Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States

Megabus / lost luggage

Dec 13, 2018

So on december 7 I took mega bus to nyc for my birthday. Got there and the driver had put our bags on the curb. Grabbed what I thought was my bag and left. The next morning. I opened the luggage to get something and found that the contents were not my things I called mega bus to file...

Poshmark / jacket

Oct 30, 2018

I paid for a jacket and the seller sent a message after the agreed price that is no more available. Money has been deducted from my account for the jack. How do I get the money back. Please guide me on how my money can be returned to my account. The amount agreed was $120. My account ha...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / pay check

Jul 28, 2018

If I do not receive my pay check this will become a law suit Christin, Rohan .i have serval witness for all of the abuse that comes out of Kfc and in mr Rohan market including past employee are willing to right statement .i took physical abuse mental abuse begging pregnant .i will contact...

Taco Bell / quality of food and service

Jun 26, 2018

I ordered at drive thru 8 taco supremes it had, no sour cream no tomatoes, my worst experience ever from Taco Bell, when I called the store and asked to speak to a manager when manager game on I asked who was I speaking with and she would not give me her name.she started to ask me for my...

Megabus / customer service

Jun 24, 2018

This is 2-fold. In a nutshell, I had to reschedule a trip. Unable to do so online, I booked another trip, as I was in a pinch. When I called to see if the first trip could be exchanged, I was read the policies and scolded. I asked to speak with the supervisor trying to see if I could at...

NJ Transit / intentionally skips stop

Jun 15, 2018

I take the bus every day to work and this drive at 11:40 am constantly misses my bus stop. He intentionally clears the signal off the monitor and then when i try to hit the signal to stop the signal will not go off. This is the fourth time hes done this. Its a 59 bus driver who drives the...

Planned Parenthood Federation Of America [PPFA] / planned parenthood elizabeth, nj

Jun 07, 2018

I come to this place frequently, every time I am amazed on how rude the people at the front desk are to patients. They don't treat people with respect, they act like they don't like their jobs. I know many people who would love to have that easy job and would do it hundred times better...

Motel 6 / motel 6 spring st. jersey

May 19, 2018

Online it says the price was $79 before tax, they charged us $150 per night. They didn't tell us about the free valet; we drove around for over 30 minutes until another customer told us. There is a hole in our bathroom wall. The floor, sheets, and tub were dirty. We tried calling the front...

Netflix / you are getting rid of a popular shows

Feb 11, 2018

When I watch netflix it tells me that family guy is about to be taken down. I don't think that's smart because you already got rid of american dad. If family guy is taken you will lose a lot of customers and myself. Just a suggestion, don't do this. When you took american...

Children's Place / assistant manager aisha or alisha

Jan 21, 2018

I visit the store today 01/21/2018 @ 2:34pm @jersey Garden mall it was HORRIBLE and the reason of my complain is I don't know if I did spell her name right but her name is Aisha or Alisha she's the most nasty assistant mananger I ever deal with don't know how to take care...

Dollar Tree / customer service

Jan 03, 2018

my son asked to use the bathroom, one of the cashiers said it was out of service, then I went and asked my child could use the women and she said no, then I bought fast so my son don't make a mass, when I went to pay the cashier clouse, because she was going to use the bathroom, I found...

Wigsis / poor quality

Dec 28, 2017

Good Afternoon, Please note I am not satisfied with merchandise, will like to be fully refunded for this item. Please email me with response at [protected] Please advise as to how may I return this item back to you. Please see email below for invoice#TA171127C9045, Placed on...

Domino's Pizza / the whole damn store!!!

Nov 30, 2017

I placed this order at 11pm, it is now 1am and I have still not received my food. I have called the store repeatedly only to be left on an endless hold and nobody ever picks up. I finally got fed up and decided to drive to the store myself as I was arriving the driver calls and says he'...

IKEA / service

Nov 25, 2017

To whom it may concern, I am writing to you to file a compliant report on the rude behaviors of your employee Teressa working at IKEA Elizabeth NJ. As cashier, she is extremely indifferent about customer's time, chatting with one customer without thinking the line was getting twice longer...

Boost Mobile / the data service on boost mobile

Nov 04, 2017

I just switched from MetroPCS and the service on Metro PCS was much way better than boost I paid $55 I mean $50 a month for unlimited service with the Boost and so far it has not given me any fast service the data is very slow I do not know why I have called the company and they cannot fix...

Subway / chicken teriyaki salad

Aug 01, 2017

My son Went to the restaurant for a chicken teriyaki salad. This was a take out salad. When he came home and took out his salad he showed me that they gave him such a small amount. He's gotten this salad before and it was never this small. I took a picture which I would be happy to send...

Hot Topic / received fake money as change; associates provided awful service and kept my money

Jul 30, 2017

On 7/29/17, I purchased three shirts for my daughter and paid by debit card ($49.80). My daughter came up and wanted to buy six buttons and a choker. I paid for these items with a $20 bill. The total was $13.85, so I received $6.15 back in change. We left the mall and I went to a another...

Megabus / damaged suitcase needs replacing

Jul 11, 2017

On July 4th at the final stop (White Marsh Park and Ride) of the NYC to Baltimore trip (bus DD880), the Megabus worker was off-loading the luggage from under the bus when he dropped my bag and two of the wheels broke on the short side of my suitcase. My luggage had 4 wheels that could...

Morgan Properties / complaining about morgan-properties @ westminister tower in elizabeth nj

Feb 22, 2017

I've been living in my unit for 2 years now and there has always been an issue. With building staff and manager from people not knowing too to conduct business the proper way and not knowing there title. When you rent In a so called luxury apartment everything should be up to date as far...

