Build a bear, Kalamazoo, MIchilds age special sale

J Jul 12, 2018

I just sent a complaint without giving my name, phone #, or address. My daughter and I drove 50 miles to bring 5 of my grandchildren to this event. You can imagine how excited they were to finally be going to build a bear as some have been waiting 2 yrs to come. Well this event should've been better organized to say the least! We were here before noon and it took us at least a half hour (without any guidance whatsoever) to find the end of a line...only to be turned away as they said they couldn't allow anymore people. This was an extremely disappointing thing for my grandchildren ages 9, 7, 5, 2, & 10 months.
I hope your company will find a way to make this totally disorganized event up to all the children and parents/grandparents that had to try to explain to the upset children their special day had turned out total disappointment!

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