Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Bloomington, Minnesota, United States

Red Robin International / poor customer service

Jan 22, 2019

Dec 29.2017 we hoped to enjoy dinner at Red robin in Richfield MN. We had a large group 11 5 adults 6 children. they told us one table finished up and were waiting on another to finish. Nobody else was waiting when we arrived. after that probably 20 people checked in. We patiently waited...

Viking Magazine Service / magazines

Jan 11, 2019

I signed up for 1 magazine subscription and now they added a second magazine order without my authorization! When I called to "cancel" they were very aggressive, and said that people can never cancel after 14 days. 1) I was never told verbally about this policy; 2) I never received a... / expired card

Dec 28, 2018

I bought tires at Discount Tires and shorty afterward the card expired. Your web sight says a card may expire but funds do not and a card will be reissued. I cannot get in touch with anyone to reissue the card. I believe the law says that card should not expire. I am asking for the card to...

Nuvell Credit CO / car

Dec 14, 2018

acct [protected] 2008 chevy cobalt My last pmt for car was made on Oct 16, 2016 A few months before payoff I spoke with a rep at Nuvell. Iasked when my last pmt was and asked about late fees which was $1100. The female rep advised me that once I make the last pmt my late fees would be taken...

La Quinta Inns & Suites / hotel room

Sep 09, 2018

The whole experience was horrible. The hotel is nothing like an other la Quinta The lobby smelled of Carpet freshener had not elevator, the carpets in the room were dirty, the toilet had a turd in it, there was a dirty kleenex on the floor. Bathroom hadn't been swept or mopped. Customer service was horrible. No refund cause they offered another room!

American Eagle Outfitters / employee

Apr 03, 2018

I was shopping at the American eagle in the mall of America and I was using visa gift cards that are kind of complicated and I was trying to explain how to use it and she continued to tell me I needed to call the number because there was probably no money on the card. I told her I would...

Dollar Tree / stock of merchandise and customer service

Oct 17, 2017

I visit the dollar tree often and the store near my home is never stocked. The simplest items like razors are never there. The store is always filthy and it is poorly managed. The manager Atilla is very rude to the customers and staff. The lines are at least a 10 minute wait due to only...

Viking Magazine Service / harassing phone calls, service, delivery

Sep 08, 2017

Viking magazine contacted me about a $250.00 promotion. That was agreed to. Months later magazines are not coming but payment was being deducted. One excuse after another. Finally, magazines Start to arrive. Payment card expired, received calls, during call to provide new payment...

Admentum / learning materials online: 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, and a summer program.

Aug 13, 2017

I have been a customer of Study Island for many years. My child used this learning tool through school, and we also purchased it for home. I had an account with 4 programs (4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, and a summer program) purchased to keep and 2 programs (GED and OGT) purchased for...

Kraft Foods / lunchables

Jul 14, 2017

I bought 2 packs of lunchables to eat on my break and in the first one found a hair in my turkey. Thinking it could have been my own, I opened the second package only to find a hair right on top of the cheese. Needless to say I threw both away. I'd like to be reimbursed or at the very...

Great American Readers / refusal to cancel my subscription, when I was told by the first person I could cancel at any time

Jun 27, 2017

When I was first contacted by a phone sales person at Great American Reader, I miss-understood how much cost per month; and I swear I thought he told me I could cancel at any time. When I got charged the first time, I called them back and the first words out of my mouth was "I want to...

American Eagle Outfitters / aeo jeggings

Jun 03, 2017

I recently purchased four pairs of the AEO jeggings all in different colors because I love the way American Eagle pants fit me. However, this time around (on all four pairs) the zipper seems to always fall down. I try to pull it up as much as it goes to prevent this, but I doesn't work for...

Great American Readers / canceling account

May 11, 2017

Please cancel my account immediately. Order number is: 1150283. I have not received any of the magazines and no longer want them. Do not contact me ever again. I don't know what else to put on here other than I want this settled immediately. Do not send me anymore letters nor do not call...

