Build-A-Bear Workshopservice

T Aug 18, 2018

I registered to get the build a bear $15 off coupon since the stores closed literally a hour after opening in the day they had pay the age of your child. Today I went to use my coupon for ky daughter since the coupon expires two weeks before her birthday so we tried to celebrate a little early. After I went through the store allowed my daughter to picked out the bear and the put to save time since the store was packed. And looking at the signs on the bear which only stated one bear was not allowed to be used with the coupon and waited in line. I was advised multiple bears couldn't be used only the ones that were available that however no one knows which ones were available due to the store closing. The store didn't allow me any other discount at the concord store and just repeating to me there is nothing they could do. Then insulting me by treating me like I'm an idiotand and reading to me what the coupon says over and over. I know had to either argue with a two year old that the bear i just got her hyped up about and said was her birthday bear is no longer hwr birthday bear and we had to repick everything and wait in a long. I feel this was unfair and vwry nad customer service. I ended up not being able to buy clothes with the bear cause of the false advertisment and rudeness.

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