Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Centerville, Ohio, United States

Taco Bell / portions

Dec 06, 2017

We went to Taco Bell and had a large order. Our order of nachos and "cheese" had about a tablespoon of cheese with it. Our " bean" burrito had about a tablespoon of beans. Just poor quality and small portions. Very disappointed. With a family of 5 nobody was too happy about their dinner...

Speedway / everything

Aug 23, 2017

Speedway 1173 at 901 S. MAIN St. In Centerville, OH. The fountain and freeze machines are down all the time theyre never working. They also will not sell you a pack of cigarettes even if they have 1 pack left if its a guaranteed in stock brand. Then they refuse to give you the card and...

Victoria's Secret / an associate

Jul 13, 2017

My name is Jasmine and I have a complaint about the Centerville, Ohio store. On my i decided to stop in the store to purchase an item or so and was confronted by an African American employee. When approached me looked at my purse to make sure i wasn't stealing anything then proceding to...

No particular item / Unable to access all shopping isles

Aug 18, 2015

I went to the Centerville, Oh Sams Club on 08/13 at approx. 3:00 PM for a few items. Two of the items I needed were on the two isles starting by the pharmacy. When I got there both isles were roped off and two employees were SLOWLY taking some items off the shelf with a fork lift. Why they...

Value City Furniture / Over 2 months without furniture

Apr 18, 2013

My Husband and I have a new house, and was looking to furnish the ENTIRE house. We budgeted each room of furniture. We went to Value City, Centerville on Valentines day and bought a Bally Bedroom set, and a 5 piece dinette. We were supposed to get everything on March the 8th. Every week...

Kroger #815 / bad manager

Sep 14, 2011

I have lived in this area most of my life, this is our nehiborhood store, and the first place I ever worked... Through the years I have heard many complaints on this stores employees and services. This store is having a major remodel, a whole new store is being built with a fuel center...

Banfield Pet Hospital / appt mess up

Aug 28, 2011

Went in for a comp exam and when I showed up my pet was not scheduled. 2 women came out to help one was in training nad the other woman I had never seen there before was looking at the computer. The ususal girl that is there walked by me and would not help. The 2 women went back to the...

Ladies Premier Fitness / Scam Artists


***Please watch out before you join this gym! They are definitely scam artists! My friend *Charlie had won a membership to The Ladies Premier Fitness in Centerville near the Dayton mall, and over the phone, he was told he won 250 dollars and (I do believe) a free membership that extended to...

LA Fitness / political nonsense


As of this week all of the Televisions didn't have FOX NEWS on them and only displayed ESPN along with CNN and MSNBC. I asked if I could get one channel changed to FNC and was told that Corporate had blocked the station in all the clubs. I don't care what people watch or...

Big O Tires / free gas redemption


I purchased 4 tires from Big O tires in Feb. 2008 and with that purchase I was to receive $500 in gas coupons at $25 per month. I have faithfully sent in my receipts to "free gas redemption" and have contacted them numerous times without a single gas card having been sent to me. I want to...

Cornerstone Pediatrics / Stupidity / Laziness


My daughter is a patient of the physician's at Cornerstone Pediatrics. The last three times we have visited the pediatrician, the receptionist has been involved in personal conversations and has been far to busy to recognize that my daughter and I were waiting. Additionally, my...

Pietra Naturale, Inc. / Bad service


We had granite counter tops installed by Pietra Naturale, Inc. of Centerville, Ohio. The installation was very quick and the finished product shows it. Stove cutout is oversized and is visible. Piece behind the stove is uneven and is probably glued to the stove! The seaming is much poorer...