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Complaints & Reviews

shocking customer service

There was this cs rep who was almost threatening to attack me and my husband. He was so rude and casual about his job. When my husband asked a query he just pointed a finger while chewing gum or something...

He just kept arguing and not being respectful of the fact that customers have to be treated with courtesy..

scammers and liars

Burlington Coat Factory has made several advertisement on their new return policy. However, they neglect to include the important details of the policy. In addition, the return policy is posted on the second level of the store, the check out line is on the first level. Yes, it is in the fine print on BACK of the receipt, after you have made your purchase.

I made a purchase on 4/6/08 by electronic check. The funds cleared my account the same day. I then returned half of the total purchase on 4/24/08 only to find out that I could not get a cash refund, I would have to wait an additional 14 days from the return date to have a check mailed to me.

I expressed my dissatisfaction because payment was received via EFT 18 days ago, what is the purpose of having me wait another 14 days for my refund? The only purpose I can see is either they have a very outdated inefficient system, or they are a struggling company trying to hold on to consumer monies as long as possible or attempt not to return the funds at all.

I contacted Customer Service, spoke with Pat after being disconnected twice, and was told "this is the best they can do". I informed Pat, in this age of technology and competition, their best is not good enough. I will never shop at Burlington Coat Factory again.

They advertise their new return policy, but don't ever try to use it. There is a twist to it not in your favor.

  • M1
    m10j05 Jun 12, 2010

    Well unfortunately, you did not take a look at your receipt. At the bottom of a receipt from paying with checks, there is a specifically noticeably part that lists the terms about it taking 14 days to return money from checks back to you. And you, like so many others, took it out on a cashier who makes minimum wage rather than call the corporate office to complain. These policies are made at corporate level. And furthermore, I have worked at Burlington Coat Factory in the past and ALL 12 of the registers at the store are from the 1970s or earlier and even if all 12 are down at the same time, corporate still refuses to spend the money to replace them. That would also be something you would need to talk to corporate about. Although I'm sure its no surprise they can't afford it when half of the customers are thieves and the other half purposely damage merchandise so they can receive a discount on already discounted prices.

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lack of customer service

I came to get my layaway off for a winter coat and an outfit on Wednesday and instead I got nothing. First I waited for 45 mins just for a man to come from the back to talk to a manager and say he couldn't find it. Then the manager proceeds to ask me how did the cashier find me in the system when I wasn't in it. I told her she looked it up from my phone number and she wrote the rest down. So the manager left for all of 1 min to tell me that it was canceled and there was nothing she could do for me. I asked her how was it canceled if the cashier whose name was Angie found me and never said anything about it the manager then said she didn't know. I am 9 months pregnant and my fiancee had came up to the same Burlington 2 days prior asking could he get my layaway for me because I am suppose to be relaxing right now. The lady that he talked to told him no and he explained the situation to her and still nothing. I am very upset and would like a full apology from someone because on this site and my receipt it clearly says a store voucher and a 5.00 cancellation fee I didn't get either. While I was in that same store I watched this same young man say 3 times including mine that people's layaway wasn't back there so obviously someone needs to step up and take blame for this because that is not how a business should be ran..

  • Er
    Erika Cherland Apr 10, 2011

    The two girls that work at the dressing rooms today were more worried about the conversation they were having then helping the customers. I got out of the dressing room with the clothes that did not fit so i ask one of the girls, were can i put this? she ignore me for a little bet because she was talking with the other girl and then, she look at me like if i was been rude for interrupting her conversation. She told me ti put the clothes in a basket and then she kept talking and talking with the other girl. That must be nice to have a jog were they pay you to talk and not work .

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  • Er
    Erika Cherland Apr 10, 2011

    Today the two girls that work at the dressing rooms were more worried about the good conversation they were having then helping the customers. I ask them were could i put the clothes that did not fit and they ignore me for a little bit, and then one of the girls look at me like if i was been rude for interrupting the conversation they were having. She told me to put the clothes inside a basket and then they kept talking and talking. I thought they were there to help customers not to talk to each other .

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I have been currently working at Burlington Coat Factory store #471 for a year in the youth dept. i have to...

never again!

I went into Burlington Coat Factory to put some toys for my son on layaway for Christmas. I gave a CASH down payment to the clerk at the time of my purchase. I came back a week later to pick up the items but the store employees were having difficulty finding my items. I stood at the customer service station for over an hour waiting for them to locate the toys..no luck. The store employees were not sympathetic at all...only occasionally acknowledging my presence and saying"they're still looking".

