Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Sallisaw, Oklahoma, United States

Dollar General / employee

Jan 05, 2018

Yesterday I stopped in the store in Sallisaw OK 1631 East Cherokee Avenue to pick up some Pepsi. I read 4 signs that said Pepsi and Mountain Dew three for $10. They was hanging above the Pepsi and the mountain dew. I was going to pick up my friend some diet Pepsi so I literally picked the...

Motel 6 Sallisaw OK / room

Sep 03, 2017

I have never been so disappointed in my life. I didnt expect the Hilton, but I also did not expect how nasty this room was. There are roaches and other bugs running everywhere. There was snot all in the bath tub. This is the grossest room ive ever seen. I am contacting the heqlth...

Maytag / top loading water efficient washer

Apr 08, 2017

Just want anyone who was thinking of trading their old washer in for a more efficient one to know, it is the biggest waste of money out there and you will only be mad! They do not work!!! I appreciate companies trying to save us money but if we pay our water bill we should be able to...

General Motors Corporation / 2015 chevy equinox

Nov 11, 2016

I bought my 2015 Chevy Equinox brand new. I have only used non ethanol fuel in it since purchased. It has 47778 miles and the fuel pump went out and is not covered by the warranty. I find it very hard to believe that the fuel pumps do not last longer than this considering the amount you...

FreeShipping.сom / bogus subscription

Mar 18, 2015

Who is I never heard of them until they charged my new debit card. I only bought from 2 companies with it. & Carol Wright. Someone from one of those companies had to have given them my debit number. They charge my card for a bogus subscription that I not only... / Unsocialized dogs

Mar 30, 2014

I bought a puppy from Berta/Lorene Matlock. He was 7/8 months old at the time. I asked her specifically how much the dog weighted and she told me would be no bigger then 4lbs full grown. And I know there is no guarantee. But when I got him he was well over 4lbs. So no big deal .. I took...

murphys usa / false arrest by employee


I was taken from my job by the Sallisaw ok police and takento the sallisaw murphys usa where a girl that worked their named Megan Arwood said that i drove off with 43.00 in gas I went to jail, I had to bail out get an attorney and 1 year later i the case was droped for lack of evidence, in...