Jackson Hewitt / I was misled by jackson hewitt I have the email to prove it.

Jan 30, 2017

Hello my name is Cristina Vinson D.O.B. 07/05/1978 I am a customer of Jackson Hewitt tax location 9059 Lyndale Avenue South Bloomington, MN I went into the office on 12/26/2017 with my final check stub of the year and applied for a loan I received an email from Jackson Hewitt stating I wa...

Hobby Lobby / unethical behavior for mn state law

Dec 10, 2016

Employees are not given adequate lunch breaks when the store is busy. The supervisor does not cover for the employee (cash register employees)to make sure they get their break causing the employee to only get a shorter lunch and being told to get back to work! This is against the law. Furthermore, the...

Family Savings Club / took my money and lied

May 06, 2016

I actually fell for it. They said the right things in my ear. They said they would send me a one hundred dollar gift card. I was only in it for that. They got $19.90 from me. They told me that I would be getting an email from them. I looked them up in my inbox and never got an email. I...

Days Inn / manager says, "shuttle service could take an hour".

Apr 28, 2016

I stayed at and parked at the Days Inn in Bloomington, MN. I took the shuttle to the airport and upon return from my trip I called to be picked up as I had been instructed. The shuttle driver was not notified that I was waiting at the airport for 23 minutes. The manager's response...

Hair Club / satisfaction far from &guaranteed&

Apr 29, 2015

I've had 3 hair transplants with Hair Club over the last 5 years...and hardly anything grew for me. Dr Duncan Simmons then moved out of state after my last transplant and has not contacted me or even seems interested in helping me out. Hair Club insists that my hair did grow...but I...

Toro Lawn Mower / Warranty Fraud

Aug 20, 2013

I purchased a Toro mower 5 months ago, specifically because of the "Guaranteed to Start" promise badged across the engine cover. After four light duty uses, the mower failed to start. At the direction of Toro Customer Service, I took the mower to a repair center in Upland. Four days later...

Ya Ya Beauty - Oro Gold / high pressure sales and physical intimidation

Aug 07, 2013

The salesmen at Ya Ya Beauty/Oro Gold in the Mall of America used high pressure sales and physical intimidation techniques to get me to accept a sample of one of their products. When reaching for the sample, another salesman came over and both insisted that I physically come into the store...

Freeway Ford / Awful cusotmer service

Apr 25, 2013

I purchased a vehicle a monthe ago from Freeway Ford an paid almost 7, 000 upfront. When I purchased thee vehicle I was told theat a oil change had just been done. On April 25the I decided to take thee vehicle to my original shop and do an oil change since dealers don't usually do a...

R2 Framing/R & R Construction / not delivering items paid for

May 29, 2012

Larry Paul never delivered windows and screens that I paid for in full. He is not able to be reached and has failed to give me a copy of the contract that I had with him. If I knew that he was a convicted felon that has done this to previous consumers, I would have never paid him the $61...


Dec 20, 2011


Hooters / food poisoning

Dec 10, 2011

My husband, his friend, and I went to hooters this last Wednesday. A few hours later our friend was violently I'll and it continued throughout the night. The following night I became horribly ill and it contunued throughout the next day. That next evening my husband came down with it...

Grocery Coupon Card / total joke

Nov 28, 2011

As many others I got a list of products and a $100 savings coupon from this outfit. Filled in the order form along with a $10 coupon and a SASE. In about a weeks time got another blank order form and 10 $10.00 certificates. There where NO MANUFACTURERS COUPONS and of course no way to...

Grocery Coupon Carard / Rip Off

Oct 26, 2011

If you ask me Grocery Coupon Card is a rip off. First off you are suppose to save 100.00 in grocery. That sounds good. But you spend 1.88 each month just to get the coupons. I thought I would try it. So I look over there convincing order form of about 970 items and check off what I would...

