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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Denver, Colorado | Page 6

Dollar Tree / ordering online

Carly Elizabeth on Aug 24, 2018

This business is the worst. They never follow through on what they say they are doing. They are rude and unapologetic when they screw up and you call them out on something. They have no communication and something you ordered from them can take up to 2 months to receive because of there...

Microsoft Corporation / outlook tech support

Diana Paty on Aug 24, 2018

I had the unformate experience of dealing with one of your chat support techs. Name was Garmini or something like that. Not only did he keep me on the chat for over an hour trying to fix the issue (not getting all of my emails), but when he sign off I realized he had deleted my...

Empire Today / refusing refund and removal

GretchenF on Aug 23, 2018

Zero knowledge of their products. After 4 times of coming to my home I still don't have the correct wood flooring! I wanted to order wood flooring for the one carpeted room in my house. First time they came out, they started to put down a laminate flooring and the installer was wise enough to...

Store employee behavior / store experince

Katolliver on Aug 22, 2018

This is the tenith time I adressed the issues with the store employees quincy was outside with another guy he new and they were makeing I thought I heard is that her quincy seenemd to be upset still still about the compliants I put in against him for the last 6 months I'm sure if he was on...

Home Depot / online order

Kiss my butt on Aug 22, 2018

On tue August 21 2018 around 11pm MST I tried to place a order with your [censored] employees first I could not hear them and the [censored] told call back increase the volume on the phone there was nothing wrong with the phone but the male [censored] employees need to turn up his mike, called back and...

Burger King / service/availability

Tabbijean on Aug 21, 2018

After several months and I'm sure thousands of dollars to renovate this location, I had high hopes for it. Unfortunately they have already upset and frustrated several customers. The play room is never open always has a closed for cleaning sign on it no matter what time of day. Employees are...

7-Eleven / overcharging deeside posted prices

15th and court on Aug 13, 2018

The posted price is not what is being charged at the register. The posted pricing is les than that is being charged . when this is pointed out the answer is we don't have the correct pricing label but the price that you are being charged is right despite is not being posted...

ibotta / account deactivated

JABailey on Aug 7, 2018

Deactivated account and kept my money. Said the receipt was scanned twice. Also a receipt was too old. I know I did not scan a receipt twice. I didn't scan an old receipt. If it was it should have never gotten a reward. There are a lot of people that have been done this way. You can see...

CenturyLink / lack of honesty

Ex Nihilo on Aug 6, 2018

CenturyLost, You are untrustworthy. I have paid for 10 years for your service. The ONLY reason you still have my business is because where I live there are no other options. In street vernacular... You are the only hooker in town... and man are you tired looking... Your entire ridiculou...

7-Eleven / customer service

Laura2232 on Aug 5, 2018

This is not a complaint but exactly the opposite. I would like to recognize a special employee by the name of veronica she works at 3 different stores 35617, 26574, 13195. I believe she recently got promoted all tho her position has never went to her head she even had to correct me one...