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Arts & Humanities Complaints | Page 7

Monte Mariposa and Adrian Freedman Cannabis and Ayahuasca Retreats / promoting cannabis use, irresponsible use of hallucinogenic substances, death threats scandal

SDA2029 on Sep 26, 2017

Monte Mariposa and Adrian Freedman Cannabis and Ayahuasca RetreatsMonte Mariposa is a retreat centre that has admitted abuse of the medicines (aka hallucinogenic substances) happens at the Centre. They host Ayahuasca retreats by the Santo Daime Church but do not always disclose them on their website. These are retreats where one can bring cannabis, smoke...

Adrian Freedman Eternal Heart Centre Santo Daime Church / abuse of cannabis santo daime / administering hallucinogenic substances irresponsibly, condoning illegal activities / death threats

SDA2029 on Sep 26, 2017

Adrian Freedman Eternal Heart Centre Santo Daime ChurchAdrian Freedman is a musician operating under the name ETERNAL HEART MUSIC and also is the senior of the Santo Daime Church in the UK and Portugal. Adrian Freedman was involved / and is involved - in importing DMT across borders. Two church directors smuggled a powerful hallucinogenic drug which...

Day Consultation / vending.. customer service.. cleanliness

Joan Day on Sep 24, 2017

I stay at your motels across the country all the time! I travel a lot and stay at least 3 times every 2 months or so... Ive complained about the moriaritylocation before and i'm complaining again... Zero snacks or drinks available in vending machines and below adequate front desk...

Meier / pharmacy - wound care

Elizabeth Westra on Sep 22, 2017

I was just in Meier looking for wound wrapping gauze. I found that the Meijer brand wasn't in stock. I found a clerk and asked if there was more. She left to check and never came back. I located a more experienced clerk, and she checked also. She told me that they were out of stock. Then...

Pamela Gleason / customer service

sugargle on Sep 15, 2017

I am a long time customer of Kmart. I prefer the smaller stores to the big box stores. A few months ago I purchased 2 cans of Rust-oleum 2X Spray Paint. I didn't use it right away. When I decided to use it, it worked at first and then stopped spraying. Both cans did the same. 9/13, I tried...

self none. / television show family feude abc ok k3 @ 7:15 mountain standard time

mxraven on Sep 14, 2017

Episode celebrity family feuds Paula deem and Carson from queer eye. Carson correctly awnsered a question about what is loved about men's underware. He awnsered the buldge. Which could have been the sender on the board butt/bits. Steve counted this question against his team. This i... / Oil painting reproductions of famous art

Jessica Buck on Sep 7, 2017

My boss ordered a reproduction oil painting of Klimt, The Kiss from this company. We wait for for 2 months but got a bad quality thin canvas painting. The skin and dress color are all incorrect and lines are very harsh. When we check through the painting closely, we find that there are a...

Society 6 / lost artwork/ unhelpful customer service

AprilKelly123 on Aug 31, 2017

I had ordered a substantial amount of artwork from Canada at the beginning of the month. The artwork had tracking information up until it crossed the border. I allowed for three weeks. It has since been a month and I have contacted both DHL, which is their mail service provider, and my...

Hussein Khlayfat / level 2700 has a problem

Kar Chantal on Aug 28, 2017

Level 2700 repeats itself over and over. This is the fourth time this week and I' m not able to continue playing the other levels.There is kind of cheating in advanced levels. Also what is the reward we get when we r winning these levels. And what is the last level? I' m loosing my sight...

Coindame Natural / I am not able to delete pictures and videos that I imported into my account

coindame natural on Aug 22, 2017

Coindame NaturalI usually import pics and videos into my account for edit and after editing, i delete them in order to create more space for other pictures and videos. So a few weeks ago, I tried to do the same thing and there is a message that keep that keep coming up . It says " This content cannot be...

Ellemc89 / crushed box

Ellemc89 on Aug 21, 2017

Ellemc89Ive sent my item to post office Inanam Kota Kinabalu last week ago, the status system also slow update, the box that has reached to my customer seems disappointing, it is like being trampled and the box were crushed. The box were bought from poslaju and it is not kept safely by the staff...

Hilltop Records / music and money taken and nothing given or produced in my favor

Rochelle Holman on Aug 8, 2017

I remember the Hilltop record scammers. I was in school in the 90's and I submitted my lyrics, music and money until my music instructor advised me not to give the another dime. After not submitting any more money, I never heard another word from them. They made all types of promises but...

www.myfreecamera / unusual visit to www.myfreecamera

javier velasquez on Aug 4, 2017

I do know about this site of beautiful model, and I approach to one front the screener and say you are pretty, and it bring to me a strongly retaliation by the Owner I don know if he is but everybody call him by ARNALDO SALVA TERRA AND Other Friends Hackers taken a persecution for 11...

Alexandra Akat Ayahuasca Europe Portugal Host, Psychic Art, 1860 B&B / condoning drunkenness and violent threats, inexperienced in ayahuasca hosting, lack of ethics

P.A.Comp7816 on Jul 30, 2017

Alexandra Akat Ayahuasca Europe Portugal Host, Psychic Art, 1860 B&BAlexandra Akat is complained about for bad integrity in spiritual business dealings, most notably in a matter where after being informed that one of her Ayahuasca / Santo Daime fiscals had gotten drunk and threatened to cripple or kill a Spiritual Teacher during the dieta, she thought it...

Loja: Art-Gallery Store /

Gallaryart on Jul 25, 2017

Loja: Art-Gallery StoreHello, I purchased this product with the above link from the sell, and I later cancel the product, because the address I entered was wrong address. I was still charged today on the same product that I have cancel few days ago and Aliexpress still have not credit my account from the last...

Bruce R Nelson / utter waste of time and money for this 78 yr old disabled vets first venture into musicnotes

Geezerkatz on Jul 23, 2017

Real gd simple.. I have waste $ and time lost for session mpractice, pissed off my session players, have to pay them all because musicnotes can not complete all required pages of greenback dollar, bt hoyt axton, my friend and highscoolmate in 56/57... Then I type a complaint from site you...

Child Protective Services / cps worker april kelly in barbour county

Greg baisi on Jul 13, 2017

Ms.Kelly has filed a cps petition in Barbour Co that contains many mistated facts and downright lies, she has done this intentionally to manipulate the process in order to try to freeze out and exclude a custodial grandparent from the process. She has a history of this type of behavior and...

Cinemark Theatres, USA / the xd advertisement preceding every cinemark movie

Pam Wong on Jul 5, 2017

I urge you to REMOVE the XD advertisement ("unicorn") us viewers get subjected to that plays without fail preceding each and every film. The insultingly low IQ level, the excruciating audio, and the nerdy white-lab coated actor are insults to your viewer's intelligence. I'll bet I'm not...

Jennifer Luong / flights/service

Angelique Jl on Jul 1, 2017

I will start off by saying that Air Berlin is by far, the worst airline I have ever flown with. I travel frequently but have never been to Europe. Thus I chose air Berlin to fulfill my travel needs. I would never ever recommend this airline to anyone and do not know how they are still in...

Star Plus / iss pyar ko kya naam 3

Saba Naaz on Jun 27, 2017

Dear STAR Plus Hotstar I am writing to you on behalf of the Sarun fandom We Love Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani very much and would honestly really love to have them back in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season 3. we understand your channel is one of the top leading channels of India and your...