Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Barrie, Ontario

Leon's Furniture / 3 piece livingroom set

Jan 2, 2019

I purchased a 3 piece living room set nearly 2 years ago from Leon's in Barrie ON. Upon delivery the back of the loveseat was torn by the delivery persons. 1 month after the purchase we noticed stitching threads coming apart in all 3 pieces. Also staples were coming through the furniture...

Canada Post Corporation / late parcels while still paying for express post

Nov 29, 2018

I'm just writing this today to express how disappointed and dissatisfied I have been for the last month with your services. I understand there's a strike. And things will take a bit longer than usual. I can deal with that. I'm a very understanding person. But when I'm paying for expre...

Purolator / ignorant, useless lazy creep

Nov 26, 2018

I went to the Bayview location in Barrie to pick up my parcel as I wasn't home to accept my delivery. I was told it was still on the truck but would be back at the location at 7:30. I spent time at my son's only to return at 7:45 as my parcel is important. The lady that first helped me (her...

Enbridge Gas Distribution / billing

Nov 15, 2018

My account is [protected] my name is ken Boyington address is 63 Ferris lane c-8 Carrie Ontario, phone # is [protected], the phone is not working at this time I have had a heart attack in the last few weeks and have to go back because I have come close to another one. I know we owe you...

Shell Vacations Club / time at our resort not available most times

Nov 7, 2018

I believe we have been ripped off by Shell Vacations, I have been looking at customer complaints today and after my disappointment of losing all this money and not being able to take a vacation. I see many complaints from people dealing with the same issues I have with your company. We...

Tim Hortons / service

Oct 30, 2018

Went threw the drive thru at 7 Anne st Barrie, Ontario was greeted with attitude when asking anything else over my two item order. Received a wrong item so went inside to politely ask it to be corrected as I'm a Tim Hortons supervisor and understand these things happen but the manager who...

A&W Restaurants / drive thru

Oct 26, 2018

Been sitting, stuck in this a&w drive thru for 40 minutes. I have never waited this long in a drive thru in my entire life. Just got to the window and the employee didnt even say hi or anything. Location is mapleview/veterans in Barrie Ontario. I will never come here again. I waited 40...

Leons Barrie / inability to provide answers to product delivery or availability, quality and bs

Oct 19, 2018

I recently order 23, 000 worth of new furniture, for the last three weeks every Saturday I get part of the order. In my new living room, all three tables (2 end tables and coffee table) need to be replaced due to poor quality control. Two armchairs on the dining room set need to be...

Suzuki Motor Corporation / vin plate mine motocycle damaged

Oct 11, 2018

I bought a motocycle Suzuki GSXR1000 (2014) with VIN plate mine a little bite damaged, when I contact Suzuki to ask if they can make me a new one they refused. By the way I had the same problem with a Kawasaki and they send me a new one. So it causing me a problem to sell it now because...

Virgin Mobile / unethical behaviour and too much overage

Oct 4, 2018

The past 3 months I have been getting a ridiculous amount of overage charges that I HAVE NOT been using. Every month I have been on the phone with virgin mobile about this, and last month they lied to me about fixing the problem. I went to apple (I have an iphone) to see if they could tell...

EMCO / over charged for baggage

Oct 2, 2018

My name is Keith Scott Lillow. On Sunday Sept 9, 2018, I was on the 5 pm flight from Vancouver to Toronto (can't remember the #). I checked 2 boxes of fish and had 1 carry on bag. When I did self checkin at the airport, I paid $39.95 for 1 extra bag(box), as I'm allowed on checked bag for...

Canadian Tire / customer service

Sep 23, 2018

Almost every employee spends their time chatting to other employees, rather than assisting them. I had someone do a price check for me on a dresser, (because the wrong price was posted, and the price is the only reason I chose this dresser over another, ) but they stopped to chat along the...

Leon's Furniture / living room set

Sep 21, 2018

We purchased our living room set on August 11th 2018 and were promised delivery on September 15, 2018. We waited hours for the delivery without any notice from Leon's. Finally I called and they said sorry it's not in stock but we will call you back. Never received a phone call back. Called...

