Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, United States

Olive Garden / wait times

Jan 01, 2019

Why is it that almost every time I visit the Elizabethtown KY Olive Garden there is a 25 to 30 minute wait when there is a entire section on the right ad you enter the establishment with only 1 to 2 patrions in that section? Ridiculous! This is the primary reason I do t come to Olive...

Baymont Inn & Suites / dirty rooms at the baymont inn elizabethtown ky

Oct 27, 2018

We arrived @ midnight to a room with a sticky floor... bathroom and entry. They were kind enough to move us to a room with a sink that didn't drain very well. I could live with that; however, after returning from our days ventures, only one bed was made and they didn't clean the...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / elizabethtown ky location

Sep 22, 2018

Your location in elizabethtown is pathetic. While I was there 3 families, mine included left because we could not get seated. Let me clarify, it was not busy. The restaurant was half full. This is a prime example of poor management . There were people waiting in the drive thru that had to...

IHOP Restaurants / management

Aug 25, 2018

I was there eating breakfast Saturday morning, 8/25 when I had seen the host. He was a young black gentlemen, he seated us and was very welcoming and warm, the General Manager, her name was Shandra, was having him clean up around, at first I didn't see no problem but as she was telling him...

Elizabethtown bluegrass cellular / customer service

Jul 26, 2018

I've been a customer a long time, but have had little interaction with elizabethtown store until recently. My iphone did a factory reset and locked me out. I went to the store for help, and they were not very helpful, didn't seen to want to help. They called apple, handed me the phone and...

Belk / shoe associate/ dept

Jul 21, 2018

Tried a flat shoe on. Under the heel had a security tag sticking up into bottom of shoe. You don't notice the tag. When I tried the shoe on the sharp point cut and penetrated my heel making it bleed. Took shoes to associate and told her it just cut my heel. Her reply "Oh I know " and...

Sun Tan City / client services

Jul 18, 2018

I have emailed & phoned client services have yet to get a responds. I have left several messages over the past week. This is very poor customer service. In my messages i gave my full name, phone number & detailed message. Along with emails. And when calling their store I was told it could be...

Home Depot / flooring installation

May 03, 2018

Signed contract with local Home Depot store on April 6, 2018 to purchase and install carpet and vinyl flooring in my basement. Contract stated Installer would contact me. On May 2, 2018, after about a month had elapsed and still no contact from Installer, contacted local store for...

JC Penney Company / customer service

May 01, 2018

I was trying on a pair of jeans. The tag for the jeans had been stapled to the back waist but the staple wasn't long enough to get through the jeans and was sticking out on the inside of jeans, so when i was pulling them up i was scratched up the back part of my upper leg. It wasn't a bad...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / service

Dec 10, 2017

We stopped in at Steak n Shake in Elizabethtown Ky with r kids to spend some time after shopping.We artived at 8:30 and ordered 4 holiday milkshakes we DIDNOT receive our shakes until 9:15.That's totally uncalled for.We went back to get the money back as they met us at the door with...

Hertz's Car Rental, Elizabethtown, KY 42701 / manager at location

Dec 01, 2017

My husband and I rented a car from Hertz in Elizabethtown, KY around the end of September 2017 or the beginning of October 2017 for a trip that we were taking in October. I reserved the car and arrange to pick it up sometime after lunch on the day before we were to leave. When we arrived...

Motel 6 / rip off

Oct 21, 2017

My husband and I was to stay the night at motel 6 in elizebathtown ky!! We paid for our room and asked for an extra pillow due to my back problems!! When the housekeeper brought the pillow to room she then went and told front desk that their was a strong pot smell in room!! When they...

Cracker Barrel / unethical behavior/discrimination by manager

Oct 02, 2017

I was at the Elizabethtown Kentucky Cracker Barrel on 9-29-17 from 10:30 to 11:30am. When I was walking back to my car, immediately noticed someone had backed into it. I was parked in front of building across the parking lot from handicapped parking. Went back in to get a "manager" and I...

Coit Carpet And Restoration / unprofessional and money hungry

Sep 03, 2017

Money hungry liars. Unprofessional thieves. Their technician used his feet to measure my rug. Walked all over it and quoted me an unreasonable price. They told my husband the price is higher than what we had paid for previously because we don't get a discount for being a returning customer...

Theodore Davis / frozen crab legs

Aug 20, 2017

Greetings, It's both sad and heartbreaking that one of the most repdubile grocery food giant would slip too such low standards. I recently bought what I assumed was supposed to be 7lbs of crabs from my Elizabethtown, KY store. However, too my surprise after opening the container to get...

