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Arts & Humanities Complaints | Page 6

Holdeman / paint by number order

Mikki51 on Jan 12, 2018

On December 1st I placed two orders, one for a beach scene the other was a cabin scene paint by number. Several days later I received an acknowledgement from Max novelty thanking me for my order. It also said I was to allow at least 30 days for the order to arrive. It is now January 12th...

A Talent Agency / owned and operated by debbie schiro

JohnMcCuan on Jan 11, 2018

The above-named owner-operator has been having me drugged with ketamine and sexually assaulted by queers and I am straight and selling the videos after she ought audits and edits the soundtrack to make it sound like what she wants she also represents what she has power of attorney or is my...

Jakki Galloway / order 400698

JakkiMaree on Jan 6, 2018

My daughter purchased a poster to be sent to NZ. The order was never received and we were accused of entering an incorrect address. This was untrue. We entered: 24 Manuka Street Miramar Wellington 6022 NEW ZEALAND Someone (perhaps a computer) changed the Miramar to WGN (short for...

Our time dating / dating

[email protected] on Jan 4, 2018

I paid £83.94 on 02/1/18 for a 6 month membership of the above agency however, this membership was taken out in error and I would now like my money refunded and the membership cancelled... but trying to get in contact with this company has proved impossible. I have 14 days as a 'cooling off'...

Maxnovelty / paint by numbers

Rena S on Dec 22, 2017

I ordered 2 paint by numbers prints from this company on December 10th. They have no way of tracking your purchases on their site. When I emailed the customer service I got an email back directing me to a bogus tracking number that states the order can't be found. I believe this website i...

Amzeeel / cell phone issues fixed

iojij on Nov 28, 2017

I want to submit a complaint about Youtube. You might be asking if Youtube is stelaing meoney from you. Yes you tube is an E Robber. I spent 6 months building my channel. Imagine how much time I wasted on thsi shhit. I just wanted to help people fix theier own cellphone issues. I monetized...

Dennis Donnelly / j2 efax service

Denis Donnelly on Nov 24, 2017

I am being charged 9 pounds a month from this company. For a service I did not want or ask for. I phoned your company. The person on the phone said my card was not registered. I phoned my bank who confirmed this was not true. The company has been using a previous card to which I did not...

Raul Monzon / how to claim the products I bought

Raul Monzon on Nov 19, 2017

I have bought several items with empowr $. What can I do to receive thos products? Thank you: [protected] I have bought several items in different times and I have waited for along time to receive the products but it never happened. Please advice on how can I receive thi...

Gilroy Premier Outlet / lady's wallet

JudyLam on Nov 2, 2017

I reside in Malaysia. In 2014 my family visited USA and I purchased several Coach items at the Gilroy Premier Outlet. I am disappointed to report that my lady's wallet, which I only started using regularly since October 2017 is peeling and cracking and flaking. This is not the...

Sandy Dempsey / my personal account

sandy dempsey on Oct 31, 2017

Please could u give me my account back. I thought I didn't need it anymore and my computer is old and slow so I try to keep as much off as possible well I do miss checking my orders and bidding on items so I would really appreciate if u would consider putting my account back on and I am...

KRM Designs / elephant scented wax accent warmer

Krisi Rae on Oct 29, 2017

KRM DesignsI have had to exchange this product three times back to my local walmart. Of course, I could just get my money back, but I need my art studio to smell nice for the public. My friend said, better homes and gardens is the best for accent warmers, I agree. However, I can not use mine because...

Adrian Freedman Ayahuasca Leader Santo Daime Church Portugal / three ayahuasca retreat centres lost to fire in 2017 - irresponsible use and distribution of santo daime

Anonymous78112 on Oct 20, 2017

Adrian Freedman Ayahuasca Leader Santo Daime Church PortugalAdrian Freedman was responsible for bringing the Santo Daime to Portugal after having legalization issues in the UK with the authorities. He held and hosted many Ayahuasca / Santo Daime ceremonies throughout Portugal, and early in 2017, was warned that improper use of Ayahuasca could...

