Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Kirkland, Quebec, Canada

Esso Service Station in Kirkland Quebec Corner Brunswick & St-Charles / esso employee (rajif) extremely unprofessional and unethical

Jan 14, 2019

On Sunday January 13th, 2019 at approx noon, I went to the Esso service station in Kirkland Quebec located on the corner of Brunswick Blvd and St-Charles road, to fill up with gas and a car wash. I went to the service counter to purchase my car wash using my Esso Extra card. The service...

The Bay Canada / treadmill

Jan 09, 2019

The treadmill I ordered was as depicted in the attached picture ( which came from the order order) which included variable weights and lateral support for the weights. Those were not included in the delivery and after calling the Bay and even going back to the store to speak to the...

Brault et Martineau Grand Magasin / washer / poor customer service

Oct 25, 2018

Order #: i214984 Firstly this is not the first time dealing with poor customer service from this particular store bm kirkland, definitely after today I will not step foot in that place. They absolutely do not care of their customers and have to sense accommodation. Order washer tuesday...

The Brick / delivery notification

Jun 20, 2018

I was very happy with the service from Melanie at the brick in Kirkland Quebec. She was outstanding. I am really annoyed with the email I received in French only, about my delivery. I am English and would appreciate service being provided in my language. I understand the French laws but it...

The Brick / the method of payment

May 21, 2018

Good day. Recently I bought around 9000$ of furniture at my local brick store. I chose your store because I am a single mother and the furniture could be deliver fast (I had to move quickly) and was assemble for the most part for me. I wanted to pay cash because I did not have a credit...

The Brick / sales - customer support - delivery

Apr 09, 2018

By default you have to give 1 star. The option of zero star is not possible. Save yourself the headache and disappointment. Do not buy anything from the brick. The sales team only really cares about making the sale. They will neglect to warn you of details of incase you have any issue with...

Canadian Tire / tire change

Feb 26, 2018

Hello, On Friday night (Februrary 23rd 2018) I got a flat tire after hitting a pot hole. I got the spare tire put on. Saturday I called Canadian Tire (Kirkland location) to see if they can help. They said they didn't have the tires in stock but will be receiving them on Monday, thus we...

The Brick Warehouse / delivery service

Jan 28, 2018

First of, I purchased a grey L shape sofa about 3 weeks ago. I received a call on Saturday January 27th 2018 informing me that I would get my couch delivered on Sunday, January 28th from 8:20-11:20. Following that I got another automated call on Sunday at 10:36 stating that I would receive...

Esso / employee's rudeness

Nov 11, 2017

At 12:40, November 11, Satursday, I asked for 50$ for station 5, Supreme. It was a newly trained employee that asked if it was extra. I replied Supreme. However, the other employee, supposed to be a senior, plain rude and probably didn't hear me: "No, extra or Supreme." Third time, I...

Samsung / samsung galaxy s6

Jul 20, 2016

I purchased a samsung s6 november 2015. Since then the main board is always getting fried. Samsung service center tells me "you had a defective board and you should be ok after the repair" I was on a 4 week business trip when on the second week I experienced the same problem. I returned to...

Walmart / customer service

Feb 05, 2016

Walmart Kirkland store sold me a wrong prepaid phone card of 100$ on Jan 13, 2016, I asked for a Bell pre-paid phone card and they sold me a Virgin mobile card, probably because they thought Bell and Virgin belong to the same company at that time. I noticed the problem when I tried to...

Trump Serta Mattress / Defective mattress

Jan 22, 2014

Bought a Trump mattress/box-spring set .Both items were defective(not even a year old).The box-spring was exchanged but not the mattress.A technician came to inspect the mattress and concluded the depth of the wavy/rippled effect wasn't deep enough(short 1/8 of an inch). unsatisfied with...

CBV Collection Services / Fraud

Aug 06, 2013

I have been receiving numerous calls on daily bases from CBV collection agency regarding an overdue account to Bell Canada I’ve communicate with Bell to verify the authenticity of CBV collection, Bell Accounting, Customer service departments affirmed that my account record showing...

Airticketsdirect / Website Misleading

May 01, 2012

i have purchased 2 tickets online through their website the prices quated on their web site is in USD and does not mention anywhere that it will be charged in canadian dollars, once purchase was done i got a $65 foreign transaction fee, i contated them and asked why don't they mention...

Candian Tire / Canadian Tire does not honor it's sale prices

Mar 27, 2012

Good day all, I just had my last visit to this Canadian Tire store. (location in Kirkland Quebec, highway 40 and St. Charles road) i went in there to buy a set of General Tire UHP advertised for 30% off with an expiration date of April 12, 2012. Note we are March, 27, 2012. Once I got done...