Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Costway / steam mop

Jan 11, 2019

I received my steam mop and set it up. However, the white pad keeps coming off. There is a triangular piece of plastic that I tried to put on, but that only makes a scratching sound across the floor. The instructions aren't clear enough. How do you get that pad to stay on? The unit wa...

Wish Trend / Wish Company / order#5b995c6oe4b210115169cd7a2

Oct 26, 2018

date of delivery was Sept 12 and here it is in October 26 and I still have not receive my item I have contacted customer services on numerous times and yet I have not heard nothing from Wish this exactly why I don't like to order stuff from wish so there for I am no longer interested in...

Dollar Tree / manager

Sep 25, 2018

Hello hopefully this reaches Corp office. The manager who runs the store she's an older black woman named Lucy. I come in the store mostly every other day. The way she speaks to her employees in front of customers is highly unprofessional . She told lordess she was stupid for not moving...

Panera Bread / unprofessional response to a request to pay an invoice-requesting the invoice for processing

Sep 7, 2018

Below is a response received today, 9/7/18 when requesting an invoice to be provided so I could forward to our accounting team for processing: Attached is the invoice you requested. The company's invoices are emailed to isabela. [protected] by the end of day, the first business day after...

Nike / lost a loyal customer

Sep 4, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, I have been a loyal customer for many years, I have Nike sneakers, watch, and sportswear. I will no longer buy any Nike products because of your Kaepernick advertisement campaign. Sports is where we're all equal, and should unite people rather than cause division...

Burger King / order

Sep 2, 2018

I went to Burger King on two different occasions, both times I was given the wrong order after spending over $22 bucks or more for the new jalapeno burgers. The first time I went and lett it slide because I didn't feel like driving, I took a financial lost and was given chicken instead...

Burger King / bad service/rude

Sep 1, 2018

The service in Burger King was awful. One of the employers misunderstood my order, and when asked if they could change it, they promptly ripped it out of my hand and threw it away. They began yelling and repeatedly getting mad over their own mistake. They reluctantly fixed my order, but...

Optimum Cable Company / cable

Aug 26, 2018

I have been with optimum since the middle of april and since then I have about 2-4 techs a month that have to continue coming out to replace these boxes! I sit on the phone with customer service for hours and hours at at time and nothing gets resolved I just here the infamous mam we have...

Optimum / malfunction

Aug 19, 2018

I ordered Altice One, that person who took the order on the phone explained to me that I was going to get three cable boxes plus internet and house phone service for a certain monthly pay, around $150. So when the technician came this morning around 8, he told me that the order was placed...

Optimum / unethical behavior

Aug 9, 2018

Customer # [protected] i have been a customer for a few years now ! i recently received a new statement and again prices are up i can no longer afford these services at this inflated prices! i change over to frontier communications on 8-7-2018 and returned all equipment to optimum...

Domino's Pizza / delivery man

Jun 27, 2018

When I ordered through the mobile app i accidentally put the wrong phone number down so I called the store and the person who answered said no problem its fixed! The issue wasn't that, the issue was the delivery driver who paid no mind to the note or whatever was given to him about the...

Optimum / customer service

Jun 6, 2018

I called optimum to ask upon what services is it that they decided to charge a service call fee. First the automated system after I selected that I had a billing question the automated person proceeded to say their recorded message and then ended the call when that's not what I needed to...

Dollar Tree / lucky charm cereal

May 24, 2018

I'm complaining about the staff and manager at a dollar tree on north ave and park ave in Bridgeport conn. they had the lucky charm cereal that's for sale to the customers. but the customers weren't able to buy because the staff had the boxes under their register and they were buying or...

Mirror Essentials / ultra-thin high waist shaping panty

May 16, 2018

I ordered 3 (by accident) of these underw to help after my pregnancy These are total rip off they are extremely tight on the leg part They do not keep things in place And they roll down 😤😤😤 I find it funny that before these undies arriving at my house I would see adds everywhere and...

Cinnabon / unethical behavior for nurses week

May 10, 2018

On May 09, 2018 I went to Cinnabon located in Westfield Trumbull Mall Trumbull CT because I saw they were giving a free cinnabon to nurses for nurses week. I showed the worker my license and she tells me "Oh my boss says it's only for RN's". I am a Licensed practical Nurse and I felt...

Greyhound Lines / non caring bus driver on bus 86011

Apr 23, 2018

I was in Bridgeport waiting for the 2 o'clock bus to new haven the bus was so late it didn't arrive to Bridgeport until 3:30 knowing that he is late (driver) you would think he would quickly board the bus and continue the journey. He didn't he walked around and pretending to act as if he...

Citibank / business account.

Feb 12, 2018

Hi, I have Citi Business account for over an year now, I have online tech support business and I receive Money via different merchants account. I had no problem or complaints till last month, when my account went overdrawn, My account was blocked right away and Citi also blocked my personal...

Caribbean Airlines / cancelled flight, spoiled goods and loss of wage, bad customer service

Jan 19, 2018

George Anthony Boland 90 Hale Terrace Bridgeport, CT 006610 January 13, 2018 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Over the years my family and I have been traveling with Caribbean Airlines, but never in my life have experience this horrible service before while traveling. My round trip on January 6...

Chipotle Mexican Grill / ordered online

Nov 2, 2017

Very disappointed with the quality of food I purchased at one of your location in Bridgeport, CT. I ordered a veggie bowl and the veggies were missing. I called the restaurant to inform them and was told "even though you ordered veggies it just mean you didn't want any meat in your bowl"...

