Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Lynchburg, Virginia, United States

Panera Bread / panera bread old forest road lynchburg va

Dec 04, 2018

I would like to say how disappointed I was with my drive thru order on Old Forest Road Lynchburg, Va y Nov 29th at 6:45pm. I ordered a whole sandwich. They tell me they are out of that bread (panini) and ask to use a different kind. I agreed! Then I ordered 3 bowls of soup. Again out of...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / kristina a sales coordinator

Nov 28, 2018

I purchasing a pair of Stella McCartney sunglasses on clearance. The sales associate Kristina took it apond her self to cut the security tag off the middle of the n pi se frame with scissors, and scratched the frame. Witch I told her you strached the frame. She continued to talk, I once...

Buffalo Wild Wings / everything.

Nov 25, 2018

We went to grab a drink last night and the waitress took our order for drinks first then food. Well our food came out before the bar got our drinks out. Once we received our drinks mine had tasted like it was all juice. Well the waitress (Alivia) did not come back to the table to check on...

Kroger / managers lack of good customer service skills and flippant attitude

Oct 31, 2018

Wife & I have shopped the Kroger store at 2012 Wards Rd. Lynchburg, Va. 24502 for over 22 yrs. We went to the store to purchase Pepsi 2 liter drinks on sale for 88 cents. We live on a fixed income and purchase most items on sale. We had 10 Pepsi decaf, and 15 Diet Dr. Pepper 2 liters a...

Belk / service I am complaining about

Oct 04, 2018

Good Evening, I am writing to let you know of the service that I received today while in my local Belk store. I went in and picked up a few items and when I got to the register the clerk(Evelyn) was counting the drawer with another employee. I stood and waited several minutes before the...

Kroger in Lynchburg VA. Wards Road Store / Pharmacy / overcharging of medications

Sep 28, 2018

My name is Sherry Scott and I have been with Kroger's pharmacy for many years. I have insurance coverage through Piedmont Community Health And once the new year started, I have been charged for my medications. The pharmacy supervisor caught the discrepancy. My copay is $0. Once she...

Bing User / no product

Sep 07, 2018

A few days ago I downloaded one of the optical illusion picture that features raindrops on a brown background...a while later I saw the picture from another angle an saw an older senior man placing his face on the lower torso of a teen 👦. I was shocked and disgusted.( the senior man's face...

Panera Bread / frozen caramel & half frontega chicken panini

Aug 22, 2018

To whomever it may concern: I ordered this morning expecting great quality food and instead my panini bread was hard as a rock and my drink was 2/3 melted. I live less than 10 minutes from panera bread on wards road. This isn't the first time my food has been unsatisfactory. However, this'll...

Red Lobster Hospitality / customer service

Aug 18, 2018

My boyfriend and I went to Red Lobster in Lynchburg VA. As a fellow server I have certain expectations, we sat for 30 minutes after ordering food and drinks from the bar... I approached the manager and stated that we haven't received anything and she agreed to comp our check, we were...

Dick's Sporting Goods / customer service

Aug 05, 2018

I visited the Lynchburg store this afternoon to buy a pair of fishing shoes for my fiance. I saw that the Columbia Men's Bahama Vent shoes were on sale for 25% off. The sign was presented in the middle of the endcap. When I brought the shoes to the register they rang up as $69.99, I asked...

Dollar General / store manager bad service

Jul 22, 2018

Been going to this store for years but this morning was very unsatisfactory!! This so called manager has so real mental issues for real! I have noticed since she has token over this store all of the employees are very unhappy..Me as a customer I am feeling the same way! Dollar General...

J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchising / employees

Jul 06, 2018

I have been a customer with JD Byrider for 4 years now. Every time my car payment is due here come the harassing phone calls and text messages. However it's one employee in particular that I'm referring to and her name is Kimmie and she works at the Lynchburg Virginia store. She will...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / service from wendy's by the airport lynchburg virginia

Jun 13, 2018

I went through the drive thru at about 10:50 PM. Ordered a number 2 with NO onions the girl even repeated it back to me emphasizing NO onions. Well she tells me to pull to the first window for my total, so I do. When I get there she just sticks out her hand. So I'm like... how much? And...

