Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Minneapolis, Kansas, United States

Family Dollar Stores / union grievable offense

Oct 20, 2018

Please do something with this store, as the photos show this is an everyday occurrence, boxes everywhere, shelves poorly stocked, osha voliations, labor laws are in violation, store # 05435, 1816 Nicollet Ave Minneapolis, mn [protected], please do something, its only getting worse. I have...

Sellers Playbook / business scam!!!

Sep 28, 2018

These people are a bunch of thieves. I hope they have to do time and pay everyone they stole from their money back even if it takes them forever!! They literally lied to thousands and took every penny they could stealing from peoples life savings and even getting them into debt. No one who...

Xcel Energy / electricity

Sep 07, 2018

I don't understand why, it didn't take a special crew to disconnect my electricity, but now after I got the bill paid in full, and it has been over two days, since I paid. I keep getting told my electricity would be connected by now. But then when I called again earlier this evening, I wa...

Sleep Number Corporation / new bed does not work properly

Sep 02, 2018

My very expensive Sleep Number bed arrived yesterday. It had an early-generation base that did not work. My mechanically astute installer finally got it to work through a temporary fix. I have asked for a new, current base. (Does anyone test this stuff? And who decides who gets old...

Sellers Playbook / training services

Aug 23, 2018

In october 2017 Sellers Playbook held a 2 hour free seminar in Hilton Hotel 6360 Canoga Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 on how to sell on Amazon.The speaker`s name was Craig Nagy associated with Stephen Nagy (responsible for majority of Sellers Playbook operations) They provided some...

Geek Squad / home theater installation

Jul 05, 2018

I bought a new Samsung HD TVE, higih-end sound bar and Apple TV from Best Buy in Hopkins. I paid for delivery and full installation including set-up. I am visually impaired and am glad to pay for these services to help me make sure things get set up correctly. What I got was a nightmare - Geek...

Family Dollar Stores / i'm complaining about an employee

Jun 29, 2018

4016 Bloomington Ave S Minneapolis, Mn 55407 Location . The Employee named Karen "banned" 2 people from the store because of Outside Personal reasons outside of the store. I been trying to reach out to someone because she was trying to purchase Percocet Pills from us & Never got any and...

Capella University / horrible mentor

Jun 21, 2018

I had my first episode with my mentor in the summer of 2017. I was highly frustrated by the way my dissertation was carrying out and on my week 10 assignment I stated that I felt like I didn't accomplish anything that quarter. She gave me a 50% on my assignment and I had gotten 100% on...

SuperAmerica / Northern Tier Retail / 16 oz coca cola

Jun 19, 2018

On june 19, 2018, at about 6:15 pm give or take a little, I bought two cans of 16 oz. Coke and the price on the shelf said $1.19 each. I bought two and to my surprise, libby, the clerk at the 3259 stinson blvd ne store tried to charge me $1.29 each. I asked about the difference and she...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / harry's shepards pie

Apr 11, 2018

I usually do not make complaints about products...however this one was so bad I had to say something. If I get a ready made meal I should not have to assemble it myself. The taste is awful! We have had many shepards pies in many different places and this was truly the worst. The texture...

Slotomania / quest

Apr 07, 2018

I am stuck in the quest on the gold knox game. My game has been stuck at 8% for over a week. I have won more then the required 4.7 billion 3 times and my meter still stuck at 8%...I tried going out and coming back in which usually works but not this time. I have cleared my cashe several...

Burger King / sharp material coming out of chicken nuggets

Mar 18, 2018

I bought the chicken nuggets from the Burger king today. When I was chewing on it, I found out a sharp thing coming out from the nugget. I almost swallow the thing and I am pretty sure that would've caused pain in my throat. I am now so disappointed with the burger king. I am so mad and I...

Modanisa / both dress are short!

Feb 03, 2018

I have bought two dress from modanisa. Both dresses are short. I am not a tall person. I am just 5'5'' but one of the dresses that I received today fit someone who is 4 inches and other dress is 5'3''. When I contacted, the customer care personnel were not helpful. He didn't give the...

Merrill Lynch / 401k hardship process

Dec 19, 2017

I applied for a hardship 12/12/2017 to pay for my mother's cremation. Her remains have been sitting in the funeral home since 12/11/2017. When consumers apply for hardship withdrawls there are deadlines, urgency and despair surrounding the circumstances like burial, eviction, ect... People...

AmeriSpec / home inspection

Nov 04, 2017

On October 3rd an inspector from amerispec inspected my home for a potential buyer. When inspecting the electric panel he unscrewed the whole panel from the wall rather than simply opening the door. In the process of taking the whole panel off he tore the paint off the wall. I notified...

Walgreens / pharmacy on 46th and hiawatha minneapolis

Aug 17, 2017

I tried to call the pharmacist to check to see if the insurance company got back to them about a prescription. I waited on hold for over a hour and a half for only having two callers ahead of me when I started the call. So while I was waiting on hold I decided to drive up there because... / Pioneer Press / sports page

Jul 25, 2017

How is it that your paper cannot publish the final results of a twins home game that finishes after 9:00 p.m.? The Star Tribune published the final score of their road game last evening in Los Angeles and the game STARTED at 9:00 p.m. twin cities time. It's embarrassing. You don't need to go...

Buffalo Wild Wings / advertisement

Mar 02, 2017

I am very concerned about the TV ad that your company is airing. I find it offensive that one of the statements is "My God." There are so many statements that could be used in place of that. I am a Christian and do not appreciate His name being used in vain. I know that many of my friend...

Costco / mangoes

Dec 02, 2016

Mangoes are always got spoiled when we bought home. I like mangoes so much in fruits but most of the time when I bought to home the condition of mangoes are same like this what shows in photos which I uploaded with this complaint so I request your good self that provide us fresh Mangoes so...

TDS Telecom / IP Phone System

May 03, 2016

I purchased TDS Telecom as phone service and I loath this company and its practices. ..buyer beware when signing contract, make sure your read it, they will tell you one thing to your face, but then later in the small print you will realize you signed a 3 year contract. Which I never never...

HOM Furniture / Delivery Disaster for Bedroom Set

Oct 05, 2015

I bought an entire bedroom set from Hom Furniture, as I just recently bought a bed from them. I ordered this a month ago and of course paid for it then. I am moving tomorrow and at the time said I needed it around noon. I took the entire day off to wait for it along with my movers. I get a...

Dawn Power Dissolver / cant find it any where

Aug 15, 2015

i really love this product, it is the only thing i have found that worked on my greasy stove top on burnt messes in the oven or on my cookie sheets, i found a 2 pack of it on and they want 389.00, yes you see right, i just about choked when i saw that, they have got to be insane...

SuperAmerica / stunning verbal abuse and mistreatment of loyal customers

Jul 30, 2015

I am still livid and furious two hours after this incident. I am just going to copy and paste what I sent to SuperAmerica's website about this, but I'll remove the names. To whomever is in charge of customer services issues, I am not a person who normally sends in complaints. This is the...

TCF Bank / Overdraft fee

Jul 10, 2015

These people charge you overdraft on one product for 2 times on your account. When you call them and ask them to explain the scenario they tell you that they processes it that way. They rip off people. DO NOT HAVE ANY ACCOUNTS WITH THEM. They does the same thing to all the customers. Am a... / My order was delivered to wrong address

Jul 08, 2015

I used the website in order to get my order from foreigner seller. I got the tracking number and checked it every day, and three days ago I checked the number and it showed that my order was already delivered. I don’t understand where my order is, and the seller... / It is possible that the order was lost

Jul 07, 2015

People, avoid the services of the company I have used their services, when I have bought one item from foreigner website. It was mentioned that the delivery could take about 20 days. But 2 months passed and no news from this company. It was disaster. I have no idea... / I heard only awful and disgusting stories on this website

Jul 06, 2015

The website is the worst place, where you can share your views and stories. They accept it or simply delete your account and your story of course. I didn’t get any help from them, but I heard some awful and dirty advices from other users. I was shocked that such...

Hilton Honors Worldwide / Service

Jun 30, 2015

Worst Experience ever! Will NEVER stay at Hilton again! Encourage You to do the same! Call center for HH Honors is turned into a finger-pointing mess! Guess I will be going back to Marriott! Subject: Follow Up- Stay Treatment and Service Issues Ms Carolyn Murphy: As indicated in my previous call...

Walden University / Unprofessional business practices

Jun 19, 2015

Within the next few weeks, I will not be a student at Walden University. As an institution of advance learning their administrative business practices are inefficient and unprofessional. I have always thought that once an educational institution's main focus is on increasing profit... / Awful services and I got defective stuff

May 21, 2015

Scam. I bought sensor chip from the company The seller delivered order on time, but unfortunately the order was defective and nothing worked. I simply returned the order back, but the seller refused to pay full sum back. He told me that I broke it on...

ADT / poor service, un - organized

Mar 18, 2015

This has to be the worst Company I have ever had to deal with. I am writing this complaint late because I have no other choice. I first tried to get service and made an appointment in August, 2013, after going around in a circle with "no show appointments" some one finally showed up in...

Medversant/ProMailSource / strong arm tactics

Oct 09, 2014

Medversant Corp rep, Matthew left menacing message that my company did not respond to an unsolicited FAX, last August, requiring subscription to their service or ProMailSource email service at $120 p/yr or discount of $12.95 per month by Sept 5. I'd filed it away as I rarely have...

Target Red Card / extortion

Dec 16, 2013

Around Nov 12 statement was received indicating that a New Balance of 739.96 was owned The period closes around the 9th of each month The due date for minimum payment was Dec 6 Auto pay is setup to pay the balance for Dec 6. Payments toward statement were made on the following...

Dollar General / poor customer service

Oct 03, 2012

I just waited in line for over a half hour waiting to get checked out. there was only one register opened and the line went from the register and almost to the back of the store and a branch off to the side of people waiting to get checked out, the employee on register was not friendly...