Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Whittier, Alaska, United States

Days Inn / reservation

Oct 22, 2018

Hi my name is Tasha. I tried to obtain a number for the complaint hotline however I did get the reservation hotline and the woman that I was spoke with, no I did not get her name and was very very rude and did not enjoy the service I got, the woman continue to bark asking what exactly I...

Burger King / my whole experience

Oct 13, 2018

I had to repeat my order 4 times and was rushed thru the drive thru then never given any sauces or napkins and my order still wasnt right i also walked inside and was totally ignored so i was so made i had to go back thru the drive thru and this was dealing with the manager !!! I will...

Buffalo Wild Wings / they lost two of our cards for a decent portion of time

Sep 17, 2018

A friend and I ate at the Whittier location (Whittwood mall) and the server had lost two of our cards after collecting the bill. After waiting for 10 minutes she informed us that they had lost the card (I had to tell her that there were two cards with the bill), and the other servers were...

Jack In The Box / labor complaint

Aug 22, 2018

I am a regular customer at the location 11303 Washington Blvd, Whittier, .ca 90606. I noticed that for the past month or so the manager Juan has been short of staff. The bathrooms are disgusting. Homeless people coming in and using the restroom as if they were there homes. Now yesterday I...

Taco Bell / watermelon freeze

Jul 29, 2018

I went to the tacol bell in upland, ca on central and was told the machine wasnt working. I also went to the taco bell in la mirada on la mirada blud and was told the same thing. Then I went to the taco bell on carmenita and was told the same thing!!! I [censored]ed about it to them and wa...

Jack In The Box / food drive through awful management

Jul 09, 2018

My sister and I went through the drive through and our price cane out higher than it should have been so we told the girl we didn't order cheese on the jr jumbo jack she told me thats how it comes I told her i order all the time I dont want cheese she said again thats how it comes she then...

Duke Progress Energy / customer service

Jun 26, 2018

For whatever it's worth, I am soooo annoyed & frustrated with this company. We have had no power for 32 hours and still waiting. Service trucks & employees spotted at the Qualla Fire Station doing nothing for several hours. Why? One of my elderly neighbors called saying he's on oxygen...

LA Fitness International / la fitness instructor debbie at la fitness whittier

May 12, 2018

Whittier's 830 am Saturday class is entitle by day works plus abs. I went and was very disappointed that the instructor was instead teaching a step n sculpture class. She said you didn't need to use the steps but then focused on using the steps so that for the majority of the class if you...

Marlboro / coupons/promo

Jan 15, 2018

I walked in 7-11 Philadelphia/ Pickering in the city of Whittier. It was [protected]. It was around 9:00pm. I asked for a pack of cigarettes (Marlboro). I handed my $2.00 off coupon. He pressed a button on the register then he scanned one of the three barcodes, hopefully the correct one. He...

Coca Cola / vending machine

Oct 10, 2017

I would like to make a complaint about one of the vending machines on my school campus. I go to rio hondo college and I wanted to purchase a soda. I slide my card & inserted the code for the soda. I had pressed no to make another selection and waited for it to say "please insert payment...

Coca Cola / soda vending machine

Mar 10, 2017

Soda machine in walmart in santa fe springs ca is marked 50 cent a soda the machine also had monsters in it i put in a dollar and it said $2 for 16oz monster i put in another $1 in and pressed the buttom and out came a dr pepper and no change this not what i paid for. When we asked who i... / The box was without watch

Sep 03, 2015

We bought watch for our father’s birthday from When we got the order, the present box was empty. They forgot to put the watch in the box. We called them and argued, because they wouldn’t be able to provide the watch on time. We told them to return the whole sum back or...

Untouched Boutique / My items NEVER delivered.

Jun 17, 2015

I ordered two items from her store. She followed me on Instagram and I followed back and I went online to go look at the items she was selling. Well I ended up putting all my credit information and it said it never went through BUT my bank acct. sent me a text saying they took money out...