Sun Tan City / fast tanning

Aug 14, 2017

I work at the local hospital and I went into suntan city closest to them on my lunch (I have the fast bed membership) and requested to have the fast bed. The woman at the counter rudely replied with hmmm we don't have fast bed here and I replied with oh I have tanned here before she Rudely...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / wrong order

Jun 14, 2017

Elizabethtown Steak 'n Shake drive thru gave me the wrong burger. I ordered a single cheese steak burger with ketchup, pickles, mustard, and Cajun sauce on the bun. They gave me a single steak burger with onions and no sauce. I saw this mistake once I opened the burger at home. I tried...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / happy hour drink

May 12, 2017

May 12, 2017 3:00pm, weather cool temperature. I have two complaints (1) the order and (2) the quality. I ordered a Kit Kat Milkshake to go one of the new drink product, after a reasonable amount of time I received my shake. After leaving the store, what I got was not the order I ordered...

Marlboro / undivided promo

May 09, 2017

On 5/9/2017 my girlfriend asked me to sign up for your promo so we could check to see what our " free gift " would be so I spent the time to go to your website and register. after going through the registration process the site tells me that they can't verify my age. I then called the 800...

General Motors / inadequate repairs to a 2010 chevy suburban

Jan 10, 2017

To Whom It May Concern, Prior to the details, I have made numerous attempts to resolve this with the owner of the dealership, Mr. Mark Jones, but Mr. Jones has not returned any of my calls and has not been available when I've called. I am requesting that I receive a refund in the amount...

Rural King / new elizabethtown, ky store

Nov 03, 2016

I am not writing a complaint. I want to praise the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff at the store in Elizabethtown, KY that opened last month. Why not commend employees when there is exceptional customer service? We bought a large number of items, and our cashier Johanna wa...

Kroger / fired unjustly

Dec 03, 2015

Dec. 3, 2015. Went into work today and was surprised to see a new cake decorator. Following the next 15 minutes, my deli coworker was called up to the office. I looked at the schedule and it had all my days marked out with a comment "have finals cant work." No one in the building knew I...

BizChair / False advertisement

Mar 30, 2013

The advertisement said order 3 stack pew chairs. If you order 3 you will pay $20 and some change per chair. I needed 103 chairs so if they come in three's i need to order 34 sets. When i get my chairs it is 34 chairs total ! I called the customer service is rude and very blunt and i...

Rallys Double Fish Sandwich And Fries / old hard crusty food

Jan 16, 2013

The food had to have been in the fryer multiple times... It was hard as a moist peanut shell... Chewy like slimey old pumpkins... The food was disgusting and I am now sitting here with a horrible stomach ache... They have done this multiple times before..and refuse to create a fresh new...

Sun Tan City / money returned

May 17, 2012

On May 2nd, 2012 I was contacted by my bank for having been overdrawn. As this is a savings account, imagine my surprise. My account had been overdrawn by Sun Tan City for a membership fee. The last time I had used Sun Tan City was over 6 years ago. I contacted Sun Tan city'...

Koltov Hand bag / misrepresentation of sale item


There was a sale sign posted over the KoltovHand section that said sale. But when I went ask for a price check I was told that it was not on sale . I showed the sale person the sale sign over the KiltovHand bag section . She said that is was for the hand bags on the other side of the...

AT&T Wireless Customer Service / extremely poor customer service


I am complaining about the complete lack of regard for customers that At&t exhibits. Today, my cell phone (purchased at At&t), went completely crazy, would not text, or dial out. I contacted the customer service on my phone and after a battery of tests, the phone was determined to be a...

Curtis / customer service in-store


We purchased 19" LCD TV 12/08, began making strange noises & seemed to be 'stuck' between on & off. Called the store, gave a guy the model# & put me on hold 10 mins.)but was apologetic & said the model is no longer available so bring it in & we will upgrade it for you. My husband...

M.R.E. Marcus Ray Enterprises / SLum lord garnish single moms whole paycheck


MRE, Marcus Ray Enterprises (Triple Acres) Rented my family a unit in Elizabethtown, Kentucky in January of 2008. There were broken windows in almost every room leaving a sigle plane of thin glass in each window. Our first electric bill was over $350.00, and that was for less than three...

Picture Me Studios signwalmart / Dissatisifed with pictures


I recently had family pictures made. When we were taking the pictures, the photographer kept stopping to wait on customers that came to the cash register. Our daughter was in from out of state so we only had that day to take pictures. We were offended that we were interrupted so often. She...