Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Oakland Park, Florida, United States

Racetrac / gas price

Dec 06, 2018

While out and about today I visited the Station in Oakland Park. 2351 W Oakland Park Blvd. Very nice store. Clean and inviting and well staffed. Good visit. Purchased Gas @ 2.38 per gallon. I then went on to do some shopping across town. I was on Broward Blvd not far away in Zip code...

Dollar Tree / unethical behavior

Sep 18, 2018

On 9/13/18 at about 6:42 Pm I was in an extremely long line because there was only 1 register open. I could see that they were in the process of opening another register so I went to it. The dollar tree employee said to Me that the person in front of Me should go first. The person in front...

Ross store 0549 / unethical behavior

Jul 25, 2018

I bought a pants and something else (only 2 items) at store 0549, Tran: 2172, assoc: 673850, yesterday when I got home my pants was missing, I called the store [protected] and I talked to Stephany (manager), she said that the pants is still at store when I complain that I only bought 2 item...

Crunch Fitness / please contact me richard schmidt [protected]

Jun 23, 2018

   I am a customer there. I went on friday nighy 2 other crunch customers and i got into an arguement. Your manager Tim handle the situation very unproffesional he saw me yellin only and angry yes but he did not hear or see what they had done before he got over. He only listen to them and...

Shell / shell gas station

May 06, 2017

I was an employee at shell Gas Station in Oakland Park and the manager offered me $10 per hour and I was only getting 8.50 at the other shell I was working at and he told me to quit there and he would give me more then 40 hours and more pay. So I quit my other job without a 3 weeks notice...

We Will Transport It Corp. / Car Transportation

Apr 12, 2016

To make a long story short: we will transport it works with crooks. Paul & indra of mountain logistics inc (Their affiliate) stole my car keys which has created a breach in my security because they still have access to my vehicle. They are thieves! Brad is also extremely rude and will...

Shank Animal Hospital / dated and inaccurate reviews

Mar 18, 2015

I'm extremely disappointed more people don't share there positive experiences. Mary is my cat who I brought to Dr.Shank to be declawed. After she was out of recovery I was able to pick her up and bring her home, which made me happy because I wanted to be with her, the office had...

Sals Towing / They stopped to communicate and no idea what happened with my van

Feb 11, 2015

I went to the company Sals Towing, ‘coz my van was broken. I spoke with the rep, who told me that they could fix it really fast. I left my van and waited for the news, but they haven’t called me back and informed that the van was ready. They simply kept silence. I called and...

Medical Doctor's Office / performing treatment without clearance from insurance consent

Feb 04, 2015

My wife was told that she needed to have allergy tesing and that her health insurance would cover it. My wife agreed to the allergy testing after being misled by the doctor's office and now we are being harassed over a $350 charge for the allergy testing that was not covered by the...

FPL / 24hr light shut off

Oct 29, 2014

FPL employee knocks on my door, 1 year old toddler was crying by the time I open the door he already left. When I see someone walk towards the parking lot I asked him if he was knocking at my door. He said look on your door knob your light has been cut off. With the toddler in my hand...

Wheel Max / HD wheels

Jun 24, 2014

Sold a set of HD wheels spinout that was told would fit a 2008 Range Rover HSE. 20x8 wheels that DO NOT handle the GVRW. of the vehicle, also was sent twice the incorrect lug nuts(paying an additional 35.00) for 3 day shipping and still I have to get correct lug nuts to fit. Geo the...

Shock Warehouse / No delivery, empty promises

Mar 29, 2014

I bought some items and received the tracking number. After several days I checked it, and my order was in shock Warehouse. I waited three days, as it was mentioned on the website, but my order hasn’t been delivered. So I sent them a lot of emails and messages, and each time I heard...

Shell Service Station / consumer complaint in damage

Jul 23, 2012

I went to a Shell Gas Station in Oakland Park, FL to purchase a car wash. I went to the gas station attendant and paid $5.99 for the car wash. The negligence and damage was when the car wash attendant improperly disembled my antenna from its base. He unscrewed this in his wrongful twisting...

Driver's Choice / Vehicle Complaint


On October 25, 2010 I purchased a 2006 Chrysler Sebring VIN # 1C3EL55R66N259111 from the salesman Ed at Driver's Choice. My total deposit for the vehicle was $2, 785 with a $1000 deposit that I paid cash on 10/25 (I could take the vehicle home) and on 10/27 would pay the balance of...

Hollywood Starz / Fraud


Owner is NOT a licensed Agency. Charges people for a weekly workshop and claims to 'cast' them into one of his 'productions' Does not have any productions...does not have a production company. Does not produce films, commercials, infomercials or anything else but lie...

Hollywood Starz / Takes money-promise of Production of commercials, infomercials...Production Company does not exist!


Owner-Ron Dener Cons people with a promise of if they give him money he will put them in one of his 'many productions'. He does not have a production company. He does not produce films, commercials, infomercials or anything else! It is all lies. He takes your money and gives you a...

1st Guaranty Mortgage / scam company disappeared, no answers by phone or email


I was contacted by this company after looking up risk financing on google so that I could purchase a house. I have spoke with Phil Guiberson weekly since the end of December and he promised me I would be in a home by February at the latest. I found a home and he has even spoke with the...

Rodney's Relocation Service / Lost/Stolen Item


I moved with Rodney's, an approximately 45 mile move. During the move, the mount for my flat-screen television "disappeared". I asked about it before they left my new home and they kept saying that it was "around somewhere". I moved only a studio sized unit. After searching and...

Advanced Pool Heating Inc. / Took my government rebate


We had Advanced Pool Heating/Florida Solar intall a Solar pool heater and Solar water heater. This cost around $7000 but we were due a Florida rebate of $600 and a federal rebate of $2500. But they took the florida rebate from us by applying for it before we did.

Florida Power & Light / deposit of $500 required


I strongly agree with all of the complaints on this site. I have been an FPL customer for 20 years. I have been late a few times, but never have I been shut off. Yesterday I received a bill from FPL for a deposit for almost $500 because of two late payments in the past I believe six...

Car Plaza / False repo,poor service


i Bought a 2001 gti 1.8 from Carplaza in Early august and it work jsut fine took it out for a test drive everything was good i took it off the lot saturday. it worked till tuesday. it sarted bogging out and it would stick in first gear Continuosly!!!. I called carplaza to see if they... / Dissatisfying experience

I ordered from this retailer's website three weeks ago and have not received my entire order. They have not communicated that there would be a delay and they rarely answer their phones. When I have been fortunate enough to reach them they appear disorganized and do not follow up with...

Ross / Customer Service (???)


I cannot believe what I had to experience at Ross in Oakland Park, FL today, July 26 2008, around 10:50am, where I wanted to return two shirts. I stood in line of the second cash register (ELAINE's), as nobody else stood in line there yet. Then the girl next to her, ANDREA, told me I...

Bikeparts USA / Shoddy internet business

I have placed two orders with this firm and both turned into nightmares. The first order was shipped by US mail AGAINST my instructions, and was lost. I had to wait eight WEEKS to get a refund, then had to write letters and e-mails and threaten to get it. The second order (I don't...

Shank Animal Hospital / torture and scam artist!


I never complain... But this was too much. First of all I have been to shank animal hospital before and I remember that I thought to myself never to go there again. I needed an appointment for my dog but didn't have much time and shank had an opening (I know why now). I went there for hi...