Dairy Queen / vanilla soft serve

Aug 25, 2017

Every Friday in the summer my boyfriend, little cousin and I grab a cone. Well we did today at the Bridgeport Ct Dairy Queen on Huntington Turnpike. My boyfriend got his cone first and said hey this jas no taste just frozen milk. I told the guy at the counter, he tasted it and said no thi...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / rude treatment of customer by manager

Jul 21, 2017

I am writting to complain about the verbal abuse by your local area manager. The incident occured today 7/21/2017 at 3:11pm The incident occured when the cashier said my daughter had to show I.D. for a debit card purchase over $15 dollars (I allowed my daughter to use my card) and then the...

Platinum Millennium / recurring charges going back to 2016

Apr 15, 2017

I sent for the free material & decided it was meh. apparently in the small print was the opt out button, otherwise you get rebilled monthly. I belive that these are sneaky & deceitful business practices. I did NOT OPT-IN! I did not sign away access to my card for purchases in pepartuity! These...

KIA Motors Finance / worst customer service ever

Feb 18, 2017

Inconsistent information given every single time I call customer service. Car is paid off and I want my title but they are making it impossible. I've called 10 times now and every representative says something different about the route I need to take to get it. It's been a month now and...

Public Storage / no notice of auction

Nov 14, 2016

I wasn't told until last Friday that my unit is going to auction tomorrow. When I spoke with property manager 2 weeks ago she never mentioned it! I'm in recovery from alcohol and I'm currently volunteering as an Addiction Recovery Coach in Bridgeport, CT. I moved my stuff into a unit at...

United Parcel Service [UPS] / adjustment charges for shipments made to correct address

Nov 14, 2016

on 10/19/16 we shipped NDA to our customer in Carnegie PA. We have been shipping to said customer since 1965. The UPS invoice arrived with an adjustment charge stating that the carton was re-directed to their main offices and not delivered to their warehouse. i called and found out that...

Shell Gas Staion / unethical behavior and profanity from the "manager"

May 4, 2016

Location : Shell Gas Station, 1917 Boston Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06610 Date: Saturday, 04/30/2016 Time: 04:39 PM Complaint against a male who identified himself as the manager. Description: White Caucasian, tan complexion, late 30's to early 40's. Heavy long beard. He was at the cash register...

Elizabeth Anne Shoes / Order was placed in February and still nothing!

Mar 24, 2016

I have purchased some shoes from ElizabethAnneShoes in early February and never received anything. When I demanded my money back they refused and stopped replying to my messages. When I called they said my order was on its way. When I called for the second time I heard only excuses. But...

Mongo Card / Scammed and taking legal action


I need help on this... I want my membership fee To be given back. The vz company which called To direct my loan signed me up without my signature or consent to a 99.95 dollar charge on my bank account... I needed money for medicines and to complete the rent and was lookin for a Loan... In turn...

Liberty Discount Club / Debited my account without permission


This Liberty Discount Club drafted $49.98 from my checking account by Using information from an online application I used to apply For a pay day loan. It is very Inappropriate to have other companies Tied into where u agree to the loan terms etc, then Low and behold, I go into my checking...

InterFACE / Scammm...


Okay, well, my aunt's nephew worked at a place called InterFACE. I went there and you know met the manager. She made us pay a down payment of $800.00. as a "one-time-payment " Then she scheduled a photo-shoot. But, I noticed she had a humongous rock on her ring. I was like "Wow..." in...




Zumba Order / never recieved products


Ordered the cds and magazine-everything. My card was billed, i got an email saying products were sent and I STILL havent recieved them. Sent them THREE emails and NO ONE has gotten back to me. My card was already billed fifteen days ago! Im very upset, because they are quick to get your...

Kinship Academy / Thieves!


How in God's name did these con artists become a non-profit again? has the world forgotten about embezzlements and corruption brought against the owners??? Where is the Attorney General of all of this!!! I will be making calls! Rest assured cons

Plus Checking Account / Excessive charges / No Integrity on customer accounts


Peoples Bank charges a standard $8.00 monthly maintenance fee. For using their issued MASTER MONEY debit card an additional $1.00 montly fee. For using a NON-PEOPLES ATM, $2.50 per withdrawal (in addition to surcharges from ATM). All of these fees are taken out in a 7 day "window" from...

Rbs Bank / Kroger 1 2 3 Card / CHARGES


We have a credit card with this company under the Kroger 1 2 3 program. After they added the interest last month it pushed the amount over by 79 cents. They added a service fee of $39. We wrote a letter to them to tell them how tacky they were. They called us and said they would remove the...

Ocwen / they don't give a damn about their customers


My husband had a loan through People's Choice Home Loans, who subsequently sold it to Ocwen. About 2 years ago we were solicited by a 3rd party debt counseler, someone who called himself Professional Credit and Forefront Financial Services, located in West Hartford and Cromwell...

Amtrak / broken ticket scanner


I purchased a ticket for my son at amtrak on line services. They printed me out a reservation no. and a code bar to scan at the amtrak machine in bridgeport, ct. when my son arrived at the station he proceeded to scan the reservation conformation . The machine was broken and would not print...

Murphy's Law (Bar) / criminal activity/unreported workers


Murphy's Law is a bar in Bridgeport, CT and is owned and frequented by lawyers and others in the "justice" field. However, Murphy's Law is allowing a non-custodial parent, who owes arrears in child support to work there under the table. When Murphy's Law was contacted by...

Connecticut Department of Labor / mail put in wrong mailbox


I have been waiting for a response from the Connecticut Department of Labor for many weeks now. Finally I open my mailbox which is attached to the unit where I live and needs a key to open to get the mail. I finally received the letter with the envelope wripped open which of course someone had...

Bendaroos / Never got product after 6 months


I placed the order on 1/1/2009 & I have called them several times. Originally I was charged for more than 1 set. I only ordered 1 but I was billed for 3. I was told that they would credit the extra one back & should receive package within a few days. Since then I have called and spoken...