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On August 9th I purchased a meal from burger king and used my stamp card. Which the Cashier accidentally punched the breakfast portion of the card instead of the lunch meal. So instead of having a free meal I was still one punch away. I didn't think much of it or that it would be a problem if I tried to use it later. The next day August 10, I tried to use the card and the cashier said she couldn't accept it. I explained I was just here yesterday and she punched it in the wrong spot. She asked me if I had a receipt to prove it and I did. So she called the manager over and he said sorry there is nothing he can do, To make sure they stamp it in the correct spot next time. I honestly think the manager had more than enough authority to resolve this situation but he completely refused and in the end I had to pay for the meal and received my last punch for my card. I've worked customer service before and I think this manager has a lot to learn. I obviously proved to be a loyal customer I don't think anyone would attempt to make a fuss over a punch card unless they were right and felt cheated. This happened at the Burger King on Yokota Airbase Japan. The name of the Manager was Mr. Satoshi.


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    rebecca huffman Sep 17, 2007

    Went to burger king in meadville PA, and was very disappointed with the service. I received a cold sandwich and cold fries. my diet coke was so flat it was unbearable to drink. I had to pour it out. I shouldn't have to put up with poor service when I am paying good money for good service. This isn't the first time this has happened and maybe it's time to replace some employees because there not doing their job!

    Thank you for your time!
    Rebecca Huffman.

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  • Ka
    kajalmangal Sep 25, 2007

    I was actually suprised about the service that I got today from Buger King---store #3341....... there was no napkin,no ketchup to eat with and the worst thing was that I had to wait for 15 minutes to pick up my food..
    i was not happy at all.

    When I we customer pay good coin than we expect the good service in return.... I got so upset... i hope someone can do something about it.(surrey,b.c,canada) I hope someone can do something about it

    Your sincerly

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  • Ja
    Janet Kralovec Oct 08, 2007

    We went to Burger King today with my entire family including my 83 year old mother in law. That included my 17 year old son, 21 year old daughter and husband. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, obviously to cut down on calories; my daughter ordered chicken fingers for the same reason. My son and husband odered double whoopers. My mother in law a small whooper. My son and I had so much sauce (and this is always the case) that you could have coated an entire canoe with it. Why OH why do they have to put a ton on sauce on each sandwich. Could they just reduce it by 1/2? The sandwiches were slipping and sliding all over and unappealing, too many calories and sloppy and hard to eat!

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  • Me
    melanie smith Oct 17, 2007

    I was in the Jefferson City, Tn BurgerKing last Friday and ordered a breakfast. I was charged an extra forty cents for a chocolate milk when the sign that was posted said choice rules. I do not drink coffee and I wanted a healthy choice of beverage to go with my breakfast combo. I do not feel that I should have been penalized because I wanted to drink. This is not the first time that this has happened to me at Burger King. But, as the old saying goes, this was the straw that broke the camel's back. I had had enough. I felt that it was time that something was said. It is not always this same BurgerKing restaurant. I feel like it is company policy and it is time that company policy changes.

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  • Ca
    Carmen Lara Dec 31, 2007

    My family and i were at the burger king on Rio Grand st and the service was very poor we waited a long time for the food. Also when we finally got the food the order was all wrong. So we told them it was wrong and could they please give us the food we ordered. The person rolled her eyes and yelled at another worker to get the order right.The worker came back to the window and gave us something else we didn't ask for. We told the worker and she slammed the window and yelled again saying "The costumer claims that she did not order this". After waiting a long time we finally got the food we ordered. I think that the burger king on Rio Grand in Victoria was very rude to us for there mistake. A lot of my other friends think that this burger king is rude also.

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  • Ch
    Chloe lara Dec 31, 2007

    i have been to this burgerking and i think they are really rude also!

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  • De
    Dean Jan 01, 2008

    So don't eat there again, go somewhere else!

    Its obvious they do not want you as customers, and the more they do this to the less customers they will have.

    You can blame management, you can blame the employees, but thats what happens when you put a bunch of idiots with no education in control of a franchise.