Adrian Freedman Shakuhachi, Eternal Heart Music, Santo Daime Portugal Monte Mariposa / his publicist and retreat hosts monte mariposa brand spiritual mentor homosexual peodophile and arsonist - no-one apologies

MM1967 on Oct 10, 2017

Adrian Freedman Shakuhachi, Eternal Heart Music, Santo Daime Portugal Monte MariposaAdrian Freedman of the Eternal Heart Santo Daime Group, who is also an advertised shakuhachi music player, uses Monte Mariposa in Tavira Portugal to host retreats, and there is evidence to show that his publicist named Estrela Severino promotes Adrian's Retreats on her Facebook page for...

Benjamin Lemaire / benjamin lemaire

Benjamin lemaire on Oct 9, 2017

Awesome director . I love his movies like Requiem. He deserves an Oscar. I saw all his movies including one with justin bieber and Rihanna. I would love to meet him one day he is so cute. I'm so in love with benjamin lemaire. Benjamin lemaire is my idol. I wanna kiss him. He's the first...

unknown / plagiarism of my client's songs on itunes

John P. Pieroni, Esq., on Oct 5, 2017

My name is John P. Pieroni, Esq., 54 North Taylor Street, Bergenfield, New Jersey [protected]; Telephone [protected]; Facsimile: [protected]; Email: [protected] I am an Attorney licensed to practice law in the State of New Jersey. I have been retained to represent a client, an...

Santo Daime Church Adrian Freedman Eternal Heart / administering class a hallucinogenics to minors / labelling spiritual mentor homosexual peodophile / death threats

comp2063 on Oct 4, 2017

Santo Daime Church Adrian Freedman Eternal HeartAdrian Freedman's Santo Daime Church is a movement that engages in the questionable practices of administering hallucinogenic substances to babies and minors. Regardless of the beliefs of the religion, there is also the right for a minor to choose whether they wish to be administered a powerful...

Monte Mariposa / Andy Pears Adrian Freedman Santo Daime Church Cascais Lisbon / faking private investigator emails/ virile abuse - hosting potentially illegal ayahuasca and cannabis ceremonies and worse

MMIT971 on Oct 4, 2017

Monte Mariposa / Andy Pears Adrian Freedman Santo Daime Church Cascais LisbonIn an attempt to secure apologies and to ensure the Santo Daime Church takes responsibility for their role in me being threatened with death, one of the office workers at Monte Mariposa misused my banking details and inserted them into an email claiming to be a private investigator. The same...

Cascais And Lisbon Santo Daime Church Adrian Freedman / labelling me a homosexual pedophile, involvement in importing dmt substances

bluecascais on Oct 3, 2017

Cascais And Lisbon Santo Daime Church Adrian FreedmanAn anonymous member of the Cascais Santo Daime Church wrote to me and labelled me a homosexual peodophile, and evil. It was because I filed a police report about the activities of the Santo Daime Church importing Ayahuasca into the Algarve for its ceremonies, because I was threatened with death...

Footlite School of Dance / morning star click 1/2"x 5" natural click strand bamboo

knl_3060 on Sep 28, 2017

Footlite School of DanceWe purchased this bamboo flooring as recommended in the advertisement by Lumber Liquidators (LL) for their Dura Dance Flooring system back in September 2014. We were moving into a new studio and wanted to put a quality floor down with the new move. I purchased through corporate office in...

Adrian Freedman of the Santo Daime Church / Eternal Heart Centre / ill suited to lead ayahuasca / santo daime circles, lack of responsibility, condoning questionable / illegal behaviour

MC_21 on Sep 28, 2017

Adrian Freedman of the Santo Daime Church / Eternal Heart CentreIn my opinion Adrian Freedman is ill suited to lead any Santo Daime or Ayahuasca Ceremony in any context and would be well advised to take a big step back and do some internal reflection with regard to the dysfunctions in his own movement (The Santo Daime Church) which believes that I...