Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Washington, Arkansas, United States

Skyscanner / sky tours

Jan 17, 2019

We booked flights for 3 people through sky scanner using an agency called sky tours. We have since decided that we need to either change the flights or cancel them entirely. We have been very unhappy with the service provided by sky tours. It it almost impossible to get through to them...

Ledger Capital Group / poor

Jan 08, 2019

I have to state one thing that's obvious to everyone: a website is always a presentation of a company. There's no other way. Ledger Capital website is a good example of "how to show people you didn't try enough". The website design leaves much to be desired. Poor...

Sams Club / delivery service

Oct 31, 2018

On October 8th 2018 I purchased the Serta Kerrington Cushion Firm Pillowtop Queen Mattress Set item #[protected] from Sams Club in Waldorf Maryland. The items was delivered on October 30th, 2018. Delivery company brought the item in my home and just left it in my living floor. The mattre...

Big Fish Games / rigged gambling site

Oct 28, 2018

BIg fosh casino games are rigged to pay high payers that pay thousands of real dollars huge wins and make people pay more and more and get nothing back. They turn off wins if you dare to complain and isolate you in empty scatter rooms so you have no options but to purchase their chip...

Big Fish Games / jackpot magic slots

Sep 27, 2018

This game is absolutely ripping people off, people spend hundreds and hundreds of real money for fake chips you can't do anything win only for them to be taken back in a every short period of time. They offer you absolutely nothing for your money you don't even get any gameplay for your...

Roomster / subscription and payment

Sep 20, 2018

I was looking for rooms so I signed up for for Roomster. I was granted a five day free trial which ended on the 15th of Sept. I was intending to cancel my subscription because the service during the trial process was terrible. Most of the email messages were removed when I went to read...

All About My Hair / my roots

Sep 15, 2018

Went in on Friday September 14th to the JC Penny in Washington Mo and wanted to get red and blonde highlights when I got home and was fixing it my roots are still showing for $105 and a $20 tip I am not a satisfied customer this is the first time I have had any problems with my hair. I...

Super 8 Worldwide / room cleanliness

Aug 20, 2018

We arrived to the Super 8 in Bellingham and checked in for our 4 night stay. Upon entering the room the carpet was filthy, but I understand that guests can be hard on rooms, and so long as it is vacuumed I can overlook that. I start to unpack into the room and notice a USED condom near the...

Chipotle Mexican Grill / food

Aug 16, 2018

The picture below is enough to Express how I fill about the service. You need to put more adults in the store. Young people don't want to work. When you ask for a manager the first thing out there mouths is they not here. I paid close to $30.00 for three bowls and I get this. My name i...

The Salvation Army USA / furniture donation

Jul 28, 2018

I went on Salvation Army Website. Submitted the request to donate furniture items. Dresser drawer, and chest an two night stands. While on the website I read everything what they can an can not accept. I Even spoke to a live person to confirm my request was received on their end, an it...

Pizza Hut / service and poor product quality

Jul 21, 2018

Last night july 20, 2018. My husband and I ordered pizza hut for delivery at the washington indiana store like we do every weekend. We ordered via online so we could use some of our my-rewards points along with the rest of our order. When it was 7:30pm there was a male delivery driver who...

Tim Hortons / service awful

Jul 19, 2018

The store on racetrack road is awful . coffee is always cold and they are always out of things such as steak and little donuts . manager is rude and seems to be very lazy. I have actually seen the manager leaning over the counter on his phone while a customer stood there. I think new...

Safeway / store cleanliness

Jul 15, 2018

The complaint is about the 322 40th St NE Washington, DC 20019 store. The cleanliness of the store and the freshness of the fruits and vegetables is way below standard. I moved to NE DC from Alexandria, where I frequented the Safeway at 3526 King St, Alexandria, VA 22302. The Alexandria...

Chipotle Mexican Grill / unethical behavior

Jul 11, 2018

My son went to Chipotle to get something for me to eat, because I'm under the weather. Upon his return i noticed that the Bowl was half full, the lettuce were old, and my chicken was burnt. I asked my son what happened(because he seemed very distraught) and he said that they would not give...