I got tired of waiting for my order so I asked for my money back. The clerk told me that I would have to wait to receive my money back in the form of a check in the mail since they would have to deem it a "Lost Layaway". She said that it should arrive in 7-10 business days.

After about 3 weeks of waiting I called the corporate office to check on the status but the woman said that I would have to wait until the check had been out for 30 days and if I still hadn't received it then I should call back and she would put a stop-payment on the check and issue another one.

It has now been a month since my layaway was lost and I have still not gotten my money back. I called the woman back today and she said that she would do the stop-payment and that my check should go out tomorrow. I asked her if I could have the check sent overnight or Certified Mail so that it would require a signature for delivery, but she simply said "NO". So, basically I have been waiting a month to get a refund on a transaction that was cancelled because thy were unable to locate my layaway and I could potentially wait another month if the check does not come this time.


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return dissatisfaction



I was working at Burlington Coat Factory as a Loss Prevention Associate. My manager asked me to inform a lady who was in the store with an empty back pack that she had to leave the bag with customer service. Upon doing so the lady became irate, and went and complained to the same manager, who then denied knowing anything about the incident. The lady left the store. About 10 minutes later I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, thinking that lady was long gone. She had been waiting out there the entire time. When she saw me she began issuing threats, and and saying, "did you tell me to kiss your ###, " I continued ignoring this person. She then ran back into the store, and almost immidiately back out. Upon exiting again she said, "I know who you are, " she said my first and last name and then said, "I'm gonna get you now!" I immidiately went into the store to ask my manager why she gave this woman who was issuing threats to me my last name and she began yelling. My complaint is that not only did this manager know that she should not be giving personal information about employees to hostile people, but that she did so knowing that the person was yelling threats at me. I quit Burlington Coat Factory during this incident, and hope never to work for a company that has such disregard for its employees again.

  • Th
    ThePoleCat Oct 28, 2009

    Damn. The store manager sounds like a spineless ###.

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  • Ki
    kimberely123 Aug 22, 2010

    So first of all i like to talk about the dating we have there at Burlington Coat factory in Mundelein, IL. I didn't know that its okay for people whom are managers to date there staff their employees. They show favoritism to there men only. You can work as hard as you like but you never get an promotion if your an lady working there. they pick on you always & say nothing but negatives things to say to you. If it isn't you color that keeps you from getting head than its because your an lady. It plain and simple BAD management is there and Corporate does nothing to help there employees. You can complain over an thousand times and they do nothing. They talk about code of ethics respecting each other... why do it if the Store Manager slanders you every chance he gets. Really why work for an company that doesn't values its employees or workers they have... They would rather hire outside the store than promoting within. WOW I don't what to do about this problem we have in Mundelein, IL. Please help...

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  • Mr
    Mrs Cooper 504 Dec 14, 2010

    On Dec.13, 2010, my teenage children and I were victims of racial profiling...We are all African American and a tall family. I was bundled with a jacket and coat and two scarves...I also had on a winter hat...As soon as we started looking at coats, a man (which was the manager) pretended to arrange coats near us that was already neatly in place...I originally went to the store to get an outfit and my son's opinion about a coat I thought he'd like...I asked about layaway, but that wasn't available...I left my kids in that section and went to another department...another employee started watching them...As my son was trying on the coat and getting a feel of the coat, my daughter noticed a loose security tag on the inside of the coat...when she went to touch it, it came off and she sat it on the coat stand...since we were coming back on Dec. 16, my son wanted to assure that the coat he liked was still there so he put it in another place because we couldn't put it on layaway...At this point there are 3 people following us around the store...we went looking around for prospective Christmas gifts and the they all surrounded us and said you all have to leave our store and I said for what cause? They tried to accuse us of trying to steal the coat and I told them we don't need to steal anything from the store and he couldn't make us leave under accusations...so the manager asked where the coat was and my son showed him and told him we were coming back to get it... the manager said as far as he knows, we could come to steal later because that's what thieves do...I told him I know people do that around the holidays, but he had the wrong family...the tags were still on the coat...
    Meanwhile there was another lady of a different ethnicity with her big purse open looking at watches and no one followed her through the store...makes me question the motive of following my family..
    The manager, security (which the manager called) and the employee were loud and rude and began discussing the situation with other employees...After I made my purchase, I saw an employee pointing at us to another employee as we were exiting...
    That was the first time in my life I’ve ever been so embarrassed and accused of stealing…I would never put myself or my family in that kind of predicament… My husband and I work hard for everything our family owns…

