Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Westfield, Indiana, United States

The Sherwin-Williams Company / emerald urethane trim enamel satin extra white indoor/outdoor

Jan 01, 2019

This is a ready-made product (not a custom mix). We were told this was an exceptional product (they were out of stock on the product we requested) we paid extra for, based on assurances of durability. We painted several doors and other items in the house. It dried flat (no sheen) and we...

The Salvation Army USA / employees

Sep 11, 2018

I was just yelled at by an employee because I asked for her name. Very very rude. I wanted her name to reference as giving correct donation information and to report someone who gave incorrect information. I'll take wrong information from a kind employee over correct information delivered...

Applebee's Restaurants / summer squeeze drink and sangria

Aug 03, 2018

Went to a local applebee's in westfield and ordered apps and 2 drinks .To my surprise when we recieved our order the drinks had these large unwrapped straws stuck in them and i took it out of our drinks right away! # 1 i felt it to be very disturbing it was a unsanitary straw and i wasn't...

Family Dollar Stores / customer service

May 26, 2018

My name is Ryan coggins I went to family Dollar in Westfield Massachusetts on Franklin Street at about 8:50 am and store wasn't open yet so me and my brother sat outside waiting with other costomers as well and assistant manager came.out to open door finally swearing and screening at...

Empire Today / carpet warranty not being honored

Mar 06, 2018

I contacted Empire about replacing our wrongfully installed carpet that was supposed to be "top of the line", only for the fibers to clearly be damaged with large dark spots showing up less than 5 years after it was installed in August of 2014. Per the request of Empire's Becka Rodriguez...

Almay / one coat multi-benefit mascara

Jan 08, 2018

I have been using Almay products for many years. I recently tried their one coat multi-benefit mascara and I am very disappointed in it. When pulling out the brush huge clumps of mascara come out on the brush. I have tried to dip the brush in and out to release some of the mascara and it...

Closet Candy Boutique / bad service, bad quality

Nov 03, 2017

To say that I am very disappointed is like to say nothing. I ordered clothes from them and all of the items were cheap. You know, I wouldn't say anything if they weren't so overpriced. But why sell cheap items for a big price if the same things can be bought on Aliexpress or another Chinese...

Duke Energy / billing

Oct 17, 2017

Greedy company. Charging us ( in our 70's, fixed income) 580.00 security deposit because they had to add two disconnect notices to our bill in 12 months. I always make my payments, but not in their ideal time frame. No way can I pay this amount. They were gracious enough to split their...

Kroger / on an employee ramond working the self check out

Jul 29, 2017

I went to kroger at about 11:00 thinking it would be easier boy was I wrong. For one I dont think the guy liked his job. He was mad because I had coupons and told me not to shop this late with coupons. He would get mad when a coupon was giving him trouble and the employee would start...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / stood in lobby for 10 mins

Jul 05, 2017

Stood in the lobby for 10 mins before I made contact with a teller. That was after a banker walked passed me and said nothing and failed to ask if I needed anything. Another banker sitting in office directly facing where I was standing and said nothing. When I asked if I could get some...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / drive through

Jun 15, 2017

We ordered six shakes during happy hour yesterday June 14. From the moment we miss placed our order in the drive-through, we waited 25 minutes in line just to receive our shakes. When we did finally get them, I inquired as to what took so long. The man mumble to some excuse and then close...

Shoopman Homes / Paul Shoopman Home Building Group / roof + 2-10 warranty

May 21, 2017

Overview: Builder installed roof shingles between dec 9-17, 2016. Temperatures averaged 20°f. Closed on home feb 3. Have had 6 missing shingle events since and unsealed roof shingle-tabs look bad (I. E., creases, no adhesive under some, nail pops, foot traffic damage, etc.). Builder will...

Closet Candy Boutique / Beware! Very poor quality!

Dec 05, 2016

I have nothing good to say about this website ClosetCandyBoutique, I ordered from them only once and will never do that again. My order arrived in a timely manner but that was the only positive thing about them. Quality of clothing was so poor and cheap, I had to admit that I wasted my...

Carrington Mortgage / unethical behavior

Dec 07, 2015

Original mortgage was with Chase. Perfect payment history but sold me anyway. After, there was absolutely no problem with Carrington until 2 days ago. Just so you know, this is a long story. Yet another phone call from them to offer, again, refinancing at a lower rate. No thanks, I'm good...

TGI Fridays / would not honor gift certificate

Aug 20, 2011

We only ate here because we had a gift certificate - but when it came time to settle the check - Scott the manager came by and informed us that the $50 certificate would only pay for my entrée salad and that he could not give us a credit for the difference - so essentially we pay...

nutri Brite / doesn't work -- a scam


Read of a brighting receipe that included Nutri Brite. By the time I recieved all the items for the "free" trial I had paid $9.00 in shipping and the Nutri Brite company started sending orders costing $90 a month. I called and cancelled all orders but Nutri Brite said I was past the 21...

Advanced Wellness Research Inc. / fraud


Ladies/Gentlemen, I have just spoken to the "Dispute Department" of my bank in regard to the continous charges that Advanced Wellness Research keeps putting on my credit card. It was my intention to close this account however after talking to the dispute personnel I have decided to hold...

DVD Donkey / Scam and fraud!


Where do I start. I should have suspected something when I saw the character of Donkey from Shrek. That is a copyrighted character. Oh well. I ordered "Perfect Strangers", probably my favorite TV show. When I got the package (which arrived in a timely manner), I started watching the...