Trinitas Behavioral/Psychiatric Hospital in Elizabeth, NJ / Mental health services

Jan 28, 2017

This hospital is located in the middle of a war zone of traffic with homeless people wandering around the building. The front desk women of the psych department never answer their phones, and half of them only speak Spanish. They never answer nor return calls. The doctors also just use...

Megabus / customer service; support issues

Jul 03, 2016

Dale Moser, A ticket was purchased reservation number: 56-****-070216-M96R-****-ORL-ATL for travel on July 2, 2016. I also purchased additional/connecting trips to complete travel. At 8:20am on July 3rd, I received a call from my husband, the traveler about an incident with stolen property...

Levi's / jeans

Apr 29, 2016

I bought a pair of 710 skinny jeans just 4months ago and it ripped. I emailed levi's customer service and they replied either to head back to the store I got it from, or to mail it back for review. So I went to the store and the store personnel told me cause I wash my jeans too often. I...

1Stop Bedrooms / zero communication, false statements from support; fake online reviews

Feb 16, 2016

Despite being happy with the sofa quality and an OK price (thus the extra star), the company promised 6-8 weeks delivery and it arrived in 11 weeks. ZERO communication (other than we were charged immediately) regarding shipping status or delivery. We called the 800 number (several emails went...

United States Post Office / postman doesn't deliver my packages if they don't fit in the mailbox!

Feb 02, 2016

I've been complaining for over 1 year about this post lady that doesn't like delivering packages because I live in a big building. I live on the ground floor and every time I order something she leaves a receipt for me to pick it up! It's been over 1 year and she is still doing the same...

Burlington Coat Factory / layaway

Nov 18, 2015

I laid away about 20 items on August 31st...I picked up that layaway a month later at the Elizabeth NJ store without noticing that the best items were missing, , . a coat & a very nice white top, I take pictures of all of my layaways..So I thought the items were in my layaway I picked up...

Wendy's / manager disrespect my brother

Nov 07, 2015

Hi, My name is Mycline Estime. My brother starting to work there for about three weeks. Last wednesday which was Novemeber 5th, the ladies bathroom got duty and the manager ask a coworker to go clean he/ she refused and asked me as a man to go clean the lady's bathroom i refused. He...

Project Genesis: A New Beginning / $880 Paid and Services Never Honored

Mar 26, 2014

I first met Mike Jones thru a business card that he dropped off at my place of business, 6 months later i decided to meet with him to consult. He required $50 to start and another $450 once paperwork was completed. He told me he is not in fact the judge so he cant tell me if the record i...

Shoprite / misleading signage

Mar 31, 2013

Out shopping on this beautiful Easter day was good until going to Shop Rite. I walked past the Entennman's display and the sale sign caught my attention. It was located at the top of the display on every side of the display. On the display are donuts, cakes, and danishes. It...


Nov 29, 2012

Please help me to know if this offer letter is true or not... HILTON HOTEL U S A NEW YORK Corporate Office - physical address 1170 Spring Street, Elizabeth, Nj, New York U S A [protected] Tel +[protected] Website: Email: hilton.[protected] JOB OFFER...

EZ Way Parking / Stolen Navigation from my car

Dec 12, 2011

We parked there from Friday December 9th until Sunday the 11th. Upon picking up our car, we found the Navigation was stolen from our console. No windows were smashed so one of their employees clearly stole it. We filled out a police report and I just got off the phone with customer...

US Post Office / not getting our mail

Jul 07, 2011

Me and my wife moved into apartment in march of this year. We put in change of address thru the post office on broad street in elizabeth, nj. We got our mail for a couple weeks. Then we stopped getting it. I went to the post office again and the lady there had me fill out a form. All our...

Lord and Taylor Outlet / horrible customer service

Mar 30, 2011

I purchased 3 items that I would like to return for a total of 103.39. As a full time Registered Nurse and a New York resident it was in my best interest to call and confirm that I would be able to get store credit before I take the trip out to New Jersey to return these items. I was told...

Burlington Coat Factory / worst customer service

Jan 12, 2011

I went to this store to return a coat. One of the employee named Milly was at the register. She said that the coat cannot be returned but the way she said it was way rude. She behaved like she never returned a thing in her whole life and when we tried to complain about her to the manager...

Vencell Cargo O Coordinacion / Lost Package


I have been rib off by this company, the agency that is receiving the merchandise and pick up by the cargo co. Is no longer in business all dough the agency or office is still open and working with another name that I think is also bogus should be shut down and the person that is working...

Optimum / poor customer service, poor conflict resolution


We experienced a problem with Optimum when we were misinformed by an Optimum Representative in regards to billing and payments. We were under the impression that we had an additional 2 days to make our payment of 160. (We asked for a 2 day extension) 2 days later when we called to make our...

Airport Parking / Damaged Vehicle


Just got back from Orlando after parking at E-Z way for 4 days. I get to my car and the drivers door lock is broken out and all my stuff is thrown all over the car. My GPS which was in the locked glovebox is missing as they pryed that open also. Their website states patrol and video...

Gas Supply / Charged someone else's bill. Overcharge


I moved to my current address in December of 2008. When I moved the electricity and gas was already on. So I had to go to both and get the bills switched to my name and start anew with my accounts. The electric company was the one who got it right while the gas company is trying to get...

E-Z Way parking / bad service


I thought E-Z Parking was a great find and had used the facility twice with very good luck. Now I realize that it was just that - pure luck. The third time I made a reservation online, which requested a credit card and deposit. I showed up on Saturday, Feb. 13 in the morning at the time I...




Cohen's Fashion Optical / poor service


Do you know that the Optomitrists within these franchised locations are unaffilliated with the company? My complaint is that I went back to the store where I received an eye exam and purchased my glasses to get a copy of the prescription so that I could buy some contact lenses. I was told...