Gold's Gym / van ness dc gym health issue

Jul 09, 2018

My husband & I were @ gym 6-630am today. None of the paper towel dispensers on the entire 1st floor were operational. We reported to manager. He said it would fixed today. One of the dispensers has been out of order for over 1 month. This is health issue & I will report to DC health if not...

Burger King / employee

May 24, 2018

I was an employee at burger king in Washington PA on Jefferson Ave. I was new so the manager told me how to do everything right! So I did but when I was doing my job. The other employee tell me what to do? (I know how to do it by now on). So I told the manager she talked to him but...

Safeway / security (or lack of) at safeway in dupont circle area washington dc

May 07, 2018

Safeway please be advised that your store at 17th and Corcoran Streets NW Washington DC 2009 zip code has a band of kids ( teenagers) brazenly walking the aisles and shoplifting openly big items. There is no way the employees of the store want to stop these kids as they are concerned for...

Rainbow Shops / poor customer service

Mar 17, 2018

While visiting your Rainbow store located at 2853 Alabama Ave SE, Washington, DC 20020 (near Safeway) . My first visit I walked in and was politely greeted at the door. However, when I went to make my purchase the female cashier was on her mobile device which was on speaker phone. All while... / discount & promotion scam

Jan 08, 2018

"Order #:[protected] Hi *****, Thank you for contacting us at Unfortunately your order was flagged for possible fraud and therefore we are unable to ship it. I apologize for the inconvenience. Your payment was fully refunded and no shipments will be sent out. Best...

IMF International Monetary Fund / imf employees

Dec 22, 2017

please help I have been contacted on 4th of dec threw facebook messenger from a Mr. Joshuaneal Nealcash, a Mr Billy Durwood Mcnally and mr Michael k Ivery, regarding my ip address was picked out in aballot lottery funding and joshuaneal claims I have won an amount of cash, Payments have...

Taco Bell / taco salad

Nov 11, 2017

I bought Taco salad in drive thru today, the Taco was very worst and it was a rotten item...I am not sure how they are serving this kind of rotten food items to people...don't they have a courtesy to think about people health... I called them I raised this complaint but no proper response...

Mindy Krejci / witch/sorceress complaint against mindy krejci aka melinda p krejci

Oct 05, 2017

This lady called our company accusing us of owing her money, in which she never paid. She begin sending us 1000 text messages on our corporate phones, calling our company, sending endless voice mails, she begin contacting 5 different states of the attorney general offices, the bbb, she...

Meijer / pharmacy

Sep 27, 2017

I reieved a call that my husbands perscription were ready for pick up, I went to the store to pick up the perscriptions and was notified that only 1 was ready and that they were not able to fill the other one - reason was that they had a question about the instructions from the doctor. I...

Safeway / salmon

Sep 16, 2017

Hello, I purchased salmon from the Safeway located on 397 40th street NE! Washington, D.C. 20019 last week! This Safeway is my usual grocery due to the numerous complaints I've heard; it's very close to my place so it's very convienent for me! I decided to make the salmon today 9/16 and it...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / employee was being disrespectful to me and my family on august 5, 2017

Aug 19, 2017

We encountered an incident with the checkout clerk by the name of Reginald at Costco Warehouse on South Dakota Avenue Northeast Washington, D.C. And he said he was checking personal bags at random, he exchanged words with us and was very disrespectful and told us we didn't have to shop at...

Department of defense / terrorist/fraud/money laundering/criminal offence

Jun 27, 2017

Sir, please take this mail as top priority.I work in defense ministry.The id is:sume.[protected] by this yahoo id opened a fake fb accout name riyana sayed where he add and manipulate people for money/fruad and terrorism in many countries.So my humble request is to close that...

