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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Norwalk, California

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] Norwalk CT / kfc quality of food.

[email protected] on Jan 6, 2019

Went to KFC last night for the first time in months and was very disappointed. It was so greasy I had to wipe my hands each time I picked it up. Very unappetizing and left me with an upset stomach all night. Aside from that, the attendant at the window was not very friendly and I wasn't...

Walgreen's / staff

T Leatherbarrow on Dec 18, 2018

On Mon. Dec. 10 I was in line at a Norwalk, CT Walgreen's, a place where I've had overwhelmingly positive experiences. When I got to the cashier, she sneezed practically in my face!!! No apology, either!! So disgusting!! I spoke up in a sharp tone, telling her how I felt about what she... / poor customer service

Denise Mendez on Dec 7, 2018

You would think that being a brand as big a fashion nova is they would have their things together but nope. I wrote a complaint a year ago and unfortunately this updated complaint is no better. It is still nearly impossible to reach a customer service rep because your call is routed to a...

Colossal Sites By Gage Castillo / website for my business

Jeanine Vaughan on Sep 18, 2018

I paid Gage Castillo to build and manage my swimwear store website. Gage continues to not meet deadlines, always using his family as an excuse. Finally Gage completely and intentionally took down my site and refuse to respond to text or emails. Gage completely destroyed 5 years of...

Greystar Real Estate Partners / neon sign

Elizabeth Zicari on Sep 17, 2018

I reside in 625 at The Berkeley, 500 West Ave., Norwalk Ct. The apt. faces the Waypointe, another Greystar property directly across street. This week a huge neon sign was affixed to the Waypointe building, casting its bright neon light directly into my living space and bedroom. Was there no...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / baconator burger and fries and apple pecan chicken salad

FranciscoM on Sep 7, 2018

I visited my local Wendy's today and bought a baconator meal large & a apple pecan chicken salad when I got home which is not even 10 min away from the restaurant and opened my bag of food I realized that the fries were extremely cold and the burger meat was hard and not fresh at my wife...

First American Home Warranty / First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation / service not provided and gross amount of $taken from me

sharon ljungqvist on Aug 17, 2018

from july 2017 to july 2018 you took out of my account, without my concent ( I cancelled 7.13.17, , did not renew 6.13.2017 37.99 6.19.2017 37.99 6.29.2017 40.99 8.16.2017 40.99 10, 5.2017 40.99 10.16.17 40.99 11.16.17 40.99 12.28.17 40.99 1.3.2018 150.00 1.[protected].01 3.1.2018...

Ralphs Grocery Company / empty store

Ingrid Dimas on Jul 12, 2018

A ralphs store was closed down years ago, in Norwalk, CA. It has come to be known that you, Ralph's owns that piece of property and will not allow any other grocer to occupy this vacant property, as to not cause "competition" to your sister company Food 4 Less. This is not only greedy and...

Ralphs Grocery Company / greed

Di Ann k on Jul 12, 2018

Norwalk California has an empty Ralph's store on Rosecrans ave that has been like this for a few years now. My understanding from city officials is that your corporation will not allow another grocery store to buy the building because they don't want competition for their Food 4 Less in...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / harassment by private security officer

henry ruffjr on Apr 25, 2018

at around 5 pm, 4/23/18, monday. as i was leaving parking lot of Norwalk/calif-costco, a black/female security guard stands by my window, calling out to me. i opened door, asking why? she asks me, are you an employee? i ask why? then she asks are you a customer? did you buy something? i...