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Dr. Franklyn V Beckles Jr / Fighting Racism / a true hero & no complaints!

honey wells on Sep 7, 2013

Despite racist attacks and lies, Tracy McManus/Augusta Chronicle & The Augusta School B.O.E., can't stop a true hero like Dr. Beckles, who is currently running for election as School Representative of his district, along with Monique Braswell, who was also slandered by these racist people! / Custom ordered handmade paintings

George-Wyskoski on Mar 21, 2016

I ordered a painting on and finally received it, it’s cheap and looks good, but why do I still claim Toperfect guys and give bad reviews? They said that will finish a custom made painting in 4 weeks, but it’s delayed totally 5 days!! I asked for full refund, they...

Terra Cottage Ceramics Gallery / Customer Service

Petite Starlet on Mar 5, 2012

My mother and I stopped in this "store" thinking that it was a gallery open to the public. Yes, it looks like a house, all the businesses do in the historic district of Paducah, KY. There was a sign that said OPEN and the door was unlocked. There were several signs on the front of thi...

Satori Ink / bad work ,dirty

Maria febus on Sep 2, 2012

they did a very bad job on my tattoo . The place wasn't that clean, but I figured they just opened . The bottom line is I over paid for a s***** tattoo . So it just goes to show you that you don"t always get what you pay for. I went somewhere else and had a real artist cover it up...

Daniela-Wagner-Neubeuern / Art scam - Kuenstlerkreis Neubeuern

Daniela Wagner Druck/Grafik Husband is Andreas Wagner – graphic, artwork, print, printing Mutzenweg 6 D-83115 Neubeuern Tel: [protected] E-Mail: [protected] Künstlerkreis Neubeuern Fraudulent art scam – beware ! I committed to buy four artwork from...

Robb Conover - Fake Artist / Robb Conover = racist, obscene bigot


Dallas, texas - fake 'artist' robb conover sends obscene, racism-loaded, abortion-taunting emails in response to customer question! In a very bad public relations move, long-time self-described 'artist' robb conover has sent numerous obscene emails to a potential customer questioning why...

HopeAssemblyOfGod / Pastor Gordon Cashwell

The Bottom Of on Jan 27, 2012

Pastor Gordon Cashwell is a fake, a phony a corporate crapper and a hater of homeless, poverty-stricken and overlyabused women. He has not helped me one whit and has threatened to call the police on me, has called the police on me and allows thifs, rapists and hoods into his CHURCH OF THE...

Classwish. Org Internship / Not Complaining - Happy to be here!

Maxdubin.classwish on Mar 23, 2012

Why complain? I have nothing but good reviews of where I currently intern, and people like to hear good things more than bad anyway (though national news evidence otherwise). My experience started when Robert Tolmach and Renee Hooker explained to me how their...

Kris Daly / walker stay away a fake who stalks under the name diana jones, pagans against plagiarism kris daly walker a #

Complainant20192 on Apr 4, 2017

Kris daly walker main troll name diana jones lives in north weymouth, massachusetts calls herself the queen of may link on facebook Kris dailey-walker Writes under diana jones and attacks people stay away A liar and a nasty person Hides under thi...

Oriental Martial Arts College / Scam service


Like many people who are confused, hurt, and in shock about those who are in leadership. My name is John Petway and I don't have anything to hide anymore. The president of Oriental Martial Arts College who is suppose set very fair and good example. My complaint is that he allowed...

Footprints Poem Products / Copyright Infringement

I am a victim of publishing fraud of the above named persons Mary Stevenson, also known as Mary Stevenson (Zangare), Basil Zangare and Danny Hahlbohm. Basil Zangare recently tried to extort funds from me by filing a perjury filled complaint to a Federal District Court in New York being...

Lily Hachar Dance Studio / treatment of young students

I enrolled my 2 year-old daughter in ballet lessons at the Lily Hachar Dance Studio. When we arrived for her first class, the owner and teacher did not greet the parents or students. She simply demanded that the students be left in the instruction room with her and her staff. All the...

Music And Arts / Don't ever go and purchase instruments from there


Music and Arts a Music store in Clermont fl. has threatened to repo. my sons trumpet!. He is in Middle school band. My husband was laid off and we have been late with the payments and have been in touch with them about this and tried to work things out. At first they were helpful then they...

Marilyn's Stained Glass / Poor customer service


There is a statement on her website about her 'philosophy' of customer service-here it is: "Marilyns philosophy on customer service is to provide quality products, expanding selections, respect for the customer, and fast, responsive service. These and many more qualities have...

ogallerie / unsecured website

Their website asks you to register and provide your address, full name and credit card information through unsecured internet connection.

Jordle Productions / Never Paid Me

Lea Anne Brighton at Jordle Productions hired me to write a series of scripts for a series of animated videos about interest rates, mortages interest and credit cards. She promised me $550 to begin with and then changed it to $450. After I had worked for her for 3 weeks and written around...

Tane Finley / Video

This man was amazing, how well he interviewed everyone including us (the bride and groom). He and his video team even made us extra edited copies for our friends. Thanks Tane!