Meijer / alcohol service

Jun 24, 2017

This is the fourth time I have been denied the sale of alcohol. I work at the bdubs in the same parking lot so I often walk in late. Of the four encounters attempting to buy alcohol, I had one drink, once, prior to entering the store. My brother and several friends have encountered the...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / employees

Jun 14, 2017

I was in your Washington DC location (store 1120) today 06/14/2017 and my experience didn't go so well towards the end of my trip. Let's start with the cashier (Anthony) he was GREAT very nice made small talk with me and joked! But before I got to him I saw a big puddle or water or...

Coca Cola / coca-cola ordering product for my store

May 22, 2017

Hi I am Chelsea Smith a store manager of a CVS I'm dc store number 1354 . Address 2601 Connecticut ave nw washington dc. I have been having horrible issues with getting coca cola products in my store. Usually we get deliveries 3 times now we are getting one a week if that. I have actually...

LabCorp / horrible service at 1145 19th st washington dc

Apr 11, 2017

This place is horrible! The women you have hired here have the worst bedside manner. All they want to do is collect a paycheck. They were mean, rude! Called me in then made me wait for another 20+ minutes and there were only three other people in the waiting room and I had an... / after paying for a full six month membership they refuse to honor their six month guarantee

Apr 10, 2017

After paying full price for a 6 month membership in good faith that if needed I would be able to renew at no cost, per the written guarantee, they say that my renewal does not qualify for reasons that were never disclosed to me. My membership was active, I was making sure to comply with...

Exxonmobil / gas attendant

Feb 16, 2017

I go to this Exxon station all the time. My gas came to $25. I gave him $40. I had no other bills. He yelled at me to look for smaller bills and I should have gone to the bank to get them. I was livid. Of course he spoke little English. He was rude and abrasive. I will NEVER go back to...

CVS Pharmacy / services in general

Feb 15, 2017

This CVS on Bladensburg Rd in Washington DC for years has been bad. When I say the CVS I mean the Pharmacy. Everytime you go in their the line is very long also, there is one cashier. Your spending 30 to 40 mins in the line. The drop off line is long because the person at the desk has no...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / costco online

Jan 31, 2017

Over the course of two days I attempted to place an order via Costco online. Day one was spent with repetitive "server timeouts" from their end. Day two was spent in trying to set up a seemingly simple business account - note that we have been Costco members for 21 years now. First, their...

Expedia / cancelled trip due to illness and they won't refund my money

Jun 05, 2016

I have turned this company into the BBB and did not receive a response. I had a vacation planned for Arizona and purchased the traveler's insurance. I asked for a refund from Expedia and they will not refund my money. The airlines did, the car rental did but Expdia stated that they can not...

Vitelity / Calls impersonating Google Services

Apr 08, 2016

They are impersonating Google services. They are calling businesses saying their Google account is not up to date, press 1 to update your account, 2 if you want to leave your account on risk for bad reviews and other potential harms to your company. When they answered I asked are you calling from Google? they end the phone call.

Microsoft Corporation / unauthorized credit card charges

Dec 22, 2015

The dates and the charges are as follows: 09/11/15 $21.44, 10/06/15 $20.37, 11/10/15 $4.28, 12/08/15 $6.42, 12/14/15 $16.08, 12/20/15$5.35 $1.06 $2.13 $3.21, 12/21/15 $4.28 charge pending. These are the dates and amounts that are on my Visa credit card without my authorization. I ask that...

Safecart / I don't know what this charge is

Nov 03, 2015

I just looked at my account and found that Safe Cart Charged me $2.95 in August. Then a couple days later they charged me $19.95 and a month later another $19.95. I have had to cancel my card attached to my checking account and now I will have to wait to get my other card so that I will be...

PNC Bank / business banking

Oct 30, 2015

October 2015. I was so excited my small business account was about to be paid off. I received a coupon in the mail stating that my last payment would be electronically deducted from my account. It really was a payment a and a half of the last one. Here is what transpired: The coupon wa...

publishers clearing house / pch is reneging to pay on a win.

Oct 07, 2015

I had a win of $500 in one of the PCH games. Luckily I took a picture of the winning announcement and sent it to PCH. This is not a large win by any means, so I do not understand why they are reneging to pay out???? Below is copy/paste of their response to my inquiry about the winning...