Burlington Northern Santa Fe [BNSF]new hire process

M May 28, 2018

I would like to file a complaint/dispute on BNSF for complete unprofessionalism. On 12/26/2017 I applied for a position with BNSF Railroad. On 01/05/2018 I received the conditional offer email. On 01/25/2018 I successfully completed the medical exam and was able to move forward with the hiring process. Then on 02/08/2018 I received an email and phone call from Delali Agblevor stating Experian Background Checking was reporting a different birth year on my background report through First Advantage. On 02/09/2018 I started a dispute with Experian Background Checking to correct this discrepancy and the dispute was completed that same day (02/09/2018). I received an updated background check from First Advantage, was told all was well to proceed with my hiring process not only from First Advantage but BNSF as well through numerous phone calls and emails from BNSF new hire, Delali Agblevor herself and First Advantage on 03/12/2018 as well as weeks prior for my own piece of mind. On 03/12/2018 I received my confirmation email from BNSF new hire that I had completed all required background, medical and everything required to start a career with BNSF. Then on 04/19/2018 I received a denial letter from BNSF new hire stating that my birth year had actually never been corrected nor did Experian ever follow up with First Advantage. I also received a phone call from Delali Agblevor stating the confirmation letter was a mistake and she confirmed I was actually denied employment at BNSF.

I cannot express the unprofessionalism of not only First Advantage but also BNSF new hire employees and representatives of BNSF throughout this horrific hiring process. If I had been informed of Experian's lack of follow through at the time of my many phone calls/emails with First Advantage, Delali herself and other BNSF new hire staff, I could have pushed for the discrepancy to be cleared up in a timely manner. Instead I was strung along for months thinking that I was going to start a new career with BNSF. To get someone's hopes up on such unprofessional and irresponsible levels is uncalled for. BNSF and First Advantage have affected my life as well as my family's life tremendously. I believe that BNSF should review not only First Advantage as a third party representation but their own employees as well and new hire process. I am left now to fight First Advantage, BNSF and Experian Background Checking on my own. I am currently filing complaints/disputes with Experian, the BBB on First Advantage, Experian and BNSF, The Attorney General, as well as The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I have lost time and money fighting this that I will never get back. The amount of stress and anxiety endured is extensive. I will take this as far as I have to to help ensure this does not happen to anyone else. I expect a phone call and email on how BNSF is going to rectify this situation as well as correct my good name with the company for any career opportunities I may apply for in the future.

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