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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Valrico, Florida

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / the whole operation at this location.

Heath Pope on Mar 23, 2018
I live pretty much across the street from the steak n shake on 60 and miller in valrico fl. I come here maybe 3 times a week. Honestly only because they're the closest thing open late. For months I have come here time and time again. Just to be disappointed most of the time. Drive thru...

Dollar Tree / previous employee

Reneesearch on Nov 8, 2017
I was employed for dollar tree for about two years until october 22nd, 2017. I was offered a promotion by dm debbie, which was eventually changed to a sideways step. I informed dm debbie and my sm linda that I was going to have to find another job. I informed sm linda when I interviewed...

Anheuser-Busch Companies / pulling nfl sponsorship

Reyn004 on Sep 28, 2017
I am saddened to read that as a company, you will not support the first amemendment guaranteed right to free speech. In a country that was essentially founded on the protests of unfair treatment it is reprehensible to me that your companies will not support that right among American...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / the cheddar cheesy burger

Josiah Rivas on Sep 2, 2017
Recently, I have been to your establishments as I have been for several years of my life. But recently, I see that the Cheddar Cheesy burger has been removed from the menus. I was wondering if it was at all possible for your services to make the burger available so I can enjoy it again. I...

Wawa / management

Mel0224 on Jul 21, 2017
The past few times I have visited the wawa at SR 60 and St. Cloud in Valrico FL have been disturbing. There is prostitution going on inside and outside the facility. Management is aware and still always them to conduct business while in the store and in front of children. If there aren't...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / order

Rock45us123 on Jul 17, 2017
First I went to the Brandon Florida location on Highway 60 they did not have chocolate Frosty at that time. So I told them I was going to another location they said that was fine. I drove all the way to the Bloomingdale Florida location. Went to the drive-thru asked for a triple combo with...

Wawa / gas station

Tbartbb on Jul 8, 2017
So Yesterday I was at Wawa On US 301 On Bloomingdale and me and my friend walked in about to buy a charger. But We Werent at the counter yet and a lady a white lady says is there a officer here. my cousin tells me to go get his wallot i walk out and the officer comes out she is a women and...

Burger King / management and poor customer service

Marcathy on Jul 5, 2017
I have made several complaints regarding an incident in Valrico Florida and have not received any response. On June 20th at approx. 5:30 p.m. I was taking my father back to the nursing home when he said he really wanted a sandwich from Burger King so we stopped to get him a sandwich...

Veronika Cardoza / Fallen tree

Veronika Cardoza on Apr 23, 2017
A tree on your property dropped a big branch onto my yard. The branch above is still attached to the trunk as well but a wind gust will easily dislodge it. The fallen branch destroyed my banana plants completely. I am quite apprehensive about it. The tree limbs are too big for me to...

Steak 'n Shake / missing orders

MorganWorley on Mar 14, 2017
I pulled up to the window and they didnt even welcome me or anything. They told me my price and then told me i couldnt get a recipt because tbey just ran out of paper as i get all the way home i find that a quarter of my meal is missing and i cant go back because i have no recipt. I am not normally one to complain but i am very displeased with this visit.

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