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  • Cr
    craig Jan 11, 2008

    It seems that all drive thrus get my order wrong 80% of the time. The reasons why follow:
    1. The intercoms are terrible. (I can make a crystal clear phone call across the globe but not communicate 30 feet?)
    2. I do not speak Spanish or Ebonics. (I realize I need to be more diverse, anyone know of a Ebonics/Spanish class in Ohio)
    3. The only people that speak any reasonable form of English working in fast food are the teenage kids that are so stoned that everyone that comes into the store looks like the "King" or "Ronald McDonald".

    I would personally pay more for the "food" I receive if it was handled by someone with competency. Of course the extra cost of the "food" would be spent on hiring more competent workers.

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  • Cr
    craig Jan 11, 2008

    I forgot the best part! I ordered a whooper with cheese, and thats what I got. A whooper with only cheese, nothing else, just a bun a slab of meat and cheese. I guess it would be insane to think they would leave the rest of the stuff on and just added cheese.

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  • As
    A Swisky Jan 16, 2008

    Watch out for that female midget behind the counter with glasses. She is the worst employee at this location. This is the BK about two blocks south of the 134 Freeway on Central Ave. I gave her my order and she talks into her microphone at the same time repeating my order. When she doesn't hear something I said (because she is talking also) and you correct her, she starts fuming and infers that it is your fault. When I see her back there, I usually avoid her line and go with other employee.

    Otherwise, the food is hot, fresh, and the other employees are reasonably appropriate.

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  • Ma
    MARK L LEVIN Jan 20, 2008

    First off I am not a racist but if you are going to put someone at the register at least they should understand english as it the language of this country. I ordered 2 breakfast sandwiches and handed the cashier a coupon. I noticed the register rang up biscuits when I ordered crossandwhiches. She seemed to be confused about the coupon and another employee came up and they both started talking in Spanish which I felt was rude. I overheard biscuit a couple times when I finally had to say something about what I was trying to order. Took way to long to get my food and then I didn't even get a receipt so I could call and complain to the company about it.

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  • Ss
    SS Feb 17, 2008

    Drive thru service in Warminster PA burger king on February 16 of 2008 in the afternoon period was very anguishing, after telling the drive thru attendant to "hold on", while taking my order, at this point she was asking me what drink I would like, she then started being very rude, intimidating and loud to me the customer after I didn’t respond right on her request. Upon reaching the casher I told him the situation. He then asked me if I would like to speak with a manager. The manager then deny that her employee was capable of such acts & that my complaint was not valid, also didn’t really take me serious, now on receiving my order the drive thru attendant laugh with a cynical smirk telling me "have a nice day ", at this point I was convinced that a circus Warminster burger king ran, with poor training of there teenage staff. Now to top it off my order was incorrect. I didn’t bother going back to be frustrated with there incompetence. I am not angry in any way, though I felt I was treated with ignorance.

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  • Be
    Becky Feb 18, 2008

    On Feb. 18 2008 at 11:56 am we went to burger king drive thru to get lunch. when we got home I realized that the kids meal I recieved with a milk, the milk container had been opened and was more than half gone. when I called and talked to the manager he admited that this has happened before, I could'nt believe it, I said to him that you'd think that they would be more alert. he had nothing to say after that. I think there must be a problem there and the management is not doing there job. Thank god I got to the milk first before my 3 year old granddaughter. Who knows what could have happened if she would have drank it.

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  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Feb 29, 2008

    Only lazy people use the drive thru. Don't be so lazy.

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  • Sh
    Shaquira Colon Mar 07, 2008

    I to had a bad customer service experience with Burger King. I ordered a 4 piece chicken tenders for my daughter at the drive thru. I GOT THE BAG..NO TENDERS. I tried to take it in the restaurant but the line was long. I went back through the drive thru told the employee what happened she in return got smart I went and got the tenders and the other employee shot the bag at me and slamed the window in my face. I will think twice before visiting this Burger King and it's ashame because I like the food but they got to teach employees CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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  • Sh
    Shaquira Colon Mar 07, 2008

    Bad customer service... Got order wrong... disrespectful and rude!