Pizza Hut / food

May 27, 2018

I recently placed and order with my local pizza hut and usually, their food is great, but this time was extremely disappointing. I ordered 2 medium hand tossed pepperoni and bacon pizzas, 16 bone out buffalo mild wings, and a Hershey cookie. The order took a long time to get to me and when...

Burger King / cold food and bad service

May 19, 2018

I went to Burger King in Forest, Va on Saturday the 19th of May and received cold, nasty food. When I returned to the store I could see if group of kids in the back just standing around talkin and not working while multiple people were waiting on food. Also a lot of the kids had ear phone...

Verizon / landline

May 08, 2018

A $2.75 charge showed up on my bill for Local Directory assistance, which i did not make. Online search shows this has happened to many others. They call/report/ and charge is removed. I called, spoke with rep named "Tom" (would not give me his last name). He LAUGHED at me several time...

Pizza Hut / delivery driver

Apr 25, 2018

On 4/25/2015 a delivery driver in Bedford County, VA, Forest/Lynchburg area driving a Honda Civic with New York plates 8DG 1303 was driving recklessly. It speed through an elementary school zone on Route 811, cut off school buses and nearly hit a school bus. I called the two Pizza Huts in...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / service

Apr 13, 2018

I've visited the Steak 'n Shake in Lynchburg VA on 4/11/2018 at 9:12 according to my receipt and the lady who took my order was the RUDEST person I've ever seen. She was very unprofessional as her and th cooks were cussing so loud everyone heard them, they were talking about other...

Portrait Innovations / the entire experience

Dec 10, 2017

Appointment at 4:50. 6pm comes we haven't heard anything. Other people who got there at 3 pm are still there. The appointments were extremely over booked and the ENTIRE staff didn't seem to have a care in the world. We had to sit on the floor!!! Waiting for nothing. When we asked about the...

DirecTV / breach of contract by directv

Oct 06, 2017

My name is John Pettit. My phone number is [protected] and I just got off the phone after about 45 minutes requesting my early termination fee be waived. I contacted DirecTV end of June requesting to not renew my NFL package. After that, DirecTV charged me for NFL package for 3 months in...

Chipotle Mexican Grill / food service

Sep 14, 2017

I went to Chipotle on Okd Forest roads. In Lynchburg, VA and after ordering online I noticed that they missed the cheese I requested. I couldn't go back to the store as I alreaady started it. I am very disappointed becuChipotle is my go to place in this area. The online krder should be...

Burger King / burger cold, items on burger missing

Sep 10, 2017

Hello I went to Burger King on 221 Graves mill rd, drive thru. I requested a whopper with chesse, I received Whopper no chesse or onion. The burger was cold also. I have never had a issue before. I called back to let manager know, smart [censored] worker kept me on hold for over 5 min. No...

Taco Bell / food

Aug 17, 2017

I ordered $20 worth of food and did not get what I paid for. They left out a chalupa and didn't make the burrito I wanted, supreme. No saices included even after I was asked did I want any. I eat at this Taco Bell prob about once a month or two and this is about the 3rd time in 4-5 month...

Target Brands / target redcard

Jul 19, 2017

I am a store manager in retail so it's a shame when I want to shop as a customer and receive such poor service. I paid off my red card in September of last year with the balance that they said I owed. Here it is almost a full year later and I just get a statement for $13. I called to...

Curves International / early termination fee

Jun 03, 2017

I joined the Curves in Lynchburg, VA and paid $39.00 each month. I was only capable of going about one month due to school and serious car repair issues ranging from timing chain on one car replaced by a car with a bad transmission. This should have been enough for any person with a... / cancellation problems

Nov 09, 2016

I subscribed 8/8/16 and within hours had seconds thought and tried to cancel my subscription. Since I had sent one message, I was told that I could *not* cancel, but my subscription would *not* be automatically renewed. Incident: [protected] Response By Email (Neal B.) (08/10/2016 11:36...

