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BT UK Reviews 2

1:06 pm EDT
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BT UK Unbelievable bad customer service, (customer resolutions are not fit for purpose)

I've had problems with my internet ever since it was first connected. Eight months ago I started my last complaint, BT constantly tried to close the complaint, saying it was sorted, but I insisted it was kept open. Service was unreliable at best, often unable to open email, or send. I am registered as a BT priority customer.

Various engineers attended all stated no fault internally, all issues externally, promise of cables being replaced, even told they had been done several times. Yet BT still insisted the fault was internal.

Customer resolutions then said they could do no more and were sending a deadlock letter, (never arrived) and they closed the complaint and refused to reply to me. New BT CEO was mailed but no reply. Openreach was a lot better. Then I lost the internet all together, after a new fault report an engineer Stuart attended who was great traced to fault to the cables on the poles (or should I say laying on the ground) and said he would get them fixed. He got my internet back on, even then resolutions refused to communicate or reply, so now awaiting the repairs to be done to the poles and cables. I took some photos of my speed test and telephone cables up the road, this is 2024. Is this the best we can get from the "leading" communications business in the UK?

If the boss of a business (CEO) cannot deal with customer issues or even have the manners to reply it is clear they are not fit to manage a service business in my opinion.

Recommendation: Use another provider, cannot trust BT any more, customer resolutions are not fit for purpose.

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BT UK Complaints 1

12:20 pm EDT

BT UK Unwanted phone contract

Re phone call 06.06 08 unsolicited call from tele sales offering free evening and weekend calls. I said that I was interested and then they said that they would send out a letter to me. Next I knew I was sent a contract for a year which as I knew I was moving from Soton. To Lincoln I would not require I did not need a contract, Having tried several times to have it canceled on 08.07.08 I final found someone with sense who realized that a mistake had been made.

I would suggest that all telesales staff are told that an interest is not a reason to be sent a contract. This has caused me a lot of distress which on top of the stress of moving house I did not need. I hope the person who did the contract is told not to do it again and to be reprimanded. so will you please cancel the contract that I did not accept.

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London, GB
May 17, 2009 4:49 pm EDT

Hi all just to let you know that if your thinking of joining B.T. vision dont bother, all i have done is pay out money for this service whats a load of rubbish, were shall i start, on the 18th feb 09. i called b.t. in hope of looking to spend about £60-100. pounds a month, i was advised endlessly about there cons but thought that b.t was better than this image, i'm know to find out i'm vary wrong. I orderd,
option 3 unlinimted b.b. £24.99.per month over 12 months
b.t. vision gold pack, On demand.£24.99 per month.over 12 months.
satanta sports pack £9.99. extra paid in my first bill.
Looks that i would be looking at around £120 per month with phone line £11 per month so i'm o.k. with this amount because this was within my buget. over the next 8-9 weeks i have recived a bill every two week's i will list for you because it is not right to charge me for something i do not have an extra phone line what i have not agreed to at all, I have made an exsess of 1000 call's since i've had it, everything has gone wrong from the start & B.T. will not help me find a way to risolve this othar number there charging me for when the price of the lines are inclusith in the deal i made over the phone there started charging me for two lines know when my deal is all in one,
feb 28th.£53.64.pounds
march29th £94.00 pounds
april 09th £102.00 pounds
april21st £87.00 pounds
may 11th 91.64 pounds
& these bills have not stoped it's like b.t. do not care about anyone or anything i have been with them for about four months & today another 3 bills came from b.t. totaling £500 pounds to be paid in 14 days or thell cut me off, i'm begining to think this may be the best idea i'm on benifits & the only reason i said my son could have this system was because when i made the contract on the phone my bill's would not exeed £140 max.per month there just trying to screw me over & to top the lot i have a person answer the phone who can't understand the alphabet this happened 16 time's in my 7, hours worth of call's & that was just today iv'e consistantly called b.t. customer services & there best move is ill put you through to someone that can help you this has been my case since 11.00 am today know i am still no better off than when i started what do i sae to sort this out because i do not know how many way's you can explain to a member of staff the same thing i've just told the other 14 pravious staff who have cut me off & not called back. HELP !

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