Consumer Complaints & Reviews in San Ysidro, California, United States

Vons Pharmacy; San Ysidro CA on Dennery Road / pharmacy

Oct 22, 2018

Discovered on the Good website that the Von's Pharmacy on Dennery Rd in San Ysidro, CA had the best price on a medication I required. Went there (Friday morning) and was greeted well, and submitted my prescription to the counter. After check-in, I was told "about 20-minutes"

Jack In The Box / security guard

Oct 22, 2018

I went in the restroom to go #2, and after 3 min of doing so, the security guard rudely and loudly proclaimed that I had to vacate the restroom because there was a line of people in the lobby. When I get out there no one is around(because he lied), have me more of an attitude when I told...

Maytag / stay away from model mhw8100dc

Sep 26, 2018

Yesterday I was using my washer (small load of clothes), I was with my baby in the laundry room when suddenly there was a horrible noise and the door of the washer opened, he hit my back, something fatal could have happened. I do not know how it happened but a piece of concrete was inside...

Ross / employment

Nov 22, 2017

I was called for an interview when I arrived the manager erica told me that I needed a back ground check done and I would recieve an email with my policy info and my w2 and as soon as I recieved it to call her for my schedule well when I returned her phone call the next week later I wa...

Kraft Foods / cheese american singles package no. [protected]

Aug 18, 2017

This evening (Aug. 18/17) I prepared a grilled cheese sandwich for our 6 year old grandson. He said he did not want it because it had "chile", ie. "Hot". We explained it was not possible; after insisting it had "chile", I had a bite of the sandwich, and, TO MY SURPRISE, IT WAS "HOT", it had...

New York & Company / my daughter's purse was stolen from the store.

Jul 22, 2016

I was in your store 4211 Camino de la plaza San Diego, CA 92173 July 20th 2016 around 5pm pst, my 11 year old daughter's Coach bag which contained her iPhone and coach wallet along with her bank card and a few dollars was stollen from this store. I inquired about a security camera and wa...

Travelodge / customer service

Oct 27, 2012

Terrible Discriminating Place This was the worst experience of my life. When attempting to check into this location I was meet with hate, extreme rudeness and absolute disrespect. The man attempting to check me in was extremely disrespectful and falsely accused me of not being who I was. He...

Public call box debit card call / Extortionate telephone charges


I am absolutely disgusted and it appears I am not the only one. I made a debit card call in Victoria station in London England to my sister who I need to contact urgently and have just seen that the call cost me £10. I was so disgusted that I called the company for a breakdown and...

Better Bodies Motorsports Designs, LLC / Fraud


On January 3rd 2010, I have purchased a TK body kit and Aero Bolt-on wing for my 996 Porsche; for 3, 561.62 USD including international shipping and insurance. I have experiences these issues with the seller: 1) The seller advised me that I will be receiving the purchased parts within 3-6...

International Satellite Communication / overcharge-outrageous price


The company address is Suite 1770, 511 E San Ysidro, Blvd., San Ysidro, CA, 92173. Complaint lodger Diana wanted this. On May 15 I used my Visa card to call the hotel in Madrid, Spain, for directions to their shuttle service. It was about 6 blocks away; the call lasted about 1 minute...

F And S Towing And Storage / Jack In The Box / illegal towing


I had made plans to meet someone at Jack in the Box for dinner, after parking, I when inside the Jack in the Box and I did not see my party and so I when outside the Jack in the box and walked down the street about 20 yards and saw the person I was looking for and both of us then when back...



I was last week in Rome, and got a make some calls to Panama, my country of residence. I only get one call and they charge me 3!!! And extremely expensive... I want my money back!!

International Satellite Communications / Unauthorized Charges


I was travelling and needed to call my daughter to say good night each night, but didn't want the calls on my hotel bill as I was traveling for work. The hotel posted long distance charges in the in room directory, but the phone showed an option to place the call using your credit...

Bbg Communications / International Satellite Com. / ripped off / scam international phone call


While I was in London on May 12 I made an international phone call using a phone that was in my hostel. The first phone call lasted less than 30 seconds because I dialed the incorrect number and hung up. The second phone call was about 10 minutes. When I returned to the states I checked my...

BBG Communications / Credit card phone charges


We were recently caught out by a missed flight in Stockholm and had to call to Australia and USA to resolve the flight problems. We didnt have any local currency to call with and the only option was to use the Credit card, the other option on the phone in the airport. (No indication as to...

Blankets Supply / Don't do business with them

I ordered 5 blankets. The website stated that it would be 7-14 day for delivery. After they had not arrived in 18 days I was told that they would be sent out at the end of the week. Still they were not sent. When I filed a complaint with pay pal the items were FINALLY sent 24 days after...