Rona / lack of staff

Aug 27, 2018

I had been in earlier today looking at a bathroom vanity that was on clearance. I decided at 6:00 today to go back and if it was still there, purchase it. I first looked 10 minutes for someone to help me, then went to the lumber area, where two associates were talking up a storm and one...

Leon's Furniture / couch set taking 3 months to be fixed

Aug 26, 2018

I have purchased a couch set from Leon's in Barrie, have allready had the chair replaced as there are a bad rock in the frame, I have told them about a rip in the love seat that has been there since delivered and have had to call over 12 times with 4 techs coming and only taking... / product I order

Aug 18, 2018

I use Amazon all the time love them so I thought I would try wish. now wishing I didn't what a joke 3 months to deliver to Canada. still nothing you can't talk to anyone no numbers to call so I am staying with Amazon. Ca you may not get as cheap pricing as wish say they have but what good...

Lastman's Bad Boy Superstore / couch and chair

Aug 14, 2018

I was a great customer since 2009, till now. Don't believe anything they said about their warranty and their customer service. I bought a new recliner couch and chair in November 2017. It broke down in April. Now its August and still getting the run around. I called today. They till don't...

Tim Hortons / coffee

Aug 7, 2018

I have been going to the same store for a while now. I get 3 large triple triple and 1 medium double double. For the past 3 weeks if not longer the coffees are horrible. We need to add sugar because there isn't any or they don't stir, and burnt coffee is almost every morning. I spend alot...

Leon's Furniture / sharp 65” smart tv

Aug 3, 2018

I bought a sharp TV that was on the display in leons furniture thats located at 81 bryne drive in barrie ontario, as i came to install it at home i figuered that the TV screen have color damage, i returned it the next day to the store and spoke with the store manager (dan) and the sale...

Rogers / internet installation

Jul 12, 2018

I just had my internet hooked up by someone who has no common sense the lines run in fro t of my neighbors window tangled around their outside light taped to a tree and looped around the satellite dish on my house the only secured wire is the o e coming in my unit this needs to be fixed or...

Baskin-Robbins / terrible customer services

Jun 11, 2018

My husband and I went in the Baskin Robbins store on Bayfiled st in Barrie on Sunday June 10 at around 9:30PM. We wanted to get 6 ice cream for us and the children. We started placing the order as go through the flavours available. When we give the order for the fifth ice cream, the girl...

Roblox / service

May 18, 2018

I bought roblox for $13. That's the only transaction I authorized. my credit card is charged for $4800.00 what the [censored] who pays $13 for game then spends$4800 in 30 day after? This game was bought for my daughter on her phone using my Google account. My account dose not allow any...

Tim Hortons / lids of coffee/tea cups

May 14, 2018

Good afternoon, I ordered a medium green tea at a drive thru today in Barrie. The tea is naturally very hot however the lid was not fitted properly. The tea spilled out of the top of the cup burning the skin between my thumb and index finger. The burn is not acute however this is not the...

Hostess Brands / hickory sticks

May 1, 2018

My household eats at least one bag of hickory sticks a week. Been eating them all my life as they are one of our favourite snacks. Yesterday I put a bunch in my mouth and starting chewing and bit down on something really hard. Broke my tooth. I still don't know what it is. It is very...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / customer service

Apr 29, 2018

Good day. Today my wife was brought to tears in Costco store, Barrie, ON. She was trying to use membership card that issued on my name but she also added to the account and has been using that card for two years with no any problems. Today, suddenly became an issue that there is different...

Burger King / veggie burger

Mar 19, 2018

I am a internal student in canada and i am from india and in india i was a die heart fan of the veggie burger at burger king and i expected the same taste or like that in barrie ontatio canada but when i ordered a veggie burger the petty was burnt and taste was disgusting and i started...

Sell Off Vacations / all inclusive package

Jan 29, 2018

My name is Amber Travis my self and Dustin oneal booked with sell off for our first trip there was ourselves and 16 others that all booked through sell off for our trip to varadero Cuba where we would stay at the starfish varadero a girl that booked after us in our group got a email saying...

