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Telemarketing Complaints | Page 4

US Pharmacy / telemarketing

Jerry Zuckerberg on May 19, 2018

Someone claiming to be U.S. Pharmacy is calling me 5 to 6 times a day now. I told them in no uncertain terms do I want to hear from them or ever do business with them. I am a disabled Vet and the VA takes care of my prescriptions. The calls continued non-stop. I asked one caller to PLEASE...

Yahoo! / no spam control protection!

A. W. St. Clair on May 18, 2018

I have been a Yahoo user since 1998. And I think it sucks how you have turned your spam protection off and have refused to offer us users any other protection, in spite of our many complaints. Just wanted you know I have rejoined your competitor and I have spam control protection and more...

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / omnipoint comm. calling me non stop

Seanaehaywood on May 17, 2018

Beware of Kristine Dow, [protected] she loves to call you and listen to you breathe. Seriously had to do a reverse phone look up to see who the hell this was calling me saying nothing!! It's beyond annoying, I wish these people get lives and leave people alone! There's no reason why I'm at...

hptechsupport360 / fake hp support

Mark Joness on May 16, 2018

While using my computer, I clicked the link considered it as an HP support service link. But, after a click on such domain, my computer gets to hang and freeze. Somehow, I managed to repair my computer, but then the domain starts showing me inappropriate...

Careem Networks / wrong email registration with my contact number: +[protected]

Haseeb Iqbal on May 15, 2018

I came to know that an ID named as Zain Lala is using my contact number on gmail. Please get this email ID removed and replace it with my personal ID I called careem Pakistan as well a few minutes ago to consider my complaint. Zain Lala does not belong to me and... / training

John Kerrigan on May 7, 2018

What a joke. This guy is selling sales training and he is late for his own podcast. I can only imagine once he scams you out of your money. And he jokes about his being late for his own podcast. My advice is stay away from this scam artist!!! You are going to give thousand of dollars to a...

Quiktrip / drink

dbeckham on May 1, 2018

I stop by often to get a Diet Mt Dew and have stopped by Harvard/I44 (Tulsa) the last 2 days and it has been out or not in service. Obviously not the end of the world, but it is frustrating (especially the 2nd day) and not be able to get what I came for. I have driven to another QT...

Netflix / certain show that have been deleted

Jessydemps on Apr 29, 2018

Dear life cereal where do you get off removing family guy from your regular roaster when it is definitely a major hit to the majority of people who find comedy funny. Due to the increase of funds we pay per month to watch your shows you supply us on this application I kindly, with all due... / unclaimed money recovery

Jam Brown on Apr 26, 2018

Money Catch camouflaging as This is something I feel merits looking at. See, unlike the business owner of Money Catch, I am an actual *ing Private Investigator (the kind that doesn't wave their credential...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / account

Shakilah on Apr 25, 2018

I am very upset with the service I am getting In February 2018 my debit order did not go through I called to ask why and they told me I have credit which I did not understand why. I told them it cant be and because it wasn't deducted from my bank account. I called back everyday for about...

Youtube / intrusive ad apr 22nd, sports

bailey6000 on Apr 21, 2018

You are carrying an insulting and sexist advert for a fitness watch which pictures only young women, all of whom are superfit. There is one man in the advert who appears for a split second as the beaten opponent of one of these wretched little girls in a tennis game. This is a deeply...

GearBubble / I ordered a coffee mug, "to my wife" where is it?

Ronald Silvia on Apr 20, 2018

I received an E-Mail today asking me to give a review of the coffee mug I ordered. One big problem with that request, I HAVE NOT received that mug. I'm beginning to think I'm involved in a scam situation. I have paid for an item but have not received it. Yet I am being asked to give a...

Clear Rate Communications / internet and landline

Mstashastokes79 on Apr 17, 2018

A customer service rep, called me and asked did I want to lower my monthly service. Advised me that my previous company I had been with is putting a lot of charges on my bill I'm never supposed to be charged for in the state I live in. She also stated the my bill will be 64.99 with taxe...

Talk With Lead / unsolicited email spamming

ingabretson on Apr 6, 2018

We never signed up for any services, ever, that are remote to what the business offers. We kept getting spammed from our own site contact forms for days, until I finally went on their site and asked them to stop. No Reply, they just started sending 3-5 a day now. This company is unethical...

Alorica / promised bonuses

tsthomas85 on Apr 4, 2018

I was "suspended" in February, coincidentally right at my 90 days, pending an investigation. I have not heard from anyone, in regards to the outcome of the said investigation. Unsure WHAT I was being investigated for, all was stated was they expected my numbers to be higher. But this came...

Home Shopping Selection / pill organiser x 2

babking on Mar 29, 2018

I ordered two pill organisers on 21st march 2018 paid for by credit card and the sum of money was debited from my bank account 22nd march 2018 however I have not received any of these two items or any information as to their whereabouts. unless they are in delivery I would like a full refund of £15. 97 mrs b a taylor / a monthly charge from debit card

Majuwana on Mar 26, 2018

On 27th of February and 27th of March you have been charging me $9.99 each for trial that I signed in and cancelled at the end of the trial period. My name is Majuwana Wijesekara and last 4 digits of my account is 3593. Processing Transaction layer checkcard 03/25 mbi* [protected]...

Chicken Express / my dinner order

Stacey Davis on Mar 24, 2018

We placed a order at 9:24pm receipt #3241. We spent$28.57and my chicken strips were not even cooked all the way. I bought extra rolls...that they didn't give to me.the rolls we did get;were biscuits. I can't seem to find a chicken place that i can trust not to give me salmonella. It'... / online data collection by luring amazon $100 / $1000 card

Jennifer K Thomas on Mar 21, 2018

They are scam and very annoying, if we continue with consent we receive spam phones, if we don;t consent we don;t get gift card for which we took survey. I am very concerned that I gave my address and DOB etc. I am really worried they gathered so much data from me among with is about not having...

Yahoo! / yahoo mail

Jeebers on Mar 16, 2018

I couldn't get into my email. Kept getting the wrong password. The problem was I couldn't talk to a live person. If this garbage keeps up (and you keep changing my email to include more ads) I am abandoning my usage of this email account and deleting it. You people are pissing me off. Put simply, your greed and lack of customer service is incredibly bad.