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Arts & Humanities Complaints | Page 4

Wantmature / that your not a real service

Mark Bonaventure Griffin on Jul 7, 2018

WantmatureJoined real matures, within minutes was told my profile pic was not allowed even though it was me, theres also replica and stolen photos on your site, it's all a scam, and benuaghty is even worse, your members must be or are actual bots, that reply oh your pic is so sexy want to chat, when...

My name is Mohamed Abdelrazek / my mobile is roaming. I have two major problems.

Abdelrazek on Jul 6, 2018

I live in Trinidad . Today at 15 50 pm Un known mobile number [protected] calls me from Egypt and i did not answer these missed calls, 4 pounds are deducted from my credit. I want to retrieve the 4 pounds to my credit, Since i have reached Trinidad from Egypt i can not make outgoing...

Shobha Brennan @ Gravito Retreat Centre Portugal / ayahuasca fire disaster, illegal substance retreats and not declaring money for tax

H11t2 on Jul 3, 2018

Shobha Brennan is one of the owners of Gravito Retreat Centre destroyed by a prophecized fire in June 2017, 66 people were killed. The place burned down because the Santo Daime collective made fun of a Guru and said he would be murdered, he foresaw fires and deaths, and fires and death...

Clophill Centre Eternal Heart Music Adrian Freedman / performer scandal. threats to murder police witnesses, international substance trafficking

clophill71 on Jul 2, 2018

The Eternal Heart Music record label is founded upon rotten ethical foundations that stem from abuse of various illegal substances including Ayahuasca, cannabis and other things prohibited by law to import and distribute. Adrian Freedman wrote many songs about love and light whilst conducting...

The Clophill Centre / visiting musician involved in death threats against police witnesses and international substance trafficking

CLOPPER72 on Jul 2, 2018

The Clophill CentreHomosexual Peodophile insult and Death Threats Matter still not apologized for by Adrian Freedman, visiting musician at The Clophill Centre it was made by one of his organizers importing the Santo Daime (an illegal substance) without permission, out of pure hatred. Adrian believe...

Eternal Heart Music - Song of the Eternal Heart Adrian Freedman / santo daime catastrophe, threats to murder police witnesses, international substance trafficking

tt65g on Jul 1, 2018

Eternal Heart Music - Song of the Eternal Heart Adrian FreedmanThe Eternal Heart Music record label is founded upon rotten ethical foundations that stem from abuse of various illegal substances including Ayahuasca, cannabis and other things prohibited by law to import and distribute. Adrian Freedman wrote many songs about love and light whilst conducting...

Jaro Buenaventura / impolite, poker face

Lanlie on Jun 30, 2018

She already knew that I will be dining in at 711 tayuman. I already stated its for dine in. But after she punched my orders. She waa waiting for me to do something. I even had to wait for the sauces for my hotdogs. By the way, my hands are just two and they are not enough for me to carry...

Miguel Humblet @ Gravito Retreat Centre Portugal / death threats scandal, metaphysical mistakes, fires, trying to double up on the spiritual guru,

M1866 on Jun 20, 2018

Miguel Humblet @ Gravito Retreat Centre PortugalMiguel humblet in 2014 tried to double up on a spiritual guru, miguel for some inexplicable reason tried to make a spiritual guru pay twice, for an ayahuasca and cannabis 3 day ceremony at gravito in 2014. It was a hot day and the guru had some 700 euros in cash, he thought it might fall out...

Miguel Humblet @ Gravito Retreat Centre. Ayahuasca Ceremonies Portugal / supporting substance dealing, trafficking, death threats and mockery - fire disaster

Y1853 on Jun 19, 2018

Miguel Humblet has a responsibility for the Portugal 2017 fires that killed 66 people in Pedregao Grande that also badly damaged Gravito Retreat Centre. The facts are well substantiated after a spiritual guru threatened with murder by the wider Santo Daime group run by Adrian Freedman and...