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  • Ho
    horrible people here Jan 20, 2014

    I was employed in Burlington I have never seen such horrible employers lazy unprofessional. They sit in the office chattig laughing all day and then when they know the head people are coming they run everyone like crazy and then actually do some work, managers dating other employees as far s loss prevention the manger told them to just keep it low key when Colleen hed of Human resources gave them a tip that someone complained also very unprofessional. They chilled out for a while and now its starting up gain along with the harassing of other employees. These people in HR do nothing if they dont notice the revolving door of employees in that store. In 2 months I have seen close to 20 people quit. Its a disgrace the way employees are treated and the favortism with others. Due to personal relationship the Security man there treats people with the least respect of all. He is always in personal business as well as telling employees what to do outside his position and is just totally allowed. When I called to complain anonymous The head of HR told them names of the people that report so employees just take the abuse and harassment. Diane manager Horrible doesn't care never comes out of office unless again the head Honchos are coming, Holly only manager that gets down and dirty and respects others. Its shame to see some of these people quit because they need a job but this store is like going to Junior high school DRAMA FROM THE TOP ALL THE WAY DOWN. I quit do to all this especially the harassment from Loss prevention, we were called in to office for any and everything he wanted to report it was ridiculous. He stopped briefly as they separated the 2 when finding out he is dating manager now hes back to the store and back to his No good ways. No one should have to deal with this nd there also is a policy about it and its disregarded. Colleen for HR made aware and did nothing blamed every employee well see the turn aruund on How many people have worked there the last few months A DISGRACE!!!

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damaged diamond

Burlington sells damaged diamonds. I had an issue over a damaged diamond ring my husband purchased a few...

poor customer service

I went to Burlington Coat Factoryto purchase a Ski Jacket. Several of the Columbia 3 in 1 interchange jacket...

customer service / no return

I purchased a coat from Burlington coat factory less than a month ago. I went to return yesterday and the...

bad quality product!

I purchased A pair of mixmatched Shoes, I thought they were size 10. only to find out when 2wks. later when I...

scam and cheating!

Burlington Store Complaint Store # [protected] on 11/26/07 I’d like to speak to someone in regards to...

bad business practices

Company uses false investigations to terminate corporate employees and then does not grant vacation pay and...

poor service!

I cant believe the store has any costumers left by the way they treat there customers. My daughter registered at the baby depot. I had to order a bedding set because they didn't have at the store.They called me told me it was in and they automatic put it on layaway. I had a coupon to use but because the item was already on sale I couldn't use it. If the item was on clearance i could have. They have a big sign up in the store how they will never leave there customers unhappy. Well this customer was very unhappy and even customer relations left me unhappy. They don't really care about there customers. They just want to stick to there guns. Also the person in the store which name was arron was very rude. I shop in the store at Peoria Illinois. Which I wont be shopping there anymore and will tell others not to shop there. Thank you very much for reading this complaint!

Polly Marion 814 s pleasant hill rd East Peoria,Illinois 61611.

  • Ja
    James Stein - Livonia, MI May 23, 2008

    I completely agree with all the complaints and also wonder how Burlington Coat has survived all this time by treating its customers like crap. I bought a hand-held video game on the premise that it worked. When I got home and opened the package, it did not work. I figured the battery included must have needed replacing. When I opened up the back, I found the included battery had ruptured and leaked battery acid all over the battery compatment rendering the unit permanently damaged. When I tried to return it, I was told store credit only. They had no other games in stock for me to exchange it for. I bought the game in good faith assuming it would work, but now they keep my money for store credit only. I feel they stole my money under false pretenses, and for $8.47, they lost a customer for life. That was back in 1996. I used to spend between $120-$150 per year at that chain before that incident. I was afraid to ever buy anything in that store again, fearing it would be defective, and I would be out the money. I still wonder how they are still in business!!