Shoppers Drug Mart / staff

Dec 31, 2017

I was in the Shoppers drug Mart purchasing some creams. I usually spent anywhere from 80.00 to 200.00 in shoppers twice a month. The services was terrible. I noticed the staff was very helpful to the other patrons but seemed irritated when I was paying. I work in the social services field...

Jenco Canada / elf lights

Dec 7, 2017

I purchased some Christmas lights last year. At the time I noticed that there was no remote. I called and spoke to the lady I purchased them from. She tried to get me a remote, or so I thought. She said I could return them if she was not successful. She is no longer there this year, and I...

Polaris / bad customer service from employees.

Oct 25, 2017

On Oct 14 2017 we went into Peak performance a Polaris dealer in Barrie. There were two other couples with us. We were looking at the sportsman atv's. We were speaking with a male salesman about the atv's. While were were talking another female employee came up to us. We asked what kind of...

Leon's Furniture / sofa

Oct 24, 2017

I bought a sofa from leons in barrie back in March...I bought the protection plan and when the guy came to spray I unwrapped the sofa and there were stains so he refused to spray it and he said to contact leons and they will send someone out...I called about three times to have someone to...

Panera Bread / salads

Oct 15, 2017

Last night my boyfriend, my 2 year old son and I decided to try Panera for the first time ever in Barrie, Ontario (Canada). We thought it would be a healthy and hopefully delicious substitute to a typical fast food chain such as McDonalds etc. First of all, the customer service wa... / photo camera not working in cat-eye

Oct 8, 2017

When I try to take a photo ONLY IN NALEDI CAT-EYE, it always comes up as an error. I have no problems with all the rest of the sites: Tembe, Olifants, Naledi, Nkorho-Pan but cannot take photographs in Cat-eye. What is happening with idube? The camera has not been working almost all Summer...

Taco Bell / drive thru

Sep 22, 2017

I pulled in the drive thru at 7:40pm and pulled out with my food at 8:26pm . I don't think anyone should have to wait this long for food through a drive thru. I heard cars honking, people yelling at the employees and I thought I was going to run out of gas. Is there anything you can do to...

Petro Canada / credit card fraud.

Sep 17, 2017

I am from USA. I have a Visa card for 15 yrs. Never an issue. I made 1 purchase at petro-Canada and no others. My card would not work at the pump. I entered the store handed the clerk my card. The very next day I received a fraud alert from visa. From Canada and attempt to purchase Spirit...

Shoppers Drug Mart / passport size photo service

Sep 10, 2017

I was on essa and ferndale shoppers store in barrie for passport size photos. I called two times just to confirm that they are available for photographs till midnight both time they said yes. But when i reached there at 9pm CSR told me that the guy is on his break and he will not comeback for...

Boston Pizza International / boxing match

Aug 31, 2017

I was eating at one of your restaurants in barrie on Saturday august 26th with 11 of our friends and family and because it was cold out 3 of our friends went to grab switters from there's homes near by and as soon as they left on of the workers came up and asked if they can seat 3 people...

East Side Mario's / service and restaurant cleanliness

Aug 24, 2017

We visited the east side marios on bayfield st in barrie Ontario and noticed the restaurant was very dirty food all over the floor and silverware not picked up off tables after guest left even when the tables were wiped down. Tables were left with food on them after guest left for our...

Good Life Fitness / cancellation fee

Aug 15, 2017

my wife got into an accident 3 months ago and shouldn't be able to return to work, the doctors told her she can't go back to the gym for the next 6 months . we went to good life in barrie to cancel our policy and the manager told us you have to call the customer service to cancel your...

Home Depot / seasonal service dept

Aug 6, 2017

Today at 10am I bought 10 bags of Scott's blk mulch(56L bags) and asked the cashier if she could pls have someone put the 10 bags in back of truck for me as I have health issues and am unable to lift such heavy items. She called on Walkie and a man replied for me to drive up to where mulch...