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  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Mar 17, 2008

    I wouldn't feed Burger King to my dog.

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  • El
    elaine solon Apr 10, 2008

    It is utterly disgusting -the burger king here in old san juan puerto rico. I am an american who recently moved to the island upon retirement with my husband and son. this morning while passing in front of burger king, this dirty (not homeless--as no one is truly homeless here--begger woman- for drugs--) was walking into the burger king wearing only a t-shirt--no pants, NOT EVEN UNDERWEAR!carrying her very dirty quilt in with her. This isn't the first time I saw such dirty people enter there. They use restrooms-here there is a high % of people with drug related aids-it is so dirty in there--we won't go--thousands of tourists from all over the world come to this port on cruises each week--and my grandchildren come to visit--and of course burger king is familiar and all want to go--i would never submit any of my family or friends to this horrific experience. It is disgusting for a company as large as yours to let this go on. You must have some control.Letting the franchise owner know is one thing--HE ALREADY KNOWS! WHAT A DISGRACE!

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  • Jo
    joe Apr 10, 2008

    You should have stayed in the U.S. You want U.S. rules in a country that you are trying to take advantage of with higher dollar power. Just because you didn't save enough for retirement here... stop complaining.

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  • Sh
    shannon Apr 17, 2008

    Burger King is a JOKE. I will NEVER purchase from them again. Not to mention, the 16 year old stoner drag queen was wearing enough make up to scare the most opened minded people in todays society. New Berlin WI, coffee dr. 53151. I don't care if they build a Burger King Castle, I wouldn't go. How do you mess up an order 4 times?!? Between Mcdonalds and Burger King, the last 5-6 times I have been there IN A ROW my order has been INCORRECT. I will never visit another one for the rest of my life and you can bet I will tell everyone of my experiences.

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  • Le
    LETTUCEHEAD May 28, 2008


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  • Re
    Renee King Jun 06, 2008

    Im Really not 100% upset with burger king all together as far as the taste of the food. My complaint is with the manager, Well today I was extremely tired from working all day and decided to get something quicknto eat, considering that burger king is near my house. I went through the drive through and specifically ordered a whopper jr. meal with no mayo, no tomatoe and NO Mayo. well when I noticed that the order was wrong I turned around parked my car and stood in line patiently to let the manager know and he went off on me telling me that I got what I ordered and that I never said no mayo. He was very disrepectful yelling at me in the restaurant so much that I almost told him to give me back my money. I have never in my life been treated that way by any restuarant manager. Im glad I did't take a bite of that burger b/c then it would have been a lawsuit since I am allergic to mayo. It was obvious that the person didn't ring the order up correctly but he yelled at me, the Paying customer So I am no longer a customer and my friends anf family feel the same way. Its location is 3204 east palmetto st. Florence sc 29506.

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  • Jo
    josephine rios Jun 11, 2008

    I was there today and when asked if they can clean the dirty tables a worker name JOSE LUIS said, "are you special are something?" whenasked to speak to the manager a girl name MARIA said she is the manager I began to tell her of his remark she said, "Im on break tell me in a halfhour!" When I got my order the NEW STEAK HOUSE was RAW.. I mean RAW and sloppy. I will never go back to that burger king again... store # 12396...

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  • Jo
    joe Jul 25, 2008

    i dont know where you find these people!

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  • Valerie Jul 25, 2008

    This is the first time I have said something about this particular Burger King in West Allis, WI. After today I will never go back to this BK again. There is another BK I would have to drive twice the distance but it would be worth it because I have never had any bad come from there from customer service to food. I can go on for days about the food and service. 75% of any given time you walk in and the employees behind the counter are talking about things that have nothing to do with work, using bad language, parties, boyfriends/girlfriends, bad mouthing other employees, bad mouthing drive thru customers while the walk ins are right there, employees in the dining area loudly talking and having a conversation with employees behind the counter helping customers. I had an employee once ask me as I was paying holding a bunch of $20 bills if I would lend her bus fare... I came here to buy lunch, not hand out money, if I wanted to do that I would have gone into Milwaukee and gave my money away to some drunk homeless man... which I do anyways, I'm a pushover. It all seems like a scene from a very bad B movie made in the 70's. Today I asked my daughter McDonald's or Burger King, she said Burger King...I'm thinking Grrr...OK, Burger King or Kentucky fried Chicken...Burger King...Grrr..