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  • Bl
    blouses May 01, 2009

    i waited in line when they finally noticed me was told to go to another register did that the cashier says shes frozen cant get in she just looks at me no one comes to help well fine dont care o k i walked lost over150.00 sale terrible [email protected]

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  • Bl
    blouses May 01, 2009

    i work in the service area also i would have lost my job if i ever treat my customer like that

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  • Ll
    L. Little Oct 09, 2010

    I agree 100%!!! I am currently trying to contact a district manager due to the lack of good customer service. Because my beloved grandmother died a few days ago, I was in Burlington shopping for clothing for the funeral. I'd spent approximately 2 hours matching up items (suits, shirts, ties and shoes) for my children to wear to the funeral and the wake. As I was checking out, the cashier called the manager for an over-ride due to a clearance markdown. The manager refused to acknowledge the marked down price. Her reasoning, as she stated, was that the price was marked down in pen. She stated that they never do markdowns in pen. I asked if she were implying that I had marked the item down myself. I really didn't appreciate that implication. She went to check the price of the other suits. It wasn't an astronomical discount. The $34.99 price was cut to $21.98 . Because it was a clearance item, it was the last one. However, the manager noticed that it was mis-matched. The jacket was a size 10 and the pants were an 8. The suit jacket and pants were tagged together with the price tag. I hadn't noticed that myself. However, with only one day until the funeral and 4 children to find items for, I would have still bought it. I asked if the price was slashed due to the suit being mis-matched. I assumed that since there was not another one like that, it had probably been marked down for that reason. The manager was soooooo extremely rude and refused to honor that price. I stated to her that I was not employed there, and that it was not my job to identify mis-priced items or mis-matched items. She stated that as an employee, the could not possibly check the prices as they are being tagged and put out onto the sales floor. At that point, I requested the number of a District Manager. I was provided a hand written paper that consisted of a first name "Ron" (no last name). It took the manager approximately 10 minutes to look that info. up. I was sooooo dis-satisfied that I refused to purshase the other items that I had chosen (shirts, ties, pants, and 2 pair of dress shoes! The manager was disrespectful, mean and out right rude. I tried the number given to me, and the answering machine message that I received did not identify the "Ron" person as a District Manager for Burlington! I am so upset. Now, I am forced to start shopping all over again for a service that will be held tomorrow. If anyone has any contact info, please share. I certainly will never shop there again!!!

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unfair return policy!

My wife and I purchased a ceramic bowl a few weeks ago. We notived that it began sloughing off it's color and figured it was defective. I tried to return it to Burlington and was told I would get a gift card because the item had no price tag. I had a receipt. I took off the price tag figuring we would be keeping the item. I had to accept the gift card for the return or keep a defective item. I took the card. Your policy on returns is unfair for those items that turn out to be defective. You need to have a different policy on items that turn out to be defective. This was a one of a kind item so exchange was not an option.

  • Mg
    MG Apr 03, 2007

    I had a very bad experience at Burlington Coat Factory (Greensboro) for return. I was treated with no respect. The lady in customer service and the Manager both treated me very disrespectful way.

    I bought a boaster car seat from Burlington Coat Factory. Since this was my 1st time purchase in Burlington Coat Factory, at cashier I asked her the return policy. She told me that I can return it for a full credit

    - If I don’t use it
    - have original packing
    - The receipt
    - And returning in 30 days of purchase

    The booster car seat I bought didn’t work well for my kid. It looked like may be after a year he will be ready for a booster car seat so, I decided to return it. I went to Burlington Coat Factory (Greensboro) to return the car seat. The car seat was new still in plastic, in box and I had my receipt and I was returning with in 30 day period. But still she refused to refund my money back. Saying why did I opened the box and they don’t take it back if the box is open. I don’t understand if you don’t open the box and looked at the seat how you will know that it will work for your kid or not. She refused to take it back and told me that they don’t accept any return on Bady items that include high chair, car seat.... and its Burlington Coat Factory policy. I asked her to show me the policy in writing. No were they have that policy in writing. I was really upset because when I asked them about the return policy they didn’t tell me about this new policy of no return if box is open. Definitely I would have not bought that booster car seat if I would have known about this policy. The way customer service lady and Manager were treating me I felt so bad as if I got this item for free and I am trying to make money on it now. They were like making faces and talking very rudely. I will never buy anything from Burlington Coat Factory never in my life. It seems like their Customer Service and Manager makes store policies depending upon situation. Will never never never…. Shop in Burlington Coat Factory in my life.

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no cash refund

Recently, I fell victim to what I now realize it is a very common scam. The Burlington Coat Factory No Cash...

return policy problem

I am very unhappy with the way your store policy of returns are. If that's the way your going to run...

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