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DeVries Global

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Guy Hepner

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Stage 32

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Firebird Arts & Music Of Oregon

3 Reviews

Gravito Retreat Center

8 Reviews

Park West Gallery

15 Reviews

Art Futures Group

6 Reviews

Marina Reiter Art

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3 Reviews

Ballet Tucson

1 Review

Atlantic Music Center

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4 Reviews


5 Reviews

Oriental Trading Company

14 Reviews

The Josey Agency

1 Review

Russian Art and Books

1 Review

Sing Your Style Studio

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Europic Art

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Jim Laabs Music

8 Reviews


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Stanley Casselman

2 Reviews

The Forge Yoga Centre Totnes

2 Reviews

Staci Gunar

2 Reviews


2 Reviews

Satori Ink

2 Reviews

2 Reviews

Kathy Kramer

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2 Reviews


3 Reviews

Prom Gown Dress

2 Reviews

Movie Theater

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Real Player Plus

2 Reviews

Lily Hachar Dance Studio

3 Reviews

cpr card

2 Reviews

Martin Barter

2 Reviews

International Society of Poets

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5 Reviews

Fine Art Treasures Gallery

2 Reviews

Latest Reviews of Arts & Humanities Category

Karuna Manning Breath and Sound Lagos InLight Yoga — Hiding drug traffickers, pedofile slander, mocking witnesses as retards, tracking witnesses, murder threats

Karuna Manning stopped laughing when she realized tracking witnesses in Court cases was not funny. Karuna...

Breath and Sound Lagos Johannes Maasland (Hanuman) — 14 kilos of cannabis, lsd, ayahuasca arrests algarve, homosexual pedophile smears, facing prison

Johannes Maasland facing prison for drug trafficking, homosexual pedophile smears, threats of violence. A man...

Max Novelty Kwai Chung — Paint by numbers

This is not a complain; I just want to know where my order is? I bought it on line... never got a refer...

Max Novelty paint by numbers — Ordered two sets not received

I ordered two sets March 30. It says if not heard anything in 15 days to contact them. I have contacted them...

Santo Daime Church Austria Adrian Freedman — Slandering shamans as homosexual pedophiles and sick rapists, threats to murder witnesses to supreme court

Criminalization of Santo Daime Church involved in Mocking Shamans as Mentally Sick and Slandering a...

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Flavio Almeida, Gracia Barra — greed and selfiousness

As schools, businesses, sporting events and most gatherings are being canceled most Jiu-Jitsu schools in the...

Assistant Dean at Judy Genshaft Honors College — warning: dr. catherine wilkins protects sexual harassers at usf!

WARNING: Dr. Catherine Wilkins Protects SEXUAL HARASSERS AT USF! ++++++++ Dr. Catherine Wilkins: A Champion...

Super Bowl Halftime Show — Super bowl halftime show 2020

I was very shocked at the disgusting 2020 halftime show performed by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. The...

11 Wall Art / Valentina Solovieva — art reproduction

This company advertises on Instagram and claims to reproduce any photo/picture/art piece in a large size from...

David C Bear — unethical movie reviewer

Warning about a guy named David C Bear. He attacked a film called 'Canal Street' on the internet. He like...

Army Captain (Charles.Powell) Pedophile Jailed PEDO — pedophile sex offender real estate surveyor army

Charles Powell mens health cover star has been jailed for two and a half years for pedophilia after spending...

DC Public Library Mt Pleasant — childrens films with occult blood innuendo

This is the second time I am trying to post. Evidently the public computer blocks complaints from posting...

Sinchi Runa — ayahuasca retreats illegal in portugal admit retreat guru, police raids, murder threats and pedophile slurs

When Joanne Clark and others at Retreat Guru were confronted for their role in making trouble for those...

Cameron Wenaus CEO Retreat Guru — involvement in witness intimidation, posting death threats, police raids, threats of violence, drug trafficking, assisting offenders

Cameron Wenaus and others of Retreat Guru were confronted for their role in making trouble for those helping...

Heng Tailing Waqrehouse C. Ltd. — online shopping:- sale!! — mini diy lathe and angle grinder sanding belt adaptor

Hi. I purchased both these items on-line on 28/09/2019. As you can see the description of the goods clearly...

Noriko Moonbird Takahashi and Adrian Freedman Totnes — threats to murder witnesses. mocking court witness as mentally sick, class a drug trafficking, 203 police reports, criminalization of santo daime

Threats to Murder Spiritual Teachers, Mocking Court Witnesses as mentally sick, Drug Trafficking, Pedophile...

Noriko Moonbird Takahashi and Adrian Freedman — clearly deranged, mental sickness issues, tax fraud, named in police reports and court injunctions, abusing babies and children with drugs

Noriko Moonbird Takahashi and Adrian Freedman are clearly mentally deranged and sick individuals involved in...

Michelle Heinz Retreat Guru COO Deryk Wenaus @ Retreat Guru Canada — named in police reports, posting witness intimidation, data violations, murder threats, trafficking in substances, assisting fugitives to post threats

Retreat Guru, Michelle Heinz and Deryk Wenaus COO of Retreat Guru were confronted for their role in making...

Zen House Norway with Adrian Freedman, Santo Daime Norway — threats to murder spiritual teachers, mocking court witness as mentally sick, drug trafficking, pedophile insults, death threats

Threats to Murder Spiritual Teachers, Mocking Court Witness as mentally sick, Drug Trafficking, Pedophile...

Citizens of America — expanding the truth of humanity

Occupaion: SURVIVING Interests: THE AMERICAN TRAGEDY Biography: SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT Thomas Paine in hi...

Milan Gallery — false advertising, false address, location shut down march 2018, business not registered in texas

Leasing Company for property located at 404 Houston Street, Fort Worth, Texas has verified that Milan Gallery...

The N.F.L. — colin kaepernick

Yes, Finally we were able to enjoy football again . Now I see Kaepernick showing up again! Bringing this so...

My dog missing from 2 days — I want my dog back

મારા ઘર ની બહાર એક કૂતરું હતું જે કાલ નું દેખાતું નથી તો તમે એને લઇ ગયા હોય તો મેહરાબની કરીને પાછું મૂકી જાવ...

Srivari Kadiyam — copper bracelets

I'm a piligrim in Tirumala regularly visiting to TTD on two days before I'm coming by walk steps on reaching...

Luxury Nail Bar — piss poor filthy nail place

Disgusting place. FYI, they pay people $5 for good reviews. Took a nail file they used on someone for...