them and said we wanted to make sure we didn't have hail damage to our roof being 9 houses on our street had to be relpaced. So they sent out an inspector and he of course said "NOPE" you don't have damage. Then these idiots stated that because we had...

American Family Insurance / Trying to avoid paying my claim

Glema on Mar 21, 2011
I wish to submit a complaint about American Family Insurance and will do so on other sites besides this one. I was involved in an accident last week where I was parked parallel besides the sidewalk (in a parking space). I looked before I opened my driver’s side door and did open it but not fully because I didn’t want to have someone hit my car. I turned to get my purse and to tell my children to wait until I go around to the other side to open their doors when my driver’s side door was hit by a vehicle who was trying to park in a space in front of my car. The metal on my door...

American Family Insurance / ignorant company

american family is terrible to deal with on accidents. i was a CLEARLY not at fault driver in a wreck with an american family insured driver. i have gotten the run around from the amfam claims adjuster since and they are now at 60/40. (them accepting 60 % responsibilty) me and my insurance said hell no and we are now going to arbitration. in the mean time no rental car and my truck is at least another two weeks away from being done. the adjuster was like a robot and could have cared less about doing the right thing, not to mention the names i called him and what i said went in one ear and out...

American Family Insurance - Illinois, Chicago / Follow up

I was involved in an accident around mid October of 2010, after a few days I was asked to give my testimony on the accident. That was over a month, I have been unable to contact the agent assigned to my case, and have recently found out that I will not be able to until the beginning of next year. From what another representative told me, all of the required information concerning the accident has been submitted to their offices, but no one has done any work on it. At the very least I expected to receive a phone call with an update after 2 weeks, but it has been left onto me to call them in...

American Family Insurance - Washington / Claims

On 03/28/2010 My 2007 Sebring was stolen and wrecked front, back and side. The appraiser came out and wrote up the paperwork figuring that there was $8950.00 and it stated a TOTAL LOSS. He then drew a line across the total loss part and then asked what shop do I want it taken to. He said it was welll within the repairable limits. a few days later after the shop took the car apart they asked for him to come back out and take another look. This took him 4 days to get around to do. My rental car coverage ended 04/28/2010 and today is 05/08/2010 and my car still isn't repaired. There is a...

American Family Insurance - Minnesota, Mpls / Creit Based Insurance Fees

Back in Feb, of 2008 my husband left me without a word one except to say I had till the end of April 08 to get out. No money, no job.. I couldn't pay my credit cards off . Believe me I tried. After he left, I asked my Amfam agent to lower my renters and car insurance as low as he could... ( I drive a 1993 Dodge since I bought it in 2006) Charlie stated I was already as low as I could go on BOTH. Through the months since, I have asked him on several occasions if I was missing any discounts or was there any way to lower it...( I am disabled and only get minimum Social Security payments) Of course he...

American Family Insurance - Utah, Salt Lake City / Failed to Pay Claim

I wish to submit a complaint about American Family Insurance and will do so on other sites besides this one. I was involved in an accident last week where I was parked parallel besides the sidewalk (in a parking space). I looked before I opened my drivers side door and did open it but not fully because I didn't want to have someone hit my car. I turned to get my purse and to tell my children to wait until I go around to the other side to open their doors when my driver's side door was hit by a vehicle who was trying to park in a space in front of my car. The metal on my door on the...

American Family Insurance - Wisconsin, Madison / Scam and cheating

I got a letter in the mail today American Family is canceling my homeowners insurance in January of 09. I am quite frankly stunned. I signed up with A.G. last year after having homeowners with another company for several years and no problems. At their urging since I had auto insurance through A.G. they gave me a good quote for comprehensive coverage and I took it. There was an inspection of the property and all was well. About 3 months later during the winter months there was another inspection. I was told I had to repair a door to my swimming pool lock it and the fence to my back yard. A limb...

American Family Insurance / Awful experience

October 2007, car was totaled in accident. Took 6 weeks of phone tag to clear up the claim, but it got done due to some hard work from our agent. Our agent took the info on the new car, and updated the records and ordered new cards so plates and registration could be transferred. Shortly afterward, our agent stopped dealing with AF. We called AF directly, emailed, and called again. 'Please send us the policy on the new car so we can transfer plates.' After the 1st of 2008, we contacted the original agent. Within a day, we had all the info we needed to set things straight, with another...

American Family Insurance - Missouri, Saint Peters / CREDIT BASED INCREASES--AMERICAN FAMILY

I would like to file a complaint against American Family Insurance and their practice of using Credit Based Insurance rate increases. I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years and I've only had a hail damage claim, no accidents, and no tickets or other violations. I do not have gaps in coverage and I have always paid my premiums. I feel like the law is allowing insurance companies to take advantage of people like me who have low credit scores by charging higher premiums. My credit was affected when I became disabled and was no longer able to work. It took 2 years before I started...

American Family Insurance / Taking advantage of the financially challenged.

I was involved in an auto accident with a driver insured by American Family Insurance. At the time I lived in a state that does not have mandatory insurance laws. Though I did have insurance for some time, I was forced to drop it for financial reasons. The accident took place just over the border in Illinois; the other driver "thought" she had a green turn arrow and turned in front of me, causing the cars to collide. She received the ticket and even pled guilty in court. American Family Insurance refused to repair my car, which, per three estimates, is totaled. In my conversation with...

American Family Insurance / Uncooperative and uncaring company!

American Family Insurance 6000 American Parkway Madison, WI 53783-0001 (608) 249-2111 American Family Insurance is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Not only are they uncooperative they are uncaring. These people are robots and don't know how to think on their own. Even after I contacted "Customer Care", Lisa was just as uncaring and not even willing to understand why there was a $100 difference in the claim. Also, they have dragged this out to over a year. They only are about their bottom line. They don't care if they lose clients. I have since cancelled 2 auto and home owner...
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