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Child Protective Services / Unethical and illegal behavior.

piggy77 on Feb 24, 2017
My daughter Stephanie was born on April 20, 1990. She was healthy. I continue to take her to medical appointments etc. Unfortunately, on June 23 of that year, my firstborn daughter who had been born with a congenital condition passed away is 16 months old. The grief was completely...

Canada Goose / Men's jacket

Steve593840 on Feb 13, 2017
Totally overpriced for the quality. I sent the jacket back to the warrantee department because it wasn't anywhere near the warmth index they described. The customer service agent was the most carefree, lazy employee I have ever dealt with. When I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager...

Lyft / Signup bonus

wilfredo1992 on Feb 8, 2017
Lyft is refusing to honor the $750 signup bonus. The reason I chose Lyft over Uber is because they were offering this bonus for DC drivers. I googled Lyft and saw that they were offering it. I then decided to download the app and start the signup process. I signed up and got on the road...

Nando's / Service/expectations re: loyalty card

Dixie Faries on Jan 27, 2017
I'm a frequent Nando's customer--for lunch in Arlington VA, and in weekends in Woodbridge VA. I recently used a loyalty card for a free lunch in Woodbridge--two regular sides, chicken and a drink. Very nice. This week I used a full card at the location in Arlington. Very different story. I...

simplelots.com / simplelots.com VINAY POPAT

deeco on Jan 5, 2017
The most arrogant owner Vinay Popat. This is a small home based business working as a sales platform. The customer service is very poor. We were met with the most unprofessional, down right nasty response from simple lots. We came upon this website which portrays itself as a American based...

Chase United Visa / Credit - customer service

Scrooged by Chase on Dec 24, 2016
Scrooged: chase united mileageplus visa scrooged me on christmas eve. We spend a lot of money with chase united visa every month. It turns out that on december 19, we missed a modest payment due. We received no notice from visa, nor any reminder. But, on christmas eve, chase united visa...

Hertz / Management at dca location

Bri Shaw on Nov 6, 2016
I was hired on 6/13/16 a a CSR. Since that time 9 employees QUIT. I'm one of the ONLY employees who legitimately makes revenue for the company and myself. On numerous occasions I have witnessed things that I know are against company policy. I said nothing but did mention in a corporate...

Public Storage / Bait and switch pricing

BrianCarll on Sep 14, 2016
We were baited and switched. We signed up online for $158 / month. I asked at the store in person if this was an introductory rate and we were told that sometimes the rates might go up "like after a year or something, but usually only by like $5 dollars." Obviously I wasn't comfortable...

FareDepot / THEY OWE ME $5000!!!

Reviewer27884 on Feb 10, 2016
My flight was cancelled by the airlines who agreed to give a refund on the whole ticket but Faredepot still hasn't given me my money back!! They owe me $4644 and are refusing to pay me back. Their excuse is that the airlines hasn't agreed to pay them back which a complete lie. I didn't use...

Patrino Jewels / Unauthorized credit charges

Reviewer75886 on Dec 28, 2015
In Nov I responded to a Bank of America Master Card Rewards program--advertising a free gift. I selected a cross and was billed 6X$98 plus shipping and handling. I talked to Breana (Patrino Jewels rep) in Nov and on Dec 2--she issued a cancellation notice to my email address with a promise...
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