BudsGunShop.comBarrel defective they refused to return

B Review updated:

Bought a new 1100 Shotgun Barrel. It was defective. It takes a while to determine what the problem was. The Gas chamber was bent slightly. I get response back for Ol'Bud. ...

"Returns must be immediate" tough luck. Flush my 230 down the drain.

I had the gun just a short period of time. Beware of what Ol'Bud considers "immediate". Its a crap shoot. If it has a flaw good luck with Ol'Bud.

* Shot gun w new barrel no ejection.
* Cleaned Gun w new barrel no ejection.
* Ordered seal "O" ring. Tested no ejection.
* Ordered metal seal rings. Tested no ejection.
* Took gun to a gun smith - he had gun for a week. Barrel diagnosed as being bad.

To late for the return.


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