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Rosetta Stone Complaints & Reviews

Rosetta Stone / lost license

jhartnea on Aug 15, 2017
I ordered my copy of "Irish" Levels 1-3 in May 2015. I installed it and started my lessons. My computer needed work done on it and I replaced the hard drive. In July 2017 I wanted to resume my studies. The on line chat person was not able to help. He promised a return call by some who...

Rosetta Stone / version 2 cd mandarin chinese will not run in windows 10.

Michelle Younger on May 20, 2017
The program asks for but does not recognize administrator ID, despite the advised tweak in properties/compatibility. I understand this is a universal issue. Tried to contact live chat through the support page. The submission form sends an email confirm but twenty-four hours later there wa...

Rosetta Stone / Rosetta stone language instruction software

dontbuyjunk on Sep 26, 2016
Today (9/26/2016) I contacted Rosetta Stone's customer service department concerning a Spanish Language Instructional Software program that my sister purchased in 2008. Her daughter was planning on studying Spanish but quit after the first week. The software package was very expensive. The...

Rosetta Stone / Greek Language Course (upgrade to Version 3) - broken promises and incompetent support

Val Robertson on May 30, 2016
My husband bought me Rosetta stone (version 3) some years ago and, although ti was very expensive, I was pleased with it - and also the support hwich I received when I encountered a technical problem (which was rare). Following some recent problems with my PC, I had to uninstall, and...

Rosetta Stone / Incorrect Language files - No customer support

Debbie Schwab on May 3, 2016
I ordered the Rosetta Stone app from Google Play 2 weeks ago. Immediately after submitting the order I noticed that the wrong language had been selected. I contacted Rosetta Stone immediately (within 5 minutes of placing the order) and told them of the error. I also indicated that I wanted...

Rosetta Stone / Customer Service

Reviewer44468 on Dec 19, 2015
The worst customer service experience of my life. Rosetta Stone sent me the wrong product. I had to contact RS via chat because they didn't give a customer service phone number. They refused to send me the correct product until I returned the wrong one they had sent to me. Once the wrong...

Rosetta Stone / Billing

Emmett Hoops on Nov 11, 2015
Rosetta Stone makes an excellent product, but its customer service is the worst I have ever encountered in any business. I ordered Levels 1 through 5 Russian and went for the monthly subscription after the first year. This enabled me to use different devices and to learn on the go. All...

Rosetta Stone / Program Itself

Reviewer25412 on Oct 16, 2015
I was working on Rosetta Stone Latin American and everything works fine for one moment and then after that I'll be having problems. The system (its not the microphones fault because ive tried on 3 different headsets plus the regular computer microphone) wont pick up the words im saying and...

Rosetta Stone / Program doesn't work

Reviewer29156 on Oct 8, 2015
I never even got past the first WORD in this pile of crap! No matter how much I shouted into the microphone (which they provided), no matter how I placed the mic, the system refused to acknowledge that I'd said anything at all. In short, the program is completely worthless. It cost almost...

Rosettastone.com / Their product didn't work and services were useless

puncherock on May 29, 2015
I bought product from the company www.rosettastone.com. I got it on time and it was completely new, but it didn’t work. I was upset, but I contacted the customer services. But the agent was really useless guy. He told me that he needed to speak with the manager, but after that he...

Goodrosettastones.com / The seller sent old, used and useless CD with the program

Anti-Proton on Jan 22, 2015
Don’t buy from the company www.goodrosettastones.com/products_all?zenid=4je7pv9ldd465jaa. It was real scam, ‘coz I bought program from them, but these scammers sent me CD and it was old copy. As well as it was full of scratches and it was impossible to install the program. The...

Rosetta Stone / no help

billmitchell on Nov 10, 2012
I purchased a version of Rosetta Stone several years ago. I went through the course one and then off an on I tr4ied to go through it again, but it stated acting up, screens going blank, cutting lessons off in the middle etc, to the point that it was not possible to continue. I set it aside...

Rosetta Stone / product cannot be activated

xalupinha on Jun 2, 2012
I have Spanish Latin America home-school Cd's which I have purchase over a year ago but never activated. I did not even know I had to activate it. Last month, I decided to purchase French level 1 to 5. After speaking with customer service I was advised not to purchase home-school...

Rosetta Stone Inc / Very expensive problem

allanreis on Nov 13, 2011
I do not recommend ROSETTA STONE. I thought I was buying the solution, but I got a VERY EXPENSIVE problem instead. The Software won't recognize the language CD, no matter how many times I try to add a language. I can't even start my classes! It does not give the user an option to...

Rosettastonelearn.com / They take your money and do not send you merchandise

Tariane on May 12, 2011
This website, which also changes into http://www.shoesforu.net/, are fraudulent. The source is located in Latvia, they take your money and do not send you merchandise. The use well know names and companies through google to sell you products such as rosetta stone and Christian Louboutin...

Rosetta Stone French Software / Fake

Sara W on Feb 28, 2011
I was looking for Rosetta Stone’s French levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and I found on eBid that there were two selling from a seller named Micheal Daniel. He had put the description up as “Brand New & Sealed Rosetta Stone French Version 3, Level 12345″. Supposedly it was still in...

Rosetta Stone / Activating

TKnight on Jan 26, 2011
I am flabbergasted with their inability to activate the software. I purchased my Rosetta Stone over a year and a half ago. I own version 3 all 5 levels. This purchase cost me over 550.00. Unfortunately, I have encountered problems with my computer which has required me to reinstall thi...

Rosetta Stone / Fraudulant Product

Don't buy Rosetta Stone off the internet. In fact, be wary of purchasing it anywhere. You might be purchasing a pirated copy and not be able to tell and be left holding the bag. Purchased full Rosetta Stone version 3 set off the internet. I had gone to the official site for the...

Rosetta Stone / Unusable program after computer upgrade

Program was difficult to install and activate. After another computer upgrade program stalled and did not activate no matter what. Called support. Too late. They have their own working hours. Should have called earlier. Support made me feel like a suspect... English is not so bad but...

Rosetta Stone Italian / Inability to register

My daughter gave me the Rosetta Stone set for Italian as a Christmas gift. Unfortunately, I must have thrown the registration number out...I was told that it was on a white "postcard" in the box. When I called for help with the installation they insisted that I had to have the number...

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