Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Edmonton (1270), Alberta

Canadian Tire Auto / the auto / journeyman mechanics

Feb 20, 2017

Hello, Had to go to canadian tire today, feb. 19, 2017, as suddenly while driving the engine light flicked on and then there was no power when I hit the gas... So I took it to you shop in south edmonton alberta. They said they would start by checking the vehicle... 60 minutes they said and...

MDG Canada / Rip offs

Nov 12, 2014

This company is awful. Boyfriend got a computer, was approved and had been paying for a year, making payments every paycheck. I asked him "whats your remaining balance left on this computer?" of course he was like "oh, its down to like $800 by now" (originally it was $1500 for the computer) So I...

Mr Rooter / Plumbing

Aug 30, 2013

On a Wednesday night I noticed that my lines where not draining, I called mr rootor as they are a big company. They arrived late afternoon and after trying to talk me into more work he finally unclogged drain. When he put the camera in he said it was full of grease and I need to replace...

Snowbird Equipment Rentals / Charge for broken equipment

Oct 5, 2012

I have been using these guys for 10 years, rented a Stump Grinder last month and it broke the first 20 minutes i was using it. I took it back and they said they would try and fix it; I hung around the west end all morning and part of the afternoon. They didn’t call. I came acro... / removed money from acct without permission

Sep 3, 2012 has withdrawn two amounts ($58.62 and $72.45) from my RBC Visa account without my permission. I contacted them this morning and was promised a refund and a follow up email to which I was to respond to this refund request. In other words, fill in a form requesting a refund...

Mud salon / texting

Aug 6, 2012

Update on my texting dilemma with Mud Salon and Healthy Rhino I find it inconceivable that Dana the owner of Mud Salon is now trying to belittle me intimidate me with an email stating that text messages shared by Healthy Rhino are not my business I quote 'that messages that would be...


Aug 21, 2011

Hostile Customer Service and Terrible Cleaning!!! The WORST dry-cleaning experience and service I have ever received!!! I took my shirts in to Cleanitizing Dry Cleaners [protected] Avenue, Edmonton, AB). When I dropped off my shirts, I pointed out some spots, stains, etc., special attention to...

And Hair We Are / Horrendous Haircut! Buyer Beware!

Aug 12, 2011

Horrendous Haircut! Buyer Beware! Men, DO NOT get your haircut at "And Hair We Are!" I was very specific, stating I only wanted a TRIM, I wanted to keep the length. The stylist, Alley, ignored my instructions completely and CUT ALL THE LENGTH OFF! I now have a very short, embarrassing haircut that...

Shoppers Drug Mart / terrible customer service

Jun 10, 2011

I am sending this e-mail in the hope of getting the attention of shareholders that manage customer relations for Shoppers Drug Mart. My friends and I live in the northeast section of Edmonton Alberta. We usually deal with the store in that end located on 118 Avenue and 34 street. We have...

Canada Post / won't deliver parcels


For a long time now I have been unable to persuade Canada Post to deliver parcels to me even though they have been well paid to do just that. I live in an apartment and I am being punished by lazy Posties who refuse to make the effort to just ring the buzzer or even try to knock on the...

Onsite / Theft & Rape


Chris & Calvin Turcsanyi were my business partners and one day they both robbed me and raped me. They are both homosexual serial rape artists who go around robbing and raping guys. They are considered homosexual and dangerous and everyone should be careful because they will go after anyone. / Unethical Marketing


I am not here to slam a respectable charity. I am here to slam World Vision, Feed the Children for their association with SwipeAuctions. Why would any honorable charity want to be linked to such a scamming website as this? I found some of the answers today and would like to share...

City of Edmonton / the city


Iam writing this letter on behalf of me and several of my friends. We moved here about four years ago, and seemed to be a nice city. we obtained very good jobs. But now its not such a nice city at all. Its a very dirty city, bums and druggies everywhere, either sleeping on the streets or...

Toyota Corolla / kingsway toyota refused to replace or fix the car


I have bought a 2010 Toyota Corolla and the 2nd week a bought the vehicle a lifter or engine noise start coming out and the vehicle fuel consumption was very poor 350km in a full tank 45 Liters, I complained to Kingsway Toyota they said don't worry you have to break in the engine, put... / international calling


Hi This is not original airtel and don't get confused. These guys are cheating with the fake name as original. I have paid $ 100 towards my plan and can't use the money to call India. Please don't give your credit card info to them.

Serta Mattress/boxspring / Sagging Mattress


I purchased a new boxspring and mattress set at The Brick Mattress Store on June 9, 2008. The mattress has been sagging in the middle for several weeks. I contacted the store and was told there was nothing that could be done. ("unless the sag is more than 1.5 inches"). Because it is new, I...

Dri* / Billed 2 years in a row for no service


Charged Oct.16, 2007 for $50.20 for canceled service. This year, Oct. 16, 2008 for $61.32 for no service at all. I have a new e-mail address which someone got without my knowledge. My old computer crashed this year, taking all the stored info with it. I have had my new one for only a few...

Canadian Tire # 467 / re: complaint for poor car service


Dear Sir or Madam, We are writing in reference to the car service we had at Canadian Tire, Kingsway Avenue, Edmonton. We had oil change done on September 21, 2008. After service on our way back to home we saw steam coming out of the Car's bonnet, on inspection we found the coolant lid...