    So we walked into the BK and the first thing I noticed was different employees..WOW, this might not be so bad after all. The cashier asked me for my order and then for here or to go, I said here. She could hardly speak a word of English. Not putting down her because she can't speak English but as a manager I would have put her in the back doing something else. She then asked me again for here or to go, again I said here. I gave her $50 and she gave me a nickel back. I said I gave you a $50 bill and she said no. I looked at her with a very serious look and said I gave you $50 look in your drawer. She said I can't open the drawer. I really gave her a look and she opened the drawer and puled a $20 bill out and I said no I gave you $50 and I looked and right there were the $5 bills were was the $50 on top. I pointed it out and then I got my correct change back, good thing I did not go through the drive thru...Then she asked me a 3rd time for here or to go? Yikes. This is the best thing I have ever seen at any fast food place ..by the time I paid and got my change the food was already on the tray. Usually you join 3-4 other people waiting for the food. My daughter and I sit down and start eating but the first thing I noticed from the first bite was my Whopper w/ cheese was missing tomatoes. I took it up front and the manager told me because of the ongoing outbreak of salmonella, which I forgot. My bad and I went back to eat. My 2nd bite I noticed some weird smell and this weird mushiness while chewing. I pulled the top bun off and there was brown lettuce, lettuce that looked like it was sitting in a garbage out in the hot sun. I almost threw up right there. I took it back and the new manager was very apologetic and offered me another. I got the new whopper and sat back down. Before taking a bite I peaked inside and whammo it was missing the lettuce and the mayo. I didn't say anything. I just folded it up back in the wrapper and ate French fries... they never screw up the french fries. The last visit which I said to myself would be the LAST my whopper had at least a 1/4 cup of mayo so that every time I picked it up I had to do it strategically so the buns would not separate from the burger, it was a mess. Looked like a scene from Lucille Ball.

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  • Valerie Aug 08, 2008

    Waited in drive thru line 5 min before employee greeted me as he asked me

    to "hold on" and took another 5 min to take my order. Upon arriving at

    window, we waited as the inexperienced employee stood dumbfounded in front of his

    screen before opening the window and proceeded to stand there speechless as

    he waited for my money even though he had not yet even told me my total.

    Another 3-4 min passed as we waited patiently for our food, when the employee

    opened the window again only to ask me what I had ordered and then told me my

    total with an outstretched hand even though I had already paid him and was

    waiting for my change. He asked the manager for change for the register and we

    watched as the manager threw coins to him via the floor, laughing while

    throwing. The employee then reopened the window, dropped the incorrect change

    into my hand, and then we waited a few more minutes before I had my food thrust

    into my hand. He blankly stared again as I asked for my drink.(and a straw,

    and napkins, and my receipt) Total waiting time 20 minutes. Number of cars

    waiting behind us-7. And to top it all off there was a tendercrisp bun on my


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  • Be
    Becky Aug 15, 2008

    I went in with my mother. The lady at the register didn’t understand our order. I guess she didn’t speak English at all. So another had to come take our order. So after she got our order, the women turned and started talking about us in Spanish. Saying racist remarks about us. Saying how they hate when Hispanic women won’t speak Spanish with them. And that we think we are too good to speak Spanish. Also just making hand motions to the other ladies as if she wanted to choke me. So we asked for our money back before we got our food. They had no right to say that. How would they know if we spoke Spanish or not. We are in America, English is the main language. So we called and complained to corporate. Then the owner called us, and said we should go back there and eat and that he'll send us some gift cards. But this was two months ago. We have yet to receive any. I work right next to the burger king and decided to go back, I did and the same women were there and were very rude again. There where no customers there, and they where talking and not making my food. I just left. So I will never go in to that restaurant ever again. They people are so rude and racist!!

