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Premier Fitness / Thief!

Sep 07, 2011

We paid Premier Fitness $300 for 6 sessions with a Nutritionist. The Nutritionist either quit or was let go after 2 sessions and was not replaced. We requested a refund of $200 or time added onto the end of the gym contract. We paid $350 for a years membership so 7 months added would be...

Reliance Home Comfort / lien on my house

Jun 26, 2011

We had a sales rep. from reliance come into our house to show us what comfort systems (a/c and furnace) they had and the price. He spend over 3 hours, showed us 3 in total and each one was 10K and over. As we did not have any idea how much they sell for we trusted Reliance to be compatable...

Best Buy / extremely poor geek squad repair service

Jun 14, 2011

On the 7th of May, 2011, I sent in my Acer Desktop PC to the Geek Squad repair service. I had an extended repair warranty with the store, and therefore I was able to utilize their service. I knew that there service would be poor from the beginning, but I did not expect it to be so...

Bell Canada Internet & Express - Vu / they told me my service was cancelled — they lied!!!

Feb 23, 2011

To whom it may concern; My desire & prayer to anyone reading this is that they would NEVER consider Bell as their service provider for anything they offer... Let me explain why.. In February, 2010 I cancelled my Internet service with them as well as my Express-Vu (satellite) service. I paid off...

Sears - Who Else? / customer service


I won't go into all the dates, times and people I spoke to at Sears over this single incident, but suffice it to say that over what should have been a very simple transfer of a ladies winter coat from one store to another (closest Sears did not have the size I needed), I waited 3...

handyman selection / Incomplete repairs


I contacted this company to repair a non working tiolet in my home. The phone person was very nice and seemed professional. A date and time was arranged and the plumber was sent out. He came and left without repairing the tiolet. I contaced the company and was told someone would be sent...

crapy tire / no work charge


On Nov 21 2010, I had a went to CRAPY TIRE to get a specil half price alignment on the front end. they came back to me and told me it needed tie rod ends . and bearings in the front end . witch there are none except on the strut that is one unit . after a disscusion about that point i told...

Cogeco Cable / incompetent loading of on demand content


I have always been disappointed with Cogeco since moving here from Toronto. I am appalled at how poor their service is and how behind in technology they are compared to Rogers in neighbouring areas. Today I am posing to specifically complain about their total incompetence in simply...

Ontario SPCA Pet Insurance – / This Company is a Huge Scam


I can not stress enough you should avoid this company at all costs. I signed up for this companies service when I adopted a kitten in June 09. As I had 3 older cats I didn't think they would cover them, they assured me they could. Not at the same unlimited level as the kitten but up...

iQor / harrassment


IQOR Canada persistently called my mother who is a recent widow regarding a debt owing for a person of my father's same name. As determined when I called back, the had the wrong person based on the birth date of the person they were trying to locate. My father was born in 1930 and the...

Air Athletics Neil Jamieson / Scam- Breach of Contract


Not trustworthy. Doesn't honour his word.

Sunwing Airlines / severe flight delay & cruel treatment


We flew with Sunwing to Cancun on Feb 3, 2010, with my wife and three very young children. We loved the resort we stayed at and everything went almost perfect, except on the day of return. On feb 10, 2010 the driver took us from the Hotel, he drove like a crazy man and we had to listen to...

Sports Centre Design and Management / Breach of Contract


Neil Jamieson of Sports Centre and Design Management is not an ethical person. Neil Jamieson did not live up to their contract and I would like others to be aware. If doing business with these people, be very cautious. Don't count your money until it's in the bank.

Comwave / hidden charges


Not only Comwave has poor service with extremely bad scustomer service, they say during the initial call that 1st mont sevice can be be cancelled with no obligation but of couarse you have to pay $50.00 in the name of Port Out Fee. After that you will not only be charged $50.00 if you...

Ipodtouch / is not available


Black Card enclosed with September 2009 issue of the Reader's Digest says"Go online to and type in access code {94735] to register for a draw fo i of 5 ipod touches 32GB! HURRY ENTER NOW " entry does noe work and web sight seem to be a sham.

Thornwood Development Group Inc. / Bad post sale service


Misleading information - 3 business days before our closing date (which had been moved 3 times already), were were told by Thornwood Development Group that the only item missing to complete our home was a 'coil' for the furnace - based on this and the fact that our solicitor...

Destination Furniture / Leather / Bad Business, Confrontational Owner


Our family purchased nearly $5000 worth of furniture from Destination Leather. Here is what happened: We were told all purchases are made to order and that we would have to wait a couple of weeks. No problem, except the delivery date came and went with no phone call from them. When we...

Lightspeed Consumer Panel aka Libby inc / counterfit


The check that they send you is counterfit, the company does not exist, if you deposit thier check your bank may close your account down for fraudulant abuse, as they did mine.

New Townhome / Post Sales Service


Misleading and untruthful information - 3 business days before our closing date (which had been moved 3 times already), were were told by Thornwood that the only item missing to complete our home was a 'coil' for the furnace - based on this and the fact that our solicitor had received...

Space optical / eyewear / damage on my frame, very rude attitude


They wrecked my eyewaer Frame. and did not accept it. The coat on lenses was defective, they did not want to change again. And the worst part is ; Company owner (Nilgun Pala) is letting her employee to yell at customer as "You are such a liar!!!" He also spent some F.. Words. She also did...

Goodlife Fitness - Oakville / their word means nothing


I cancelled my membership, tried to do it by phone as I had a sister-in-law in the hospital with a life threatening disease and we spent every hour we could with her. I asked them to write down the names and cancel the accounts. I got the bs that they can't do it over the phone. I...

Mystery Shopper / Fraudulent Cashiers Check


Company used an address in Bismarck, ND. 612 East Boulevard Ave Suite 705, 58505. They are using various company names such as: Shoppers Impressions Inc, Shopper Jobs Inc, Shopping Disbursements, etc. They send you a bogus cashiers check and require some shopping and wiring of money to...

MDG Computers / Warranty fraud

I bought a new laptop from mdg computers.It had a standard warranty of one year and I was told by the salesperson that if anything goes wrong, they will fix it at their Vancouver store. However, we my Ethernet connection stop working ( I could not connect to the Internet via Ethernet cable). I...

Ford Taurus 2002 / broken coil springs


The front driver side coil springs on my 2002 Ford Taurus snapped as I was backing the car up. It tore the tire (which was new) and the tire "exploded". Luckily I was not on the highway or I would have lost control. This is a HUGE problem with this vehicle and earlier models were recalled...

KitchenAid / appliances


We bought the Kitchenaid 'Architect series' of appliances just a couple years ago: new refrigerator, range, dishwasher, and microwave. We spent a small fortune on these appliances - stainless steel, they look nice. UNFORTUNATELY, the satisfaction stops there. They have been...