Eternal Heart Centre Directors Nancy Swinnen Adrian Freedman / criminal behaviour overseas, importing banned substances across borders, death threats against police witnesses

Echd88 on Jun 18, 2018

Nancy Swinnen and Adrian Freedman are the masterminds of a badly gone wrong importation operation in the UK and Portugal, involving transportation of Class A and/or DMT containing substances across international borders, illegally, in ways to avoid police and customs detection. The role of...

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky / this movie critic, ignatiy vishnevetsky, completely smeared and bashed a worthy faith-based film.

Truth About Critics on Jun 10, 2018

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, the movie critic, is a world-class [censored]. He brutally attacked and smeared a faith-based movie, mocking the filmmakers and ridiculing their work. He's a proud atheist. He maligned a worthy family movie (with no profanity) behind that stupid newspaper 'The...

Thomas Wayne / art buyer scam

Utreviolet on Jun 8, 2018

Greetings;How are you!my name is Thomas wayne from north carolina, i actually observed my wife viewing your artwork on my computer i must confess you got a great and amazing work and all your work are wife is an artwork lover in all it divine, colorful life and beauty of...

Kansas Discovery Center Topeka / misappropriation of funding

Hollywood Sucks on Jun 7, 2018

Sean Diddy Combs of Revolt Television in Los Angeles made a generous donation to the Kansas Discovery center for families of the Topeka Rescue Mission at the Hope Center located at 600 N Kansas Avenue in Topeka KS 66608, for families to have a year pass. Debra Saab is the director of the...

Roadway Inn Motel / east indian corrupt family

Hollywood Sucks on Jun 7, 2018

Don't stay at the Roadway In located at 1410 Admiral Blvd in Kansas City Missouri. It's owned by a corrupt East Indian crime family. The people who run the front desk act like they can't speak English. They lock you out of your room, disable the heat in the winter or air conditioning in...

Putting King of Queen back on at 10 EST / mom is disgraceful

Mary Osborne on Jun 5, 2018

King of Queens is funny and not insulting in anyway just clean and funny. Mom's has to be disrespectful degrading or just down right Nasty to create a punch line. Totally unacceptable for the youth of today. We want better for our children. The youth of today deserves better than a woman...

Joann Fabric and Crafts / fabric selection is very limited.

Michele Gorman Boyd on Jun 1, 2018

At 70, I can look back on decades of sewing and crafting, for my personal use and as a costumer and as a business at one point. When I heard the Pottstown, PA store was moving back to the adjacent mall and would have more room I was hopeful the fabric selection would improve. I walked out...

Aldrin Alex Fraud Scam Fake / great rip off liar abusive

anonymous576 on May 29, 2018

He is a very scary person who should be put in a cage. I came online and read reviews about him and got scared, I have not worked in his company but I have exprncied very very bad things which I cannot write on public forum... Just beware people of this man he stays in mumbai... And...

Tianmai Jade Jewelry / fake jewelry (included in the hwajing tour package)

Erica pink on May 25, 2018

Tianmai Jade JewelryWe got scam at this shanghai jewelry store!!! This store looks pretty legit from the outside of the building cuz It has a 3-4 stories with a lot of pretty big jade/ruby displays in the store. however the so called "workers" in the store are a bunch of scammers!!! When we first walked in...

Lily Hachar Dance Studio / baby ballet

Rich42082 on May 20, 2018

Extremely Disappointed. Waited all year to watch the show, blinked once during the show and missed our daughter's performance. Since you're not able to watch your kids during practice you don't know what to expect. We feel scammed that we paid all this money to watch our daughters perform...

toilet / service for the toilet at night

jules bosse on May 18, 2018

Complaint about the tim horton at souris P.E.I. Canada. Been there few years ago from isle de la madeleine so I was biking stop at tim order a lunch around 4 am and ask the peoples for toilet there is no public toilet at night ask them for used there toilet never never so I was angry maybe...