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  • Valerie Aug 20, 2008

    Really bad service. I ordered to go double whopper sandwich and large fries. I gave my card, they charged it. But there were something wrong the cashier said something i could not understand, i said my order one more time, then she spoke in Spanish with others, then she swiped my card second time. I took my card and burger, drove to home. I got home, checked the bill, but they charged more. Later i checked my account they charged me twice. This is horrible. If you go to burger king and your cashier don't speak that well, just don't order or order something easy. Or they will charge more.

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  • Zz
    ZZ Aug 26, 2008

    Never work for Burger King. The people there will treat you like trash. I started working there on Sunday and quit the next day. The girl that was supposed to train me, showed me how to do only 2 things and then walked off and went to talk to another girl in the back, I followed her and asked her what I needed to do next since I was being trained. She told me to go do some dishes, she hadn't even shown me how to do the dishes and some 16 year old kid had to show me how while she was talking to her friend. Then she went her own way and started making some burgers, I was still doing dishes at this point and she asked me to go make more burgers, I didn't do it right the first time because she didn't teach me properly and gave me dirty looks and made me feel bad. I was supposed to be trained for 4 hours, and they sent me home 3 hours early, I'm assuming they didn't want to deal with me, I was in a good mood, willing to learn and do my best to be the best damn worker there, but they ruined it. I went back the next day and as soon as I walk in the girl that was supposed to train me hid from me and didn't see her for 20 minutes, so I sat down on my ### waiting for someone to come up to me and show me how to do something, everyone there gave me dirty looks because I was sitting down, pretty much they made me feel invisible, so I grabbed my purse and took off.

    Now, they didn't have to kiss my ### but I did not deserve to be treated that way at all. I don't know who to turn to now because the managers at Burger King won't give me the union number and they yelled at me over the phone. I want those people fired.

    Thank you for your time.

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  • Valerie Sep 14, 2008

    I just stopped in the drive-through this evening... the girl stationed at the drive-through seemed to be interested in having fun, speaking with sarcastic exuberance and overly-dramatic, loud 'friendliness'. It seemed apparent that she and her friends were having much fun in the kitchen. She was even 'witty' enough to ask me if my order was for dine-in, or to-go. When I informed her it was obviously to-go, she directed me to pull to the "only window".

    Upon reaching the window, I was informed that they had to cook my meal fresh, and was directed to pull into the parking lot to wait... so I proceeded to pull into the penalty box.

    Two unkempt looking girls came to my car and handed my bag to me, and turned to go back into the restaurant, without saying one word to me. I stopped them, and asked them if I could get my drink, which was not offered at the window. She asked what I ordered, and went back into the restaurant, again, without another word.

    Both girls came back out a minute later; one handed me my drink, and walked back into the restaurant... and again, not one word was spoken.

    I realize that the labor market for fast food is exceedingly thin, but I have to say, these 2 ###s are going to drive this restaurant into closure. I've frequented this restaurant on a steady basis, and I don't recall seeing this particular group of staff before.

    I manage quite a few restaurants, so I hope I understand the challenges that owners, franchisees and management have with these dopes. I won't return to this restaurant, but not out of spite, but just to ensure I won't lose my temper with these dorks.

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  • Sh
    Shellie Sep 16, 2008

    So today I was ordering from Burger King at school, the order total was $5.47 and i gave that cashier $20.17. In return, she gives me a $5 bill back; and then I see her turn to another lady and they both smiled at each other. So I stopped and thought about it, it was NOT the right amount of change (I was still standing at the register at that time).

    I said, "I gave you a $20, how come I only got $5 back?" The woman goes, "You gave me $10." I'm like, "NO, I gave you a $20." She went to go get her supervisor who came and also gave me a bad attitude. I don't know what was her problem but I really did not appreciate the service they had there. But I am glad that I got my $14 back even though it was suppose to be $14.70.

