Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Graham, North Carolina, United States

McDonald's / mcdonald's soda

Nov 06, 2018

The Graham NC store soda doesn't taste like Diet Coke or Dr Pepper for lunch or dinner. The same goes for the Burlington NC store. Do any of the stores clean their lines?. Does all the stores have the same issues? Can McDonalds in general make changes to their soda systems where there i...

Olive Garden / bad service

Oct 29, 2018

My wife ordered chicken & knocchi and it came as if it were water and nothing thick. My lady did not want the soup and the return. Later she requested that the manager come and she came to explain what was happening with the soup and the only thing she said That is always the case the...

DirecTV / new directv menu is awful

Jun 17, 2018

I've been a satisfied customer for 14 years but this new on-screen menu is a giant step backwards. The font is small and difficult to read; the ability to jump forward 12 hours at a time in the Guide mode has been taken away so that it takes 48 button clicks to go forward 24 hours; two...

Dish Network / / tv channels taken away all the time only ones we watch

May 14, 2018

Dish network not keeping there promise every channel my husband and I watch he is 77 I am 62 and disabled and on a limited income. They have taken these channels away and tell us now if we want these channels after all this time of being with them we would have to pay the top dollar . we...

Marlboro / marlboro cigarettes

Feb 21, 2018

I bought a carton of Marlboro cigarettes and they burned up so fast I have never experienced this before I got headaches from smoking them I usually enjoy my cig this carton I have not at all I paid 43.00 dollars for the carton. A carton usually last Mr a week and a half I have one pack...

Zaxby's / did not receive change

Dec 13, 2017

Went through drive through at Zaxby's ; received order and left. Once I returned home realized I did not receive change back. The change due was $10.00, had it not been this much I would have let it go. Called and spoke with ? Manager who gave the impression I was lying when I spoke with...

Safeway / I am complaining about an employee taking money out of our car and the management not helping with info of said employee

Aug 12, 2017

My wife was at the Safeway in Graham, WA, on 10105 224th St E, after she was dontg shopping she got the kids in the car than the groceries, after that she realized she had to pee, instead of waking up our son, she rolled the windows down and locked the car with our almost 5 yr old daughter...

Rinnai / tankless water heater ru98

Jul 25, 2017

Purchased a Rinnai ru98 natural gas tankless water heater. Had it installed by a plumbing contractor recommended by Rinnai sales/customer service. The purchase, installation of the unit and removal of old (tankful) water heater cost over $3k. This included the installation of a...

Sheetz / graham, jc

Apr 22, 2017

I went to the sheets on 87 in graham, nc at 6 pm there are only 3 people work the bathrooms are nasty an while waiting on my food I notice the coffee area is so nasty I can't even set my drink down there is trash all over the floor I guess nobody at this location cares and then we have two...

GE Appliances / wall oven

Dec 27, 2016

My mother purchased GE wall oven and has had dry food and uneven baking since she has had it. Two different appliance repair service companies came out to check the problem. I have paperwork, but too much to scan and send. I have a photo of her cookies she just cooked and I am attaching...

McDonald's / product

Jul 16, 2016

I have twice went to the mcdonalds recently in Gramam N C store # 4991- drive thru- & ordered the bacon clubhouse quarterpounder-Five dollars & 09 cent without tax - & twice there was no bacon on the sandwich. The first time i let it go & didnt say anything -but tonight when i placed the...

CVS Pharmacy / oxycodone

Mar 24, 2016

I carried a prescript to store #4655 and it was for 5 milligram oxycodone and my prescript was filled with 10 milligram oxycodone and I tool 90 pills not knowing my doctor had not changed my prescript and he found that I was taking way to strong of meds and wrong prescript in which he had...

RushCard / not able to access my money!

Nov 04, 2015

Not able to access my money off of my rush card. I have been a rush card member for several years and I have never had a problem until now. I currently get direct deposit from my job and rush card has deactivated my card and now I'm locked out of my account and not able to have access to...

Kitchen Carolina / Service


Received Rob Selfors (owner/scam artist) email that KC was just not taking new projects. They have closed their doors. Spoke with an employee/former employee. We were lucky, our kitchen is 95% complete. Did not pay for all upfront, so may break even. Had to hire own electricans and plumbers, KC...

Maytag Refridgerator / ice maker


I bought a Maytag Fridge...side by side about 8 years ago. I immediately began having problems with the ice maker. Mainly ice freezing on the "teeth", and not being able to eject the would make this noise that sounded like a geiger counter...or a really squeaky door. It wa...