Great American Readers / fraud and deceptive practice magazine subscription

Aug 02, 2011

Problem, fraud and deceptive practice, and direct violation of the national do not call registry ; via magazine subscription telemarketing service of great american readers, bloomington minnesota... (Read this, any class action suit seekers out there?, i'm willing if you are...) My husband...

Luther Acura / Their Ethics

Jul 19, 2011

BEWARE of Luther Acura Luther Acura offers auto loans from Chase Auto Finance. Chase sent two repo guys to my home that tried to impersonate cops and hold us against our will. Then they refused to give me my title when I paid the car off UNLESS I agreed to cover up their bad behavior. If Luther...

Great American Readers / cancellation

Jul 06, 2011

I want to cancel the magazines I keep recieving as they are not anything I would read not only that but I never ever agreed to pay $900.00, I keep getting thier bills and I have sent them back with cancellation request in there and I get no answers only more bills. What will it take to get...

Macy's / holding on the phone


I am very upset today about the Macy's store in Bloomington. I like Macy's for the most part but today was ridiculous. I was put on hold for 25 minutes and 41 seconds before someone picked up the phone! I called the Macy's store in Burnsville and the lady was very kind...

Abercrombie & Fitch / They owe me $256.00


I went to the Abercrombie & Fitch Adult Store in Mall of America MN, to return cloths I had bought for my daughter.. I made these purchases with my debit bank card. When the manager #445426 went to return the $256.00 back to my debit card it would not let her. There was something going on...

Great Amercian Readers/Magazines / Scam Artists


Received a call where I was told that if I subscribed to 5 magazines for a monthly fee (from my debit card) I would receive these magazines monthly and a $1000.00 gift certificate for Walmart Merchandise. Well, it took several calls and I finally received in the mail my "free" $1, 000...

Dollar Tree / service & product


While checking out cashier (Karen) and manager (Lynn) were gossiping loudly about another employee, and a older woman asked where something was and the cashier was very rude to this woman and kept pointing to the isle saying "its right there, I cant believe you dont see it", mean while...

Great American Readers / they sent me a gift certificate and i can't even use it, now they are going to bill me.


this company is runing a bonafide scam. i called to inquire as to how do i go about getting the order with my gift certificate and the person i spoke with did not have a clue about how to log on and confirm the gift certificate. i will not pay any money for the 60 months because i wil take legal actions. something need to be done about this.

Dri*trend Micro MN / a charge that was not authorized


In reviewing my credit card bill, I also find a charge for dri-trend micro that I did not order. I'm disputing the charge with my credit card company. Then I found a similar charge put on my account 3/31/10 - again, unauthorized. What's with these guys? This is stealing. It needs to be...

Area Ciruclation/NMS / fraud


A few years ago a company named Area Circulation called me with a great magazine deal they had to offer. I thought I was aggreing to purchase 1 subscription each of 6 different magaznines. I ended up having subscriptions for close to 15 different magazines and have been tied in a...

SANS Financial / Colothin / Collection effort for Coothin


Collection attempt for Colothin scam. I attemped to contact Colothin and cancel my order for their trial offer when I found out that they had scammed me and charged my credit card with more than the agreed shipping charge for the FREE trial product. Citi card cancelled the card account...

Great American Readers / magazine scam


My 20 yr old daughter apparently fell for this scam as well. She doe not live at my home at the present but receives mail here. She received a letter claiming that she owed 164.70 in past due charges of $49.90/month plus late charges and the total was 848.30 for the entire balance for some...

Gmac Smart Lease / payment late 1 day


I have an agreement of paying so much for the overage on my old lease. My payment was 1 day late due to the mail system, they are asking me for an amount in which I cannot afford, and are automatically sending my account to collections. The girl I talked to on the phone said I had the...

Gmac / about paying for a car for nine years. I have goo payment history and was a couple months behind and they repoed my car


I am buying a car from sunrise chevorlet and I had the car since august 2007 I been paying on the car I was late on a couple of the payments over this summer I paid it up until september, when I was late on thoes payments I called and told them I was goning to pay it that next week that...