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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Honolulu, Hawaii | Page 9

Domino's / insults and customer service

Daisy808 on Feb 15, 2017

I heard from co-workers about a new Domino's franchise that had opened in down town Honolulu, HI. I am extremely upset by the service provided and plan on yelping about my bad experience. I asked about coupons that were being provided to customers walking in and Fred K (Manager) said that...

Traveling for pleasure / Honolulu airport

janmreimer on Feb 7, 2017

We did not have much time at the Honolulu airport and so couldn't go to the more populated areas. Our flight and gate was right beside where we came in from San Francisco. So we decided to get something to eat and drink nearby. The food at Quiznos was good and tasty enough. My husband...

Skyler Curry lives in Thousand Oaks, CA / Stop bullying me skyler curry!! I hate you!

sarahfreeman12 on Dec 26, 2016

I was bullied pretty badly in University. Skyler Curry of Chaminade University would try to make me feel inferior in every way she knew how. For example, she would throw stuff at me constantly, flick me in the head, punch me, call me ugly and stupid, mock me and of course – tell me she would...

Skyler Curry lives in Thousand Oaks, CA. Attends college at Chaminade University of Honolulu, HI / Skyler Curry is the worst roommate!

lindamichael1 on Dec 24, 2016

I lived in a house with the with Skyler Curry who attends college at Chaminade University of Honolulu, who owned it, my sister and another friend. Skyler the owner didn't have a job and asked us all to move in to help pay bills so her parents (that bought her the house) wouldn't...

Chaminade University of Honolulu, HI / Beware of skylar curry she has the dirtiest mouth!!

amandabrown123 on Dec 18, 2016

I attended chaminade university of honolulu with skylar curry who lives in thousand oaks, ca. Wwe both attended the same program at college. I always knew that she was a racist till the time I experienced it from her. I am from mexico and skylar along with her two other girl friends tried... / Horrible company!

Kaanny2626 on Dec 7, 2016

I have purchased a pair of sandals from and three weeks later they contacted me and said that my order was cancelled. I called customer service and their rep said that my order was no longer in stock so they cancelled my order. I asked about my money and they said they need...

Microsoft Corporation / internet scammers

I previously have been scammed by a company claiming to be a Microsoft Corporation virus eliminator. They claimed that they were a licensed contracted company that will eliminate and prevent the virus that my computer had contacted and that they were the only company that could once and for...

Gamiss / service

kaaukai on Nov 12, 2016

I spent over 4 days of picking the clothing I wanted to order. Then when I was ready to order absolutely everything was suddenly "OUT OF STOCK" Were they blocking me because I didn't order sooner? It's very strange! And that block applied to every product. Then I read some of the complaint...

Hilo Hattie / Special offer scam

00081Kit on Aug 12, 2016

I wanted to order myself a few shirts from Hilo Hattie. I really like the design and I thought that these will be useful on my vacation. I was just about to place my order and then my wife came in and said she also wanted something. Later she said that she didn't like anything but she...

Outrigger Waikiki Beach / Horrible Customer service for Military

TEAM1977 on Jul 7, 2016

Outrigger resorts gives the worst customer services. We made our reservations back in November based on my husbands deployment dates and when they would be pulling into port in July 2016. The manager, Keith, on the second day we were here continually harassed our family to tell us that we...