Busters Towing / Unprofessional behavior

Oct 06, 2016

10/6/17 My college student daughter needed to have her car towed in Lynchburg, VA. Buster's Towing was dispatched and called her saying he was 25 minutes away. She was not at her car but was in route when he called saying he was there, and angry that she was not. When she arrived he spoke very...

Liberty University / Classes using McGraw Hill Connect

Apr 13, 2014

There are at least two classes (maybe more) Corporate Finance BUSI320 (as of 2012) and Investments BUSI420 (as of 2014), that use the McGraw Hill textbooks and the On-Line program called "Connect Plus" for homework and exams. Do not register for these classes. It would be an understatement...

Delta Star Inc / Malfunction of Producst

Feb 11, 2013

Product has failures since before it leaves manufacturer, employee discrimination, false information to USCIS in order to receive visas for out of the country employees, statements by HR Manager and Engineering Manager (Mexican) "Americans are to lazy, they don't want to be engineer...

Amerigas / Leak Check Charge

Dec 31, 2011

Our gas tank, which we use for our fireplace went empty while we were using it. Flames went out. Pilot went out. Empty gas tank. Meter on the gas tank reads empty. Pretty straight forward - we ran out of gas. Right? No...Amerigas wants to charge me a "$97 gas system leak check" before they...

genworth financial ltc / terminally ill

Jun 24, 2011

My father in-law was sent home to die in 2 months, genworth aproved his claim just before death, they provided nothing. i wrote a series of emals to the ceo of genworth and never recieved a responce from him. I would not share a fox hole with this man or this co. they are all about linning...

Liberty University / Wrongfully charged for two online classes that were never taken!

Apr 18, 2011

My son was charged for two online classes that he never took. I have sent many letters, emails and made numerous calls to the university to have this situation corrected but they won't correct this and are charging us for over $2, 100.

Beauty Rest Wandsworth Mattress set / One side sunken

Apr 09, 2011

Simmons Beauty Rest (Wandsworth) Mattress set purchased 3/19/2011, delivered on 3/22/11. My husband who is only home 1 to 2 nights per week due to travels for work, his side of the bed seems much weaker than the other side; there is already a sunken place at the head of the bed which make...

orpah moore / 1991 corvette

Mar 02, 2011


CVS / gernerics


CVS is constantly switching my name brand drugs to generics. I prefer all brand names b/c regardless of what they tell you, generics can have up to a 10% difference in the active ingredient. I work for a pharmaceutical company and know this to be factual; not just from my 18 months of...

Sears Auto Center / unsatisfactory service or lack of service


I took my car in to have tires rotated and balanced and for a brake inspection. I heard a noise and wanted the car to be checked over and while I was there get my tires rotated and balanced since I purchased the tires through Sears. Long story short. Tires were never rotated and balanced...

Econo Lodge / Front desk


I stayed at the Econo Lodge in Cornelius NC. I was there under contract from Duke Energy. When I checked in i stated that I was there under Duke Energy. Was suppose to have gotten the Duke rate. After staying there for 2 weeks i checked out and asked did I get the Duke rate the lady at the...

Lumber Liquidators / feathering of edges & discoloration of laminated floor


Utopia Brand Laminate flooring, Edges are feathering, discolor spots in floor. Lumber Liquidators will not warranty because they of moisture from a river or creek, The closest River or creek is 7 miles away. The humidity gauge in our home is normal. They will not come & look at the...

BB&T Bank / fraud and scam

I recently had a talk with a rep from this bank. I had over 150$ worth of overdrafts. I had her explain what happened and she really couldn't. seems that i had charges go through, now I only use my debit card. when your debit card has a charge, the account is supposed to lock thi...

Samsung/19 Inch PC Monitor / customer service


On Aug. 24th 08 I return my less than 6 month old Samsung PC monitor fully expecting them to replace it that day with a new one being this one had completely died and I had also purchased the 4 yr.extended warrenty plan and was led to believe upon purchasing this that if anything were to...