    *NOTE TO SELF: Never buy food from school again.

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  • Mr
    Mrs Klaws Sep 16, 2008

    You're going to get really fat eating at burger death on a steady basis.

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  • Ei
    E.I.Cook Sep 17, 2008

    I also find the radio ad "My time of the month" offensive and in poor taste.

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  • Mo
    Moka Sep 24, 2008

    Aww...come on! This commercial was so funny! I absolutely loved it! There are always going to be people like you that find things like these offensive.
    I found this actually a very greatly done advertisement of there's that brought me a laugh for the day. So calm down, "it's offensive", people, because it's
    just a advertisement. I mean, I find this page while typing in the name of the commercial to listen to it again, and I find it being called offensive, well I
    know that no one is going to agree with this post and call it, "scandalous", but just go and spend all day here at your complain mothership, and hope you
    all are having soo much fun!

    Anyways..I loved the commercial!!!

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  • Bs
    B.Shanahan Sep 29, 2008

    Downloaded coupon from Burger King site but the coupon expiredalmost 4 mos. ago

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  • Je
    jeanne shrager Oct 03, 2008

    Received $1 short on change at drive-in window.

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  • We
    Westworld55 Oct 03, 2008

    Errr, okkkk.. well mistakes happen. Did you bring this error to the attention of the cashier?

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  • Valerie Oct 06, 2008

    I stoped at the Ishpeming, Mi. burger King to get some sandwitches and fries from the local Burger King. The order process went fine with a newer older woman at the window. Once I pulled around to the window and paid my $25.16 for my order the cashier asked me to pull a head so she could give the 2 cars behind me there food first. I politly said no I am here and just paid for my food I should be given my order first.The cashier told the much younger woman in the red shirt her name is Lynne. that I said I would not pull a head so the other 2 cars could get there food first. Lynne said from in front of the frie station loud enough for me to hear her say "Its not that hard to pull ahead" I told the cashier that its not that hard to get me my order either. This Lynne worker in the red shirt said she couldnt hear me and told me to shut up. I told her that I as a customer dont deserve such treatment for wanting my food first seeing that I had placed my order before the 2 cars behind me. She (Lynne) kept going on about me letting the others get there food first and I told her to just give me back my $25.16 and I would give here back the 4 sodas that I was given and I would go to McDonalds instead. I also told her that I know the manager of this franchise and that I was going to register a complaint with management over this treatment. She (lynne) got my $25.16 out of the till and I gave her the 4 sodas. as I was leaving the lot I was about 15 feet past the window she sticks her self half way out the window and yells loudly so every one pumping gas at the Holiday gas station next door could her "dont ever come back here" now the other problem I have here is I called the district Managers number and she didnt answer, as well as there isnt anyway to complain online to Burger King management. I have seen better web sites from lesser companies.

    I called the Marquette Mi office to get Jen the DM's phone number. I did explain to pam a little bit of what happened, but in full detail as I know she was going to call Lynne and find out what happened, and to give her a heads up...as I said I know the manager I will talk to him when I see him next week...

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  • Ti
    tired of it all Oct 09, 2008

    1083 Hertel Ave
    Buffalo, NY 14216
    (716) 875-7303

    The service here is incredibly terrible!!! I just hate that thats the only Burger King close enough to my house. Sad to say that the last time i stopped at BK i waited 20 mins for attention and to place an order. Drive through service is ridiculos! If you want to add something they tell you you cant and tell you that you have to go back around (even if there is no one behind YOU!!!).
    Just about every person there is nasty! They have a real nasty attitude and makes you not want to come back again! They dont care! Ive been asked instead what can i help you with with ..what do you want? business is terrible, i bet the managers is just as bad cause obviously they cannot teach manners and real customer services for customer satisfaction!

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  • Az
    azteacher Oct 13, 2008

    The "Time of the month" commercial is very offensive and is in bad taste.

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