Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Lebanon, Tennessee, United States

Waffle House / service

Sep 28, 2018

On Thursday 9/27 I came to Waffle House with two friends. We frequent this Waffle House, as we also work in the service industry and by the time work is over there aren't many options available for food. We love the security guard, the cooks, and most of the servers. However, there'...

Taco Bell / taco salad

Sep 26, 2018

I purchased the taco salad like I oftend due. The shell tastes like soap. This was a waste of my money. I ate the everything except the shell so that I could at reduce the amount of waste I created. I order that taco salad at least once a week and have never had this problem but I don't...

Cracker Barrel / service and food

Sep 22, 2018

On 09-21-1018 ordered 2 go plates said it would be about 30 so I waited 45 and went in to get plates paid for the order stood inline another 10 15 minutes waiting and then I asked the hostess how long does it take to get a go plate bought two of them and when they finally brought it got to...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / chicken

Sep 07, 2018

2 days this week I have stopped at the Lebanon, tn location on hwy 231...Monday night about 840 pm was told no wings available, no legs available in crispy...then Friday night about 905 pm I was told only tenders n pot pie available...sorry this is not good customer service...I live 40...

Dish Network / / upgrading of equipment

Sep 04, 2018

I was scammed by your sales representative Recently upgraded 3 of my TVs to 4 k smart Called dish to complain of poor hd reception Was told by sales that I needed to upgrade from my old 720 equipment to the 4K hopper Told them that I only had 3 smart TVs but she told me it would not be an...

Donut Palace / donuts

Jul 07, 2018

I have been to the donut palace several times and evertime I ask for glazed donuts I get chocolate now they are the same price but sometime glazed donuts are the best I have had a seizure with in the store before because I am hypoglycemic so I don't know if that is what caused the problem...

Subway / customer service

Jul 07, 2018

at pilot gas station in Lebanon tn theres a subway and dq the subway isn't the best everytime I go in there no one is behind the counter and if they are they are about to go on break this subway has to be the closest one to me will they prepare your sandwich yes but it will take 30 minute...

Taco Bell / consumers

Jul 07, 2018

I went to taco bell in Lebanon tn it was not the greatest the sour cream was spoiled they didn't have the sauce table with forks and sauces clean or with any stock in it the soda machine had no ice the sodas where carbonated water a few of the customers just stared at me while eating thi...

Speedway / cashiers

Jul 07, 2018

in the Murfreesboro rd speedway in Lebanon Tennessee there are cashiers sitting behind the checkout theres people that are relatives that sit around the store as well as park to ride the vehicles are junk wrecked sometimes theres no cashier there always smoking they even sell drugs that...

Aamco in Lebanon TN, 37087 / rebuilt transmission

May 02, 2018

Invoice no. 115727, and invoice no:115825. I went to this store to have my transmission check for hard jerk on take off, one rebuilt transmission and one variable valve timing solenoid and over $1000.00 labor latter I still have the same problem. My question is all the mechanics in Lebanon...

Sonic Drive-In / bacon classic

Mar 18, 2018

I went to a Sonic in Lebanon Tn. The one on E Main st. I ordered. A Bacon Classic . It came to me with burger black Burned as well as top of bun. I sent kit back only to be replaced by a jr cheese burger.. photos included .. This is the 3rd time this month I've had bad food from thi...

Nike / jordan 6 hat mvp

Jan 06, 2018

I recently purchased the jordan 6 mvp hat at Lebanon TN Nike Clearance store. My fiancé and I love this store and have been to the store many times and have always had an amazing time! This last trip the employee forgot to take security tab off the hat. I called and spoke with the manager Dan...

Waffle House / to go orders

Nov 25, 2017

I have called they waffle house location on hwy 109 in lebanon tn for the past 3 weekends straight and gotten no answer at all. I even give them benefit of the doubt and try back 10-15 min later and still nothing. I work in this area so I'm just trying to pick up a quick meal. I feel at...

Bob Evans Farms / mac and cheese

Nov 14, 2017

The noodles were overcooked and the sauce was runny and chunky. Absolutely terrible. Had to throw it out! Wasted my money and it looks like I'm not the only one who had a problem. Might want to do something about it. We deserve something for our inconvenience! I've never had a problem til...

Burger King / the quality and quantity of food I received

Nov 05, 2017

Ordered a Whopper and medium order fries the Whopper was burnt on the bottom and the fries were very small order with onion rings and tater tots mixed in. Very surprised that your company has this low quality of service. Are the people I know have complained about some of the Burger King...

Pizza Hut / ordering pizza

Sep 29, 2017

I made an order online at the South Cumberland St. Lebanon TN location went to go pick both pizzas up.. a personal pan and a large stuffed crust that I had ordered and only one had been made. The woman who checked me out said that the manager was suppose to have called me and did not!!! So...

Old And Stale / camel blue 99's

Jul 28, 2017

The past few months I have been getting alot of packs that are not good... Old, stale and awful tasting cigarettes. I am told they are bought from Sam's Club but either way it is upsetting spending $6 a pack and not being able to smoke them. Two stores in the past week alone have 2016...

Burger King / drive thru

Jun 25, 2017

I live in Gladeville, TN. The closest store is #6482, in Lebanon, TN. Today I saw the commercial advertising the Mushroom Swiss King burger, so my mom and I drove in to town and ordered 2. Was told they were out of Mushrooms. So we changed our order and waited for about 10 minutes. We got...

Verizon Communications / commercial

Mar 21, 2017

Hello, The commercial with the guy who drops the mic 3 times in one and then in the other won't drop the mic is really stupid. Just put the mic back in the holder. It's Possible not dropping the mic is related to not dropping calls. Idk it's just really a waste of money on bad advertisement when... / Ordered parts/credit card number theft

Jan 16, 2017

I ordered parts on 12 Jan via the website (was taken there by Amazon). I paid for the parts with a credit card that day. I was alerted this morning that the credit card number I had used at this site was being used to purchase several high dollar items (fraud...

Actuarial Consulting Group / Sales/interview process is a scam

Nov 13, 2016

ACG offers a training program to help aspiring professionals to pass their P1 exam and enter the actuarial field. Their sales process offers finding you a job after passing and classroom training. Neither is true. They tell you you have to decide to send money quickly as the class i... / Poor communication / possible compromised credit card info

Aug 23, 2016

Twice now I have made purchases from this company only to have fraudulent transactions post the next day from Best Buy, Apple,, some auto parts place, and various others. I received my order for 1800ToolRepair and didn't make a connection with regard to the bogus transaction, but...

Logan's Roadhouse / service was awful.

Dec 20, 2015

Me an the wife stopped by our local logins to have dinner, we are originally from Cookeville tn an ate there at the logins for years an were always pleased so we assumed this would be no different but was I wrong first it took almost 35mins for the food in which I did not receive my side...

eBay / extremedeals2014 - running shoes

Dec 09, 2015

Vendor shipped shoes to me that were not accurate on the size (US 11M); the shoes were at least one to two sizes too small, and, nowhere on his Ebay site was it EVER mentioned that the Saucony shoes, which I paid him $89.99, ran smaller than the size marked on the tag. I sent the shoe...

Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty / unauthorized charges

Mar 19, 2015

As a new Meaningful Beauty customer I received my package weeks after paying for it. Then I received a charge, I waited for a delivery. Disappointed I never received my package but I did receive another charge today for $49.99 even tho they said it would always be $39.99 they lied!...

Lakeways pomeraiain / Bad breeder

Jun 02, 2012

I would like to warn anyone in buying a pomeraian puppy from this breeder. My puppy had mites really bad, I also got them, a terrible case I might add. It took 3 months to get rid of the mites. I e-mailed the lady I bought her from that evening that the puppy was scratching ALOT but no...

Dell Co / computer


i went to dell web site and bought a stuido 17 fully loaded computer for 963.00 on sept 18 2010 got email said will be delivered oct 7 2010 then i check my email next day email said oct 14 2010 so i went in chat with one of empolyee he said he do not know why so i called and they told me...

Chrysler fincial / payments and harrasment


I the spring of 05' my husband and I leased a new van from Chrysler. After about 8months to 1 year we were having finicial difficulties and Chrysler would call me at work anywhere from 3-15 times a day this went on for about 3 months. When I told them I could not recieve personal...

Flowersfrom You / did not deliver


I ordered overly expensive flowers because they SAID they could deliver the next day and even sent me a confirmation...but then called and said they couldnt' do it...THEY ARE A SCAM. DO NOT USE THEM.

Intel-Quest Business Research / Mystery Shopper scam


I received a plain envelope in the mail with no return address, no post date and merely my address and a Canadian stamp on it. I thought it was a personal letter until I opened it and discovered it was an offer for a mystery shopper job. They included an ENCLOSED check for $4315 telling me...

troy klingbeil / unaterized charges


in the last 4 or 5 days i have been charge over 65$ that were not atherized by me nor were there any worning that the charges were comeing. i just happen to look at bank trans. and see the charges. all these charges are coming from online servers. the lats one from you ??????????

M&I Bank / fraudulend charges


We are continualy getting $30.00 late and insufficient funds charges that are a lie. We pay our bill on time or before. We sent in a check for a payment 9 days in advance and they clame they did not get it so sent a $30.00 late fee we paid the late fee and gave them an e check that cost...