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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Greensburg, Indiana

Dollar General / service

Teresa Rutledge on Oct 29, 2018

Information. I am trying to see if dollars general would donate to feeling the less fortunate for thanksgiving but am unable to get a hold of anyone. The people at the store would not give me any information on how to contact anyone to ask about donations and then I try to put in...

Sears Website / pricing

ChristinePet on Oct 10, 2018

For at least a few weeks had advertised a 49 inch Samsung TV for $69. Obviously it was a mistake. It stayed up though so I decided I was going to order one. To make a long story short I talk to at least eight people, four of which I could not even understand. The first lady said...

Sunoco / clerk/customer service

Laurie Fox on Sep 14, 2018

At 8:15am on Friday September 14, I chose my item which was marked .99 The clerk asked for 1.29. I said I thought it was .99. He barked "1.29!" I said well it's marked .99 He then barked at the other employee present to "go change the sign coz I'm not gonna deal with these customers over a...

Chilis / greensburg in. restaurant service, cleanliness

Kevin Smith II on Jun 23, 2018

Went to this chilis as a group of 7 and waited to be seated, understandibly. But then after ordering we waited an hour for our food. We ate, and then waited another hour for our bill! Management never came, though we told our server we were unhappy. Called manager, once we were home and...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / breakfast

Chad1995 on Dec 14, 2017

I live in greensburg indiana. I found out from a former employee that since I like bacon burritos, wendys will make them upon request even though they are not on menu. I have been gettin them for a few months now but only about every 2 weeks if that. Not to often. And I would have to say...

YMCA / lack of structure or scheduling at the decatur county ymca

ashlandthomthom on Oct 15, 2017

Every week my boyfriend and I come to the local YMCA multiple times. Overall it's an excellent facility. I've always had pleasant interactions with the staff. But this past week, I feel the ball was dropped. I really enjoy playing basketball to get my cardio in, so my boyfriend and I...

Target Brands / I preorder a xbox x they canceled for no reason

Sherry77 on Sep 10, 2017

I had preordered a new Xbox x for my son for xmas. For some reason they canceled my order stated that the funds wasn't there. What I don't understand is my red card had available credit of over 700$ and the Xbox x was a total of 503$ so how is 500$ more then 700$ it isn't but target act...

Money Network / service charges.

rcabaniss on May 23, 2017

My balance was 469.65. cigarettes are 6.89 so my balance is 459.76. I take 30 dollars out of one atm so it should be 427.26 with atm fee. then i went to another atm and got 40 out dollars out of another atm and the balance should be 385.76 and then subtract 10 dollars worth of gas son my...

Steak 'n Shake / manager

BStab on Feb 20, 2017

Went to Steak n Shake yesterday in Greensburg, PA. It was not busy. We were seated immediately but at least 10 minutes passed and no one ever came to the table not even for a drink order. I went to the counter prepared to leave and asked to speak to a manager. When I explained the...

Circle K / hot chocolate

I purchased a large hot chocolate at Circle K in Greensburg, Indiana this morning at approx. 7:45 AM, 11-1-16. I work in the Decatur County Clerk's Office, and while I was there drinking it, I drank something from the cup that was a chunk, so I